Escape Game: “Lost Lover”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Lost Lover”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Revital

    If any one is playing this game please help !! Found the rosary that broke in my hands, closed the left curtain and that’s it! Can’t find any thing else to do …

    1. dave

      Add the number 15 to the safe in the cupboard. It’s the amount of tiles at the top

    2. Empty

      Where did u find a rosary? I’ve been around 5 times and tapped all over. Ive only been able to move a pillow to see a piece of paper.
      I clicked the hands on the clock and it does nothing. Thanks.

      1. Revital

        Move all 3 pillows , the rosary is under the right one. The note is under the left one.

  2. Arthur

    That was an easy one – escaped.

    Take a look at the mote under the left red cushion, then lookfor a clock, so you’ll get a code

  3. Revital

    I saw it and I tried 3 hours before 12 but it didn’t work

  4. Arthur

    Try three hours later and use the european numbering not US / UK

    1. cheryl

      The clock thing is bogus

  5. Revital

    Figured it out. You’re right it was an easy one …

  6. bob

    Im playing through gotmail on i phone and its stuck on fullscreen

    1. Revital

      It happens a lot with gotmail if exiting the app doesn’t help you’ll need to shut down your device and restart the app

    2. Cassielee21

      Yeah happened to me too! I had to update gotmail to fix bugs now it works fine 😉

  7. Tina

    What to so with the birds?

    1. Revital

      They come in near the end, you’ll need to open the hatch over the table in the small room to get the clue.

      1. Confuzzled

        I made them look away from each other but nothing happened

  8. Dolly

    What to do with the gun?

    1. Revital

      Look at it closely there is a compartment in the handle. You’ll need a screwdriver and the rust remover to open it.

  9. Revital

    Arthur are you playing “perilous homecoming” ? Appunwrapper’s hasn’t open a page for it yet and I’m stuck…

    1. Tiff

      I started playing it. I have the wooden stick, but can’t seem to get anywhere else.

  10. Lizzy-loo

    What do you do with the clock? I’m stuck. I have the detergent and the cigarette, what do I do next?

    1. Dolly

      Where did you get the detergent? Also need handle for Phillips screwdriver.

      1. Dolly

        Got screwdriver head and detergent.

        1. Empty

          Hi dolly,

          I need help to where u found a cigarette,detergent and what to do with the clock…
          I’ve got the beads and screwdriver that’s it. I found the hatch but can’t get it to open and tried putting beads in the buddas eye and it doesn’t work.

          1. Dolly

            Hi Empty I can’t remember all the details of the game but the clock is a clue to open a safe. If you read all the postings you should get lots of info. The clock has been discussed several times. The hatch does not open until later in the game.

        2. Erin

          Where do you find the detergent and screwdriver head? Im stuck!

  11. Revital

    Put the rosary beads in the statue’s eyes and light them with the cigaret. If you opened the safe than you don’t need the clock any more

  12. Tina

    How can I open the safe?

    1. Dolly

      See Arthur note above.

  13. Tina

    But there is nothing about the safe in the small room

    1. Revital

      You should take the lever from the remote control and use it according to the hint on the forged money

      1. Confuzzled

        I didn’t see any hint on the forged money

  14. Mahoozi

    1. Mahoozi

      Any clue for above url?

  15. Mahoozi

    Got bad end hen good end

    Thank you all

  16. Alisha

    How did u get a good ending? I’m guessing it’s something to do with either the other door or the printing machine?

    1. Mahoozi

      Dont close the last book after reading it

  17. Alisha

    Something must be wrong with mine it’s not working even with not closing the book!

  18. Mahoozi

    Try after opening the book, when you reach the last page, click back

    You should see different

    1. Revital

      You should notice the phone number at the last page of the book , that will give you the good end.

  19. AnnieLU

    Help! What to do with the clock???? I stuck there!

  20. Revital

    Look at Arthur’s entry above. Use the clock’s time and the note for the password to tha safe inside the cabinet

  21. AnnieLU

    I closed the curtain but found nothing in the picture…..what does it mean? I only hv a cigarette with me.

    1. Revital

      Closing the curtain , opens the hatch near the big buddha. There is nothing near the picture. The cigaret is actual a red light. You need to use it on the eyes of the Buddha in the small room.

  22. Tif

    Revital, I got the perilous homecoming done. Let me know if u still got stuck.

    1. Revital

      Finished it already, thank you

    2. Empty


      Where is a cigarette/detergent/stick I see people talking about???? I can’t get beads to work in the budda eyes,clock hands don’t move and I found hatch under the blue pillow but the hatch wont open.please help.. Thanks… Ive been playing for days no luck…

  23. natasha

    Where is the cigarette

  24. Christine

    Truly stuck and I play these all the time. Can’t do anything. Have screwdriver and busted rosary and that’s it. Closed curtain. Can’t get Othello pieces to do anything. Guess I’m skipping this one…guess I’m totally dense as everyone says this one is so easy.

  25. Linna

    Can’t find any clue for the hatch above the desk in the second room. I put the lever from the remote in and am now stuck. Any help would be lovely. Thanks.

  26. Hotaru

    I don’t have any idea about the hint inside the hatch in the front of the big Buddha statue. Anyone can help me? Thanks

  27. maha

    Can someone tell me what to do with the to birds I’m stuck

  28. maha

    Forget it escaped

  29. Hotaru

    At last I escape… I Flip over the fake money’s sheet and there is a hint for a safe in second room. And I played both of different ending, good and bad. Wave A so amazing. I LOVE ALL of their escape games 😀

  30. shei

    Got detergent an screwdriver, don’t know what to do, i’m stuck, any help please

    1. Hotaru

      pls scroll to the top to see the older posted, maybe u’ve got some hints there. tap every place to see a hidden item. Flip over the mattress, look at the altar, the plank, curtain. Good luck 😉

  31. shei

    Never mind, escaped

  32. Gahh

    What hint on the forged money? I have no items left. The lever has been placed.

  33. khush

    where do u find de screw driver head?
    plz help!

  34. Hotaru

    Flip over the fake money and at the back page u can find a clue to open the safe in the second room. If still miss something u can scroll to top to see the older posted. Good luck

  35. Hotaru

    If u want to see the bad ending, don’t read a diary in the drawer with 2 birds on. Save before use the key to exit, so u don’t need to play from the beginning. After see the bad ending u can click on continue, and this time u read the diary until u find a phone number. It will hv a good ending 😀

  36. PRINCΓé¼$$

    Help me with the curtain peice……..I only have a screw driver and the curtain wat to do next??

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