Escape Game: “Castaway”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Castaway”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

(Scroll down to the bottom of the comments for a full walkthrough.)

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  1. Jakub

    I’m about half way through but stuck now. I have wooden stick, small box, knife, rope, metal file and piece of cloth. If u are further give me some hint pls

    1. Jakub

      Well I opened small box and got lure but I’m still stuck

    2. Mobes

      Jakub Whats the code for the brown box??? cant work out calender clue or what numbers 483 spread around the place – is there a red number somewhere?…arrrggg

      1. Jakub

        Yea I can’t figure out those codes too. where did u find number 3?

        1. Mobes

          I presumed the 3 scratch marks on the rock was the number 3? where did you get knife?

  2. paula

    help im totally stuck!! cant figure out shell shaped container p/w, lever code, or top drawer p/w. i have knife, metal file, rope & shell key can any1 help pls xx

    1. Jakub

      Second clue for that lever code is on the side of the treasure chest. First is at front from lever code on ground. the rest I don’t know too

  3. paula

    i tried allsorts of ways but just cant seem to figure it out

    1. Jakub

      It’s: top, middle, bottom, top bottom . But u have to zoom both clues first

  4. paula

    yeah i figured it out thanks jakub. now any clue about the 3 drawers bottom 1 has log in it n top drawer needs a p/w. i hav tried all diff combos

  5. TazCat

    Bloody brilliant! Finally figured out the shell code and it’s one of the better ones.

    Can’t remember where I got it but I have a piece of strong fabric with some writing on it that says:
    “The place of departure changes everyday. Sometimes it’s the beach, sometimes it’s the rocks. When it’s the rocks the shell must be opened, but Thursdays are no good.”
    In the cabinet in the cave where the shell container is there is also a calendar with some dates marked in red and some in green. At the bottom it says:
    Red -> Grains
    Green -> Lumps
    Grains means grains of sand and lumps means rocks.
    If the shell must be opened when it’s rocks that means we only want the green dates. (4, 6, 9, 14, & 23)
    If Thursdays are “No good” then the 9th and the 23rd are out.
    We’re left only with 4, 6, & 14
    The code to the shell lock is 4614 (in that order from top to bottom)!!!

    Bloody brilliant!

    Of course, now I got a slightly rusty key that got me yet another damn stick that I haven’t yet figured out what to do with… but at least it’s one less puzzle to beat my brain against!

    1. Jakub

      Nice one TazCat

    2. Iman

      Where is the fabric or cloth?

    3. vickie

      The 4614 doesn’t seem to work for me. I’ve done everything else but the claim stays shut! LOL! What can I do?

      1. Sharon

        I’m having the same problem. Did you solve yours? If so how?

  6. TazCat

    Best IDAC game I have played yet! I freaking LOVE this one!!! Hard but makes sense once you see the logic which isn’t always the case with these games.

    As a teaser… what other game like this will let you build a fishing rod, catch and gut a fish, AND let you build your own raft piece by piece: mast, sail, and all so that you can sail away to be a hero? Seriously. Freaking awesome game.

    And it’s all about the sweeter because I figured it all out on my own without having to resort to a walkthrough or help from others! (Although I WILL help others if they really want me too!)

    1. Joe

      This game is frustrating the hell out of me! I applaud you for finishing without any help!
      I’m stuck already (still at the beginning) and need your help!
      I only have the rope and that’s all. How do I obtain some other tools? And what’s the code for the brown cabinet under the ship? I just can’t understand any of the clues!
      Please help!

  7. Mobes

    Whats the code for brown box Im stumped……

    1. TazCat

      The little brown box that you get out of the hollow rock? Or the one in the big brown “cabinet” with the logbook?

      For the little one you need to view two clues.
      First is the little image on the left most palm tree that looks like three blue wavy lines with the letters RBYG underneath.
      Second is on the bottom of the box itself and tells you what order to press the “buttons” on the top of the box (feather, bird, eye, egg I believe but double check)

      The big one has numerous clues that you need to find.
      First you need to note the three “numbers” around the island.
      A number 4 on the little pile of rocks near the cave and the hollow rock
      A number 8 on the middle palm tree
      A “number” 3 on the rock behind the palm trees (in the form of three parallel lines)
      Then you need to read the logbook carefully and get a little clever and think like an IDAC game designer. 😉
      The last page with writing says that his precious belongings are in the locked drawer in the order of the 15th, 14th, the palm trees, and the 18th.
      Read the entries for those dates and you find the final clues.
      First digit: On the 15th he went fishing near the rocks. If you click on the water near where the three lines are carved into the rock you get a comment about “that is the sea alright” so that is the fishing spot and so the first digit is 3.
      Second digit: On the 14th his ship struck the rocks. This one took me a bit but here’s the logic… there are only two BIG rocks (the one near the ship and the trees and the one with the cave in it). It’s a bit deceptive because you see them in other angles of view too and it seems like they are different big rocks but, no, just two really big rocks. So the second digit is 2.
      Third digit: the middle palm tree has an 8 on it so there ya go.
      Fourth digit: On the 18th he says he will pile some stones up so others will know he was there or something like that. The little pile of stones has a 4 on it.
      So the code plain and simple is: 3284

      1. luke

        I can’t open the top draw, I know the code is 3284 but it won’t open what I’m I doing wrong? arrrhhh help

      2. Iman

        I enter 3284. But it won’t open. What should I do? Write a complete walk through please.

  8. anna

    Mobes look on back of box.

  9. anna

    Im stuck with a palm tree now! Just cant fugure out how to make a boat.. Clues?

  10. TazCat

    It occurs to me now that there are two other possible meanings for “the brown box” LOL and they both come BEFORE the two I already listed.

    The OUTSIDE padlock code on the brown cabinet beneath the wrecked ship:
    1. Look at the board near the palm trees with the letter C, a 4 petal flower, the letter D, and a 6 petal flower on it.
    2. Tap on it until it flips over.
    3. The back says CABD
    4. Look at the ship and zoom in on the writing on it.
    5. It shows the letter A, a 5 petal flower, the letter B, and an 8 petal flower.
    6. Put it all together and CABD becomes 4586

    The OUTSIDE padlock code on the big brown cabinet in the cave:
    1. Notice the lock has a shape next to each digit.
    2. Those same shapes appear in two other places.
    3. On the wall of the cave is a series of equations with shapes in place of numbers.
    4. Outside the cave, on the far right if you tap around you’ll find a heart shaped area with a diamond shape = 7 and the words “Add all”
    5. Here it gets a little complicated especially if algebra and the concept of substituting one equation of multiple constants for an equivalent constant is unfamiliar to you. It’s even harder to explain each step in words. BUT if you plug 7 in for each diamond shape on the cave wall and then ADD everything up and do some algebraic substitutions to solve for each of the other shapes individually… you eventually learn that:
    The triangle = 5
    The circle = 3
    The square = 4
    The diamond = 7 (of course)
    Just plug those numbers into the padlock next to their respective shapes.

    1. Kaka

      I can’t see the sharp next to the padlock of each digits 🙁

      1. TazCat

        The shapes are visible in the closest view of the padlock locking the large cabinet inside the cave.
        Top shape is a triangle=5
        2nd shape is a circle=3
        3rd shape is a square =4
        4th shape is a diamond=7

        If you can’t see the actual shapes for some reason just tap each digit until that padlock reads 5347 (top to bottom). Just remember that you have to examine the clues before the code will actually work!!! Location of clues and needed actions is:
        1. Zoom in on picture on INSIDE right hand wall of cave and click until dialog finishes
        2. Zoom in on the heart shaped carving on the rock OUTSIDE of the cave (click to the right of the cave mouth just left of the arrow to actually turn to your right) and tap on heart until dialog finishes

  11. TazCat

    Have you cut down ALL THREE palm trees? *Hint, hint*
    And did you use the saw on them AGAIN to cut them into 9 logs? *Nudge, nudge*
    What might you bind them together with? *Wink, wink*
    And what would make a good mast? *Say no more, say no more*
    Could the fabric perhaps be a sail?
    What must a sail be attached to which, in turn, could be attached to a mast?

    (my apologies to Monty Python for stealing their Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink. Say no more, say no more. bit of British humor. And my condolences to anyone who hasn’t been exposed to enough Monty Python to get the reference and laugh!) ;-P

  12. Mobes

    Tazcat youre brilliant thank you and I get monty python reference lol….i look on the bright side of life

    Thanks Anna as well!

    Time to reattack

    1. TazCat

      But do you bow before the holy sandal? Or the holy guord? 😉

      Not to mix my Monty Python references or anything but:
      Go forth and find that grail… just watch out for killer rabbits! Errr… Go find that escape route that is!

      And always remember…
      Every sperm is sacred! LOL

      1. Mobes

        I shall conquer the grail!…., until then its only a flesh wound….she says as she taps coconuts (tie in to game) and re attacks this bloody game

        1. TazCat

          Clip clop clop clip
          I can hear the sound of Knights followed by coconut wielding squires now!

          Bring me a shrubbery! Or a palm tree raft… whichever. LOL

  13. Meredith

    Can’t find key to treasure chest. Hints welcome!

    1. TazCat

      The treasure chest is opened with a golden key that is inside the belly of a fish you need to catch with a homemade fishing pole. (Remember it says in the logbook that he went fishing near the rocks and a fish ate his key?)

      As for making that fishing pole (if you haven’t already) you will need:
      1. A long sturdy stick from inside the tall skinny cabinet under the wrecked ship (opened via the 5 “levers” in the top of the attached box)
      2. The fishing lure found inside the small brown box inside the hollow rock
      3. The length of fishing line found inside the top drawer of the brown cabinet beneath the wrecked ship (see other posts regarding the code to open the cabinet and the drawer if need be)

      Once you have assembled your fishing rod go to where the 3 lines are carved into the big rock and select the pole and tap the sea until it drops the line in and you catch the fish. Then gut the fish with your knife.

  14. mert

    What is the 3 letter passcode for the itemwater buried below the heart outside the cave?

    1. TazCat

      Code to the little box buried beneath the heart is derived from the clue hidden under the coconut.

      Full unabridged explanation to derive solution:
      Paper shows a picture of two palm trees and has two sets of numbers:
      56, 51, 47, 44, 42, 41
      24, #a, 15, 12, 10, #b
      (I used the #a and #b in place of the big black dot on the note)

      The first sequence tells you the “rule” for the relationship between each consecutive number:
      56-5=51, 51-4=47, 47-3=44, 44-2=42, 42-1=41

      Applying the same rules to the second sequence gives you the following:
      24-5=19, 19-4=15, 15-3=12, 12-2=10, 10-1=9

      So #a=19 and #b=9

      Readers Digest Short and Condensed answer:
      The code to the box is 199

      1. TazCat

        Sorry, my attempt to make a down arrow between the two sequences didn’t line up too well! I’ll have to experiment to find a better way to do that.


  15. Ririkins

    I’m usually good at these escape room games but this one has me TOTALLY STUMPED. ..HELP!!!! The only item i’ve acquired is the rope. I’ve found plenty of clues but have no idea what they are for, (with the exception of the shapes on the wall of the cave), and haven’t found any other items:-( HELP HELP HELP

  16. Nicole

    Can someone please help? Im stuck on the “shell” lock code inside the cave. Where do i find the password for that? Thanks. 🙂

    1. TazCat

      If you read my first post up above (11th post down from the top… starts out “Bloody brilliant….” it fully explains the shell code. There are numerous clues and you need to be sure you view them all before the code will work.

      If you just want a hint and not the full answer then I’ll just say this:
      You need the msg on the piece of cloth and the calendar that is on the shelf above the shell. Read both carefully and consider alternate interpretations of the cryptic notes about “grains” and “lumps” that is at the bottom of the calendar. You need to use all of the clues together to figure out which of the colored dates you need for the code.

  17. Jimmy

    How do you get the small box out of the rock??

    1. shauna

      How do you get the box out of the stone

  18. Jimmy

    OK I figured it out. Lol. What’s up with the earrings?

    1. TazCat

      Yeah I wondered about the earrings too. Whoever wrote the logbook made a point of hiding them and then made sure we knew about it by talking about them in the logbook so I figured they were important for some reason, but I never figured out how to get the darn things! LOL

      In any case they don’t seem to be necessary for the outcome of the game. Go figure… but your guess as to the point of them being there is as good as mine! 😉

  19. L

    I am so stuck. I have opened everything except for the treasure chest and I can’t find the lower for my fishing pole anywhere.. I have the little brown box with the clues but I can’t figure out how the clues work. There is probably an axe had somewhere also that I can’t find. I think I’ve clicked on everything about 20 * and I just can’t figure it out can anyone help.

  20. Meredith

    Thanks TazCat! I was determined that I had to cut the line off the bobbin before attaching the lure! Frustrated myself over nothing. Thanks for all the help

  21. Gianna Calvani

    I can’t reach the little brown box in the stone and the bucket between the rocks. Please help me

  22. L

    Oh good grief. Got the box open that was easy. Don’t know what I was thinking before.”

  23. eu

    The 2nd digit — “2” of code for little brown box isn’t come from “two BIG rocks”, its hint should be two earrings, that is written in logbook on 14th also.

  24. Rosangela

    Plesae can someone tell me how to get the box out of the rock?I tried combining objects, but nothing works! Help!!!!

  25. Rosangela

    Nevermind I got it! How do you get the earrings?
    Made fishing rod, cought fish, got key, opened chest. Got sow and cut down palm tree. Now what?

    1. eldominic

      how to make fishing rod?

  26. Mert

    Use long stick to get the bucket. I can’t unlock brown chest with the code 3284. I saw all numbers but it wont work. Also I still can get small
    box out of rock

    1. linda

      3284 is the code for the lock inside the big brown box

  27. kimmyboop

    I can’t get the little brown box out of the hollow rock. Help please!!!! Thank you!

    1. TazCat

      Once you have the bucket (retrieved with long stick) turn to where it tells you that you’ll freeze if you go in the water. Select the bucket and fill it with water. Then pour the water into the hollow rock.

      1. kimmyboop

        Yet again on this game, you are my lifesaver. I should’ve left my comment like it was before I fixed it, because it said “Yet again on this game you ATE my lifesaver”, and that would’ve been pretty damn funny! Thank you again for your brilliance. I need a direct link to you, so i can just ask which of these games you’ve done, and only play those so you can help me!!! LOL. Thank you again!! Kim

  28. Kimberly M.

    How do you get the brown box out of the rock? I have knife and rope.. What do I need to gain to get it out?

  29. Kimberly M.

    Actually wheres the bucket?

  30. uchi

    can somebody please tell me how do I make the fishing pole, I keep trying but.. It╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╢├▒s that the problem?? Don╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╢├▒t know anymore. Please…

  31. courtney

    I have the raft done but I’m trying to attach the cloth but it won’t work. What am I doing wrong??

  32. luke

    I can’t open the top draw, I know the code is 3284 but it won’t open what I’m I doing wrong?

  33. Joe

    Okay, I’m about to give up on this game! I love these escape games and have played all the free ones, but this one is ridiculously difficult.
    I have the rope and that’s all. I can’t figure out where to go next. I can’t understand any of the clues except the one under the coconut shell (but I haven’t encountered the lock for it yet).
    Can someone please help me? I just need a couple of hints to get me going again. For example, how do I open the brown cabinet under the boat and how can I get more tools?
    Please help me!!!!

  34. kaliman

    I’m with you joe. Worse, I haven’t even found the rope! Driving me nuts!

    1. Joe

      If you need help Kaliman, I can give a few hints!!! Just let me know!

  35. Joe

    Okay. After taking a bit of a break from the game and then going back to it, I was able to make some progress and open the brown cabinet and gather some tools!
    Good motto: Never give up!
    On to the next riddle!

  36. eldominic

    for Tazcat or someone who can help me :
    “where should i go to make fishing rod?”

  37. imran

    hey i m stuck plss help i love escape game i never stuck in escape game bit this game is so hard …….i open the cuparod under the ship how to open the draw under the brown coubard and how to operate lever under the ship ….plss help

  38. imran

    helloo is there any one is playin casraway plss help …..i have rope i have shell key i have knife ……meteal flie ….and i used fish key …….now i need help how to open shell lock i now the code 4614 but not working and plss help me in opereat lever under the ship i not getting the clue near the lever ^3, ->1, ╬ô├╢┬╝Γö£├ª2 plss help me i can’t sleep hole night without escapeing the game

  39. imran

    finally i made it now i m stuck on plam tree how can i cut

  40. imran

    now i have strong stick a lure knife net yarn metal flie and long stick now how yo cut plam tree help plss

  41. imran

    Hey finally i escape wow it was hard but i made it of help of TAzCatSay thanx without ur comment post i would not made it so thanx

    1. eldominic

      how to make fishing rod?,i already click the sea at fishing place by long stick but it not working,what do u do to arrange all fishing rod materials

  42. thind

    How to see back of the box,please anybody help me.

  43. andyB.

    The lever code is reading left to right… top, middle, bottom, top, bottom.

  44. andyB.

    just escaped thank god!!!!!

  45. Allexsis

    Where is the cloth 4 shell puzzle

  46. Jzpr

    What to do to unlock the lever?

  47. iman

    Castaway walkthrough

    1. Go to the piece of driftwood on the sand in front of you and see the letters C, with a 4-petal flower, and D, with a 6-petal flower. Flip the driftwood to see the letters CABD. Turn left, click on the top of the small cave above the three cabinets and see the letters A, with a 5-petal flower, and B, with an 8-petal flower. Put the numbers of petals in the order on the back of the driftwood and you have 4586, so go to the lock of the maroon cabinet and key in this number. Open the door, then the middle drawer and pick up a fish key
    2. Turn left, use the key to open the box in front of you and pick up a trowel. Then read the message on the inside of the lid: you have to find a star
    3. Turn right and zoom in on the starfish with a stake through it on a pile of sand. Move the starfish aside, then use the trowel on the sandpile to reveal a treasure chest, then click on the left side of the chest to see the number 31232. Back up, then click on the two green cabinets and zoom in on the piece of wood in front of the smaller cabinet. This tells you that 3 means up, 2 means down and 1 means neither, which means both clues can be translated as up, leave alone, down, up, down. Zoom in on the top of the smaller cabinet and click twice on the first lever to move it up, once on the third lever to move it down, then twice on the fourth and once on the fifth. Then open the door of the larger green cabinet and pick up a long stick
    4. Turn right, click between the palm trees on the rocks behind them, then again on the high point of the rocks, on the left, to see a bucket in a crack in the rocks. Use the stick to pick it up, then turn round so you are facing a lighthouse in the distance, go to the water’s edge and fill the bucket with water. Next, turn left and zoom in on the large rock slightly left of centre in the foreground. Pour the water into the hole in the top of the rock so a box floats to the surface, then pick up the box and click on the pair of earrings left behind in the hole
    5. Click on the bottom of the box to flip it and see the message red=feather, blue=bird, yellow=eye and green=egg. Next, turn right and zoom in in the bottom of the left-hand palm tree to see some wavy lines and the letters RBYG. This tells you the order of the symbols on the top of the box, so zoom in on the lid and click on the top left corner, then bottom right, top right and bottom left. Open the lid and pick up a fishing lure
    6. Go back to the maroon cabinet, open the bottom drawer and flick through the diary. This tells you that there are clues on the pages dated the 15th, 14th, on the palm trees, and on the page dated the 18th. Flick through to the end and pick up a knife, then go back through the diary to see the clues relate to rocks near a fishing place, earrings, palm trees and a pile of rocks. Turn left and zoom in on the rocks in the background to find a fishing place with 3 lines cut into it. You already know there are 2 earrings. Back up and zoom in on the middle palm tree to see an 8 carved into it, then turn right, zoom in on the pile of rocks in the foreground and see a 4 written on it. Then go back to the maroon cabinet, key 3284 into the top drawer, open and pick up a bobbin
    7. Add the bobbin to the long stick, then add the lure to make a fishing rod. Go to the fishing place on the rock and use the fishing rod to catch a fish, then use the knife to cut it open and pick up a gold key
    8. Go back to the treasure chest, use the gold key to open it and pick up a saw
    9. Turn right to face the large cave, then click on the right of the rocks and zoom in on a heart carved into the rocks. This tells you that diamond = 7. Next, enter the cave and click in the symbols on the right hand wall. By replacing the diamonds with 7s you can work out that circle = 3, square = 4 and triangle = 5. So you have the numbers 3457, but not necessarily in that order. Next, zoom in on the lock on the door at the back of the cave and key in (from top) 5347 (I don’t know why the numbers should be in this order). Open the door, pick up the rope on the third from top shelf and look at the note that was underneath it
    10. Before you go back to the heart on the cave wall, back out, turn left and zoom in on the coconut next to the driftwood you’ve already seen. Move the count and look at the note underneath. In both sequences the difference between successive numbers is reduced by one, which means the two missing numbers are 19 and 9. Now go back to the heart on the cave rock, use the trowel to dig up the sand pile next to it to uncover a small safe and key 199 into its lock. Open the safe and pick up a file
    11. Go back to the safe in the cave and use the file on the wire tied round the blue box in the second from top shelf. Open the box and pick up a shell key, then go back to the big green cabinet and use the key to open the blue sail box inside. Open the box and pick up a cloth
    12. Zoom in on the message on the cloth, then go back to the cave and zoom in on the calendar on the third from top shelf. The message tells you, in effect, to ignore the beach (or grains of sand) but not the rocks (or lumps) except on Thursdays. The calendar tells you that the lumps are red, so make a note of the red dates on the calendar except those that fall on a Thursday. These are the 4th, the 6th and the 14th. So key 4614 into the lock on the shell safe on the bottom shelf, open and pick up a silver key
    13. Use the key to unlock the door on the top shelf and pick up a longer stick (although it looks shorter)
    14. Use the file to remove the rust from the saw, then use the saw to cut down the three palm trees (click about halfway up each of them. I started with the right-hand tree). Then cut the trees into logs, use the rope to tie them up and add the longer stick to make a mast
    15. Take apart the fishing rod and add the cloth to the stick to make a sail, then add the sail to the raft. Go back to the lighthouse view, put the raft into the sea and click on it to escape and get a good ending

    tnx to removablehead from

    1. rbrick

      I have the long stick, the bobbin, and the lure. I am at the spot with the three scratches. I have tried clicking the pieces in order, double clicking each piece in order, and dragging the pieces together. How do you make the fishing pole? I actually have two sticks and have tried this with both. What am I missing?

  48. Brandon Mullins

    Hey i been playing this game for a while.and didnt get anything in inventory.i look everywhere for what to do next.found nothing.all i found are clues and….i found the first puzzle:lever code on green box.but wheres the clue for this one??im still stuck on it.please help.

  49. brynek

    How about bad end ? Any body REACH

  50. koobies

    i dont know what to do at the cave … i use the shoes to go into the cave area then a torch pops up but then fades … i dont know what to do there can anyone help please

  51. Kaleigh

    I’M not sure what the troll means when it says the switch is on and i don’t know how i’m supposed to get in to the i already have the lit torch

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