Abi: A Robot’s Tale: Walkthrough Guide

Abi: A Robot’s Tale
By: Lilith Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough for the iOS and Android point-and-click adventure game, Abi: A Robot’s Tale, by Lilith Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 1 & 2, Two Friends & Bronzeberg

1. Head right. Tap the gear icon. Abi will call his friend DD to help. Swap characters and have DD move the junk aside. Then have DD open the door so they can head through.

2. Talk to all the robots you see. Abi is looking for a white bird. Open the mailbox and read the note. Then head into Zack’s Kitchen.

3. Talk to both robots and examine the painting. Head through the doorway to the bedroom. Read the letter on the desk. Open the drawer to get a robot eye.

4. Leave the room and hop on a stool. Give the robot eye to the chef.

5. Pick up the can now. It had to be done now because you can only carry one item at a time.

6. Leave the diner. Head right while still holding the can. The recycling bot will follow you.

7. Enter the ship. Drop the can by the key to the left and the recycling bot will vacuum them both out and spit out the key. Pick it up.

8. Climb up the ladder and head through the door to the left. Climb up another ladder and go through the door to the control room. Use the key to control the giant hook and make a bridge for both bots to pass.

9. Leave the ship and continue right. Keep going until you see a red button. Hit it to turn on a light on one of the billboards.

10. Continue right. Talk to the two bots on the seesaw to convince them to leave. Then, have DD jump up on the platform and have Abi pull the lever to lift him up. Have Abi climb onto the right side of the seesaw and then have DD jump onto the left side, sending Abi flying.

11. Climb up the ladder and take the lightbulb. Then make your way down via the ladder to the left.

12. Head left and go through the door. It’s dark, but Abi will screw the lightbulb into DD so they can use it as a flashlight.

13. Head right and have DD flick the switch to turn on the lights. Head over to the TV to watch the ad for an Abi bot.

14. Head right. Jump on the boxes and take the antenna from the monitor.

15. Head through the door. Get close to the box-like robot to the right. Tap the smily face when Abi and DD are close to each other to have DD lift Abi onto his head. Now Abi can walk onto the box-like robot and add the antenna.

16. Climb back down and head left to press the button and turn on the new robot. He’ll run over to Abi.

17. Now you can access the OPEN button. Switch to DD and have him press it. Go through the open door.

18. Talk to the robot here about the white bird. He has information! Continue right to complete the chapter.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to Chapter 3, Jamie, or click here.

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      Which chapter 3? They changed the chapters in the latest update.

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