Escape Game: “The Past Cannot Be Outrun”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Past Cannot Be Outrun”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Empty

    I finished this game. There is a free walkthrough in got mail u just need to look for it. It’s nice cause it is in English…

  2. Empty

    Sorry, it’s in the forum spot…..

  3. Maria

    Hi Empty, have opened the secpnd suitcase and used voice recorde on safe. What next? Can’t figure out right number and can’t find the forum you mentioned… please help…

  4. Maria

    Ok. got the nr for the safe. i’ll keep going.

  5. L

    could someone provide some more clues? i have the club, lighter and bomb and am stuck. thank you.

  6. kimmyboop

    Empty, where’s the walkthrough? What’s got mail?? Thanks!!

  7. sabi

    Hi. i’m stucking for two day’s now on the mic thing. is 71 the eight number??? Dont know what to do with it… need help

  8. Pineapple

    Thanks for mentioning the gotmail walkthrough, Empty! I was so stuck!

  9. Sally

    I’ve activated the safe with the voice. But I can’t open it. I’ve tried every number from 1 to 100, and think I have seen all the clues. WHAT AM I MISSING?? HELP

    1. Kristy

      The safe code is 90. The first clue I guess refers to the clock with the crow which you then go to the painting with numbers and pick the bottom one since that would be “6” on the clock. Then red + blue for the bookcase is purple and halve the moon number. So 46/2+25+42= 90

  10. kristy

    Can’t ever access Gotmail forum so I need help here. Shouldn’t the password be 71 for the safe?

    any other game hints greatly appreciated.

  11. zsalia

    Use lighter on the blackboard then open safe

  12. kaden

    How do you escape without commiting suicide with the gun with 2 rounds left in it?

  13. maricamz

    which safe? the one with the word voice written on it? i only got a club, bomb and a lighter..i managed to see the numbers on the frame but after that im stuck..

  14. maricamz

    nevermind, i got it.. 🙂

    1. meh

      Well what did you do maricamz?? I’m exactly where you were

  15. meh

    Bomb+suitcase, voice+safe, ^look in comments for safe code,

  16. manuel enriquez

    at last i escaped…
    at 1st i hav a good end
    bt when i repeat it
    i hav a bad end…
    i dnt knw y…

  17. manuel enriquez

    i jaz use 1 hint
    code for d safe
    its 90…
    then i do d rest…
    nice game…

  18. Lynn

    What 3 numbers do you use when you go down the rope?

  19. Gemma

    I can only find the ciggerettes and iv found the clue but cant find anything else please help 🙂

  20. alicia

    Hi I’ve got the bomb lighter and club. i keep going to the suitcase but nothing happens…

    1. shei

      U need to hit the suitcase with the cudgel and then put the bomb on the suitcase and used the lighterand move away, after that you can pick up the voice record and open the safe the code is 90

  21. amandasweitzer

    any help with the 3 number codes in the second room?

    1. shei

      The code is 120 102 20

  22. thickie

    for good ending phone the police

    note should say even numbered holidays, not odd.. which is pretty crappy

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