Escape Game: “Vanished Client”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Vanished Client”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. HookahToke

    Has anyone figured out any of the codes? This game is not one of their best.

    1. Immo

      Really, one of my favourites, let me know what exactly the problem is and I’ll unwrapp it!

      1. cheryl

        Please help with the cat and different colors

  2. Rosangela

    Please I’ m stuck!!!I need help!

  3. Sally

    I’m stuck on the jewel chest with the card suits, anyone able to help?

  4. lizbee

    Help! Have stars with 3, 7 and 1, poker and shears. Cannot figure out any codes . Have clicked everywhere but no luck. What do I do with shears? Where can I find last star. Think there might be a glitch at wardrobe with red curtain. Have clicked but nothing happens. Thanks!

  5. Chris

    Stuck in the same place but only with 2 stars… Any help appreciated.

    1. Sally

      Just been having another stab at this myself. See walkthrough so far:
      Turn to glass door and open top left drawer to find a locked box with 4 stars (N,E,S,W) . 4 stars to collect:

      1) Go to plant on table by yellow sofa, collect hair pin and open blue ball on bookshelf. Collect star value 1

      2) Look under yellow sofa cushion for colour clues. Do sums to give red=8, yellow =1, blue=9, green=6 and brown=4. Go to top drawer to right of glass doors to see odd/even clue. Go to cat statue in bookcase and press the buttons with even number values i.e. red (8), green (6) and brown (4). Collect star value 3

      3) Move back from cat statue then tap it again until the whole thing lifts up to reveal a hidden key. Use key from under cat to open bottom right drawer by glass doors. Collect star value 4

      4) Go to fireplace and move the logs on the right hand side pick up slice bar.
      Move to cabinet draped with red cloth and knock down star. Pick up from floor under table. Star value 7.

      Use slice bar to reach scissors on top of fireplace (left hand side)
      Collect compass point clues.
      Look under tablecloth to left of yellow sofa (S=E+W, W=S-E)
      Look under plant to the left of glass door (E=N+W)
      Use slice bar to move burning logs in fire clue in top left corner (3N=W)
      Use clues to deduce that N=1, W=3, E=4, S=7
      Go back to top left drawer by glass doors and place stars in correct positions. Collect key.

      Use key to open glass doors,
      Look under wine glass for card suits clue (heart=clubx3)
      Look at base of red lamp post (diamond = club x2)
      Back in main room look on floor behind sofa (club=no of diamonds ΓÇô refers to three jewels on top of box on bookshelf). So club=3 (jewels), hearts (clubx3)=9, diamond (club x2)= 6.
      Look in bottom left drawer by glass drawers to see clue about aces and face cards ( I have no idea what any of this means).
      Go to jewel box and enter passcode (3469) I filled in 3, 6 and 9 then just scrolled through the numbers for the spade until I got the right one.
      Collect ring from jewel box. Fit into hole at base of forest painting.
      Collect allen wrench and look at cut-out above
      Go back out to balcony and open dustbin lid with allen wrench.
      Collect rope and combine with slice bar
      Look over balcony by wine table and collect bag.
      Look in bag for bookmark tucked into filofax (keep tapping past note)
      Use scissors on bookmark and use to open cabinet with red drape.
      Collect triangle tool and use to open pyramid object on bookshelf. Collect T-shaped tool.
      Look at underneath the polar bear ornament (4 lights>1. circle, triangle, square, diamond)
      Use T-shaped tool to open red wall box by lamppost, flick switch to turn on light
      Light shows series of numbers on ground, with the shapes covering 4 numbers. Which should give code for pink fridge padlock. So far I’ve figured out that all rows add up to 40, but that gives a code of 7, 11, 1, 6. Which is clearly wrong. I am stuck at this point until I figure out what else I can make of this puzzle……..

      1. sillygirl

        I cannot open the red box cover out on the balcony (on the wall) with the allen wrench. I looked at the cut out on the wall behind the painting beforehand..but to no avail! Help!

        1. sillygirl

          Nevermind. I found the trashcan!!

  6. Chris

    Thanx so much. I somehow missed the key under the cat. Finally out!! The code to the refrigeration is 7613.. not exactly sure but something to do with every other number being 5 and there is a pattern in between.. it took me some guessing to figure out hth

  7. sillygirl

    Nevermind. I found the trashcan!!

  8. Caitlin

    For those who want to know the logic behind the final code: you add up the columns, not the rows. The four columns with the symbols in them add up to 53, 54, 59, and 57. The code is 60-X (with X being the total of the columns).

  9. mira

    I m stuc pls help

  10. Camz

    Help! Cant seem to find the scissors..After getting the bookmark, now im stuck..

    1. Camz

      nevermind..i escaped.. 🙂

  11. PrOmIsE

    For a good ending:

    Tie the rope to balcony railing. Climb all the way down the rope and you’ll see another door. Use the key, open door and escape.

    You’ll get a bad ending if escape thru main door.

    1. Schoo

      Nice, thanks for sharing!

  12. Gahh

    I think I finally understand the grid/red box problem that you find outside (the one where you try to find the values of a circle, triangle, square, and diamond)



    I divided the 64 square grid into 16 2×2 squares. Each 2×2 square should equal 20. There are already 2 5’s in each square. 5+5=10. The diagonals in each square need to equal 10.

    [3][5] [4][5] [6][5] [7][5]
    [5][C] [5][6] [5][4] [5][3]

    [8][5] [9][5] [S][5] [2][5]
    [5][2] [5][1] [5][9] [5][8]

    [4][5] [T][5] [3][5] [2][5]
    [5][6] [5][4] [5][7] [5][8]

    [1][5] [6][5] [9][5] [7][5]
    [5][9] [5][4] [5][1] [5][D]

    Example: (bottom left hand corner)

    Continue that for each square you need.





    Answer =

  13. adisha

    plz tell me wer r d scissors….plz help me sum1???!!!!

    1. Linna

      Top of the shelf-thing to the left of the fire place use the slice bar

  14. loveit

    The key to the grid is to add the numbers diagonally except for the 5’s. Each two #’s equal 10 so just find which one is missing. No dividing or other complex calculations… Example is the first diagonal from left to right is 82?491. 6+4=10 so the triangle is 6.

  15. mary

    How can I open the red cover?

  16. anneechan

    allen wrench doesn’t work on red box T-T
    am I miss something?

  17. Tylee

    code to fridge on balcony is 7613- I knew the 7 and 1 were correct, then just played with the other numbers until I got it…I but using the key found inside the fridge to open the front door hangs more a bad ending, though…oh well- I’m just glad to have finished it! good luck to everyone who has yet to do so- and congrats to those who were able to compete it without any hits or tips whatsoever…I must admit I had to look up the diamond box’s code, lol

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