Philia : the Sequel to Elansar: Walkthrough

Philia : the Sequel to Elansar
By: Cedric Bourse

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Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. GameCrazed

    I need some help in the game. I cannot get the last color rod(?) for the cabinet to make the rainbow. I have the red, orange, yellow, aqua, blue, purple, and the red-violet one. I’m assuming its green, where is it? If its under the plate, how do I get to it?


    1. GameCrazed

      Correction: The rod may be yellow-green or green. I have the blue-green (aqua) one. Thank you Podbud for keeping an eye out for it.

    2. podbud

      I have the green rod which, from memory, is either on the rampart of the castle in a corner of wall or it’s in the corner on the ground in the first room off to the right where the short clip of the horse and carriage play. I’m just wandering round poking in every corner or in the roof areas as I’m sure it’s just well masked. The hints and tips don’t give much away.

  2. Podbud

    I can’t get any further than the initial start – spelt the elements, got a green stone which I placed in the cabinet. Got a yellow flower and found a lever. I just go round and round And cannot venture further – a pop
    up saying “I don’t want to go too far”

    1. GameCrazed

      You have to find the cat.

      1. Podbud

        Thanks. Got the cat. Like Elansar it is notoriously elusive to locate items esp on a phone. Guessing you have better vision or scope on an iPad? Now wandering round looking for a fourth element.

        1. GameCrazed

          I think you have everything you need. Did you put what you got into the door, if not try it. If you put them all in the door after you spelled out the elements, and nothing happened, I’d check to make sure the elements are still spelled in the doors, mine disappeared once or twice.

          Yes, I have an iPAD.

  3. Podbud

    I’m in the castle so if I locate the other rod I’ll let you know.

  4. divyne

    How do I solve the lung puzzle…the rods are all in plain veiw…just some are harder to spot. Non are in boxes ect

    1. GameCrazed

      Did you update the game? Hints were added to the main page. There is a hint in there to solve it.

    2. Christine

      I just put 7 in each of the circles. Hope that helps 🙂

  5. Podbud

    The lung puzzle is tricky.

  6. divyne

    Yes…hints are not very helpful in most cases

  7. podbud

    So far, I’ve completed the flower (paint) puzzle, the horse and carriage puzzle and the lights. In terms of items I have the heart, brain, a hand and leg?

    The Lung puzzle has got me completely stumped – as does the piano. I’ve tried few combinations with the code on the wall near the door – found in the “turret” and keyed these into the piano but nothing happens.

    Still searching for the 8th rod. I have green, purple, blue, light blue, red, orange and violet.

    I assume once I get these correct I should have better idea what to do.

    It took me while to realise to go back outside and talk to the gatekeeper to do another riddle to get another item.

    1. GameCrazed

      Regarding the Lung: The number that you put in the circles are the number of branches of the bronchi you need to pass to get to the bronchiole (air tube) that is closest to the particular circle. Regarding the rod: you just have to keep searching for it, its either on the ramparts or on the ground somewhere. Regarding the piano: the symbols in the tower are the notes you play, the symbols on the piano are the keys, the small circles are the black keys.

      After you guys (or gals) get to the point of getting the brain, heart, two legs, hand and lungs, please come back and let me know what the next step is, I don’t know what to do next.

      1. GameCrazed

        To be more clear on the Lung puzzle, the number you put in the circles is the number of intersections that you pass.

        1. podbud

          …so you leave some at 0 as the intersections just go to…say 3 lines?

          1. GameCrazed

            If there are three intersections, put 3 in the circle, if there are 4, put 4 in the circle, etc. There shouldn’t be any 0s to 2s because there are at least three for every branch.

      2. podbud

        Re: lung – yes that’s what I was working on but I still don’t understand it. I’ve attempted many different combinations using the very thin hint number 3. It just clicks around and stops – even though I’ve placed all the numbers of bronchioles. It’s not obvious. Yikes.

      3. podbud

        You should be able to go to the plate in the courtyard…

      4. podbud

        You should be able to go the plate in the courtyard now…

        1. GameCrazed

          Re: the Plate

          If the plate is the next thing to do after getting the body parts, can you give me some hints as to what to do with it?


  8. GameCrazed

    The one circle that it stops on probably has the wrong number, count the intersections again. Don’t count the end of the brochiole.

    1. podbud

      lol…I must be dim…I still don’t get it at all.

      1. GameCrazed

        In case you didn’t see the comment in the middle of the page: If there are three intersections, put 3 in the circle, if there are 4, put 4 in the circle, etc. There shouldnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t be any 0s to 2s because there are at least three for every endpoint.

  9. podbud

    nope…still don’t get it. Spent the last few hours doing this….it’s just not

    1. GameCrazed

      Let me tell you the very top row as an example. 3,3,4,4,4.

      1. podbud

        Thank you…That makes so much more sense now! ; )

  10. podbud

    In terms of the notes on the piano? I’m playing the keys correctly but nothing is happening. I’m not sure if I’m misreading a note with a circle above it on my small screen – I know it’s a “black” note.

    1. podbud

      it’s okay worked it out. In search of the rod and a leg!

  11. podbud

    Re: The plate in the courtyard. Once you have the heart, legs, hands, brain and lungs when you go to the plate, there ought to be a glowing circle over it. It should be accessible now and you can continue the journey..

    1. GameCrazed

      I only have one hand, do you remember how you got them?

      1. podbud

        I think it may have been the piano and rainbow. Have you done that? If not – thinking of the other puzzles. Horse and carriage, flower, torches…

        1. podbud

          …also…you revisit the gatekeeper outside and he has another riddle – maybe it was there?

          1. GameCrazed

            I thought I did all of them but I think I remember the rainbow didn’t work. I am redoing them. I got the legs from the rainbow and the color wheel puzzle, the right hand from the carriage puzzle and the heart from the gatekeeper but now I can’t get the piano puzzle. For the dot with the trapezoid, I think I did the black key to the right of the trapezoid and then the trapezoid key, is that right? If the notes are different you don’t need to click on the X key, just when you have two of the same notes, right?


  12. podbud

    The piano took me a while…actually, a long while. One of the keys is “sharp” so it goes like this

    EEG – F(sharp)black key – EDEDDCBDCCB

    The x is not included. It took a few goes.

    1. GameCrazed

      Okay, it finally worked. Thanks so much. I thought I had to do the x to clear the first occurrence of a symbol if it happened twice together and I thought I had to do the black key and then follow it by the trapezoid key.

      Thanks again

  13. Paul

    I have completed all puzzles except the flower puzzle. How do you make the required section orange in the lower left corner?

  14. Paul

    I solved the flower puzzle. The red paint must be substituted for the blue paint on the right side of the bottom oval.

    1. kelly duarte

      how do i get the paints???

  15. Andrew

    Once you ass through the plate in the courtyard I am very stuck with the puzzle In the lift – anyone able to help?

    1. GameCrazed

      There is a code to the elevator around, you have to examine everything (don’t want to give too much away). It has some dots and shapes like squares.

  16. Lizziejane

    I dont know if its just me but i have solved all the puzzles except the brain. I cannot work out what to do. Please help. Its driving me nuts. I cant find anything online so i assume im the only one that cant see what im supposed to do.

    1. GameCrazed

      Think of the brain puzzle exactly as a normal puzzle, where around the whole brain you have the pieces to put into it. Write back later if you still can’t get it.

    2. GameCrazed

      Think of the brain puzzle as a normal puzzle, where around the whole brain (the puzzle) you have the pieces to put into it. You can’t exactly put the pieces in it but you can do the steps leading up to it.

      Write back if you still can’t do it and then I’ll tell you exactly how to do it.

  17. jack tay

    I spelt all the elements. Each time I get ‘woosh’ but nothing else happens. Nothing to pick up. Can open back door to see cat. Again, cannot seem to do anything! Help.

    1. GameCrazed

      You have to pick up some items that are outside of the platform among the plants.

  18. jack tay

    Having trouble solving the flower puzzle. Can someone tell me the exact steps to take? I followed the hint starting colors but whatever I shade I try mix after that does not seem to work. Help!

  19. jack tay

    Solved the damn flower puzzle.
    Now looking the last color rod.
    Tapped on every floor, roof & wall.
    Nothing! Anyone know where the last rod can be found?

    1. GameCrazed

      There is a rod on the ramparts in the shadow.

    2. Sazalin

      How did you solve the flower puzzle?

  20. jack tay

    Thanks. GameCrazed. Tapped on every mm of the ramparts. Yup. In the shadows – the last yellow rod. Now opened the manhole. Wish me luck. Thanks guys.

  21. jack tay

    Hi Cedric & Audrey. Completed game. Great playing it. Thanks & look forward to your next game.
    To all on this blog site. Thanks for helping our. Could not have completed without your fantastic help.

    1. eviatar


      what is the code that you need to type in the elevator inside the cave?

      i’m stuck there…


  22. Sue

    Could someone please help me wiyh the horse and carriage puzzle. I just don’t get it. Thanks, Susan

    1. GameCrazed

      Its been awhile so I’m not sure I remember exactly but each time the horse and carriage stop you have to make a note of how many people got on and off and which stop number it is. Then the second part of the puzzle (somewhere) they ask for example: at Stop 5 how many people got on or how many people got off, or the net amount of people that are left (just at that stop).

      Good luck!

  23. joyloy

    I need to do the flower puzzle. Where do I get the paint bottles? Please help. J.

  24. skenned

    I can’t figure out the first enigma where you have to guess the word the describes surgical birth

    1. game crazed

      Get on the internet, use the keywords”surgical birth”

      1. Victoria nikolaides

        It’s caesarian but the guard keeps telling me it is the wrong answer so how do we spell it correct?

        1. game crazed

          Look on the web, some websites are spelling it wrong like your spelling, others have the right spelling, use the alternate spelling or use a dictionary website. If you go to a dictionary website and put your spelling in, it will give the alternate spelling.

  25. richouz

    OΓö£Γòú est le chat?
    where is the cat.please help me. Thanks

    1. game crazed

      If I recall right, it is outside of the platform, among the plants.

  26. Cherie

    What is the synonym for approval that the gate keeper asked for?
    I’ve tried many!

    1. Andrew Fryer


  27. Andrew Fryer

    I cant find the second half of the horse and carriage puzzle. Can anyone point me in the right direction please. Also what am I supposed to do with final number?

    1. game crazed

      Its been a long time so I may be wrong, but you might have to go outside the castle gate again where it asked the first question. If I’m right, please post.

    2. game crazed

      Just to clarify my March 4, 2015 reply of where to go for the second half of the horse and carriage puzzle. I think you have to go to the same spot where it asks you about the surgical birth (right outside the castle gate), not the platform area. You might have to click on something for it to ask you.

  28. Victoria nikolaides

    Can’t solve the puzzle with the light switches any suggestions?

    1. eviatar

      Look in the hints and tips section, the answer is there

  29. Paul

    I know this is a year and a half later, but I’m hoping someone might still be here to help me. I’ve just managed to get this game recently for my PC, and I’m super stuck. I’ve searched online for walkthroughs for this game for what I need, without any success.

    I have the heart, brain, hands, lung, and one leg. I still can’t find the paints to do the flower puzzle no matter how hard I look to find them, and have absolutely no idea how to do the one where you select sections of the castle. Any help I could get on this would be great. Thanks!

    1. Emily

      Paul…still looking for those paint bottles? If so, they are up the second set of stairs inside one the tower.

      1. Rich Lauterbach

        How to access that stairway? The castle map? Hint on the map sequence? Please!

  30. Rich Lauterbach

    Rainbow puzzle… I’ve tried “seemingly” all color combinations, including the light blue cyan at either end, one way or reversed colors, even leaving it out. I know the color progressions of the rainbow, and it’s usually 7 colors. What am I missing, and where might find an answer (without giving it directly away)?

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