Hellraid: The Escape: Walkthrough Chambers 1 and 2

Hellraid: The Escape
By: Techland & Shortbreak Studios

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Chamber 1:

1. Slide the tomb open. Turn around and tap on the sparkling area to zoom in (focus) on the pots on the table. Tap each of them to smash them and find a crystal.


2. Read the note on the wall:


3. Open the lock on the cell door by first pulling out the pin, then sliding the bolt to the right like you would with a real door.


4. Go into the next room and read the note on the barrel:


5. There’s a ball and chain by the gate into the next room. Zoom in on the ball and pull it a few times in quick succession until the gate stays open and you can go through.


6. There’s a fire pit in the next room. If you get too close to it, you burn yourself and lose health. But you need to get past it. Run past to the room to the left. Then go back and get the crystal on the other side of the fire pit and run back to this room again.


7. Break the pots on one side to get a key, and break the pots on the other side to get another crystal.



8. Now there’s a big pit you need to cross by using the tilt controls on your device. Keep the needle in the center or you’ll fall to your death! Try turning the sensitivity down in the options if you’re having a lot of trouble with this.
(Before or after you cross, make sure to get the crystal from the cage floating above the pit.)




9. When you get to the other side, break all the jars for another crystal (you should have all 5 now) and read the note.



10. Go to the door and zoom in on the lock. Open your inventory and drag the key to the keyhole. Then turn it like a real key and continue to Chamber 2.

Chamber 2:

1. Read the note on the ground by the candles.



2. Pick up the crystal in the corner.


3. Tap on the sparkly part of the wall and then keep tapping. To break a hole in the wall so you can go through.




4. Go through and pick up another crystal.


5. Tap on the sparkly part on the floor and pick up the five stones.



6. Pick up the cross from the table.


7. Read the note on the wall.


8. Go to the bars and look through them. There’s a lever. Throw a stone at the lever to open the gate. If you miss and run out of stones, just go back and pick up some more.



9. Be careful in the next room, because if you touch any of the chains and make a noise, the demon guy here will shoot you with an arrow. You have to find a way to kill him before he notices you. Do you see the lever to the right? Stay behind the chains so you don’t rattle them, and hit the lever with a stone. Be careful, though, because if you miss the stone can also alert the demon. If you get it right, a spiked log trap will crush him and you can continue.




10. Go past the trap and push both levers.



11. Pick up the crystal.


12. Go to the gate and look through the bars. Notice the pots/jars on the platform. You need to throw the stones and break all the jars so the platform rises, lowering the gate. If you miss and run out of stones, just go back to the first room and pick up some more (there are two spots with five stones each, so you can get ten at a time).





13. Go through and open the chest on the table to get the golden crown. Also, read the note on the ground.




14. Go back a bit and find the exit door with the statues on either side. Place the cross in the left statue’s hand and the crown on the right statue’s head. The door will open and you can head to chamber 3.



Continue to the Chamber 3 walkthrough.

See all my Hellraid: The Escape walkthroughs and guides in one handy place.

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  1. Bob Arthur

    5th crystal in chamber #1 is in a cage halfway across the balance beam.

  2. Seth

    Where are all five crystals in chamber 2?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I have to go back and find the last 2. Couldn’t find them on my first playthrough.

  3. Joel

    Chamber 2: One crystal is in the corner below the curtain with two eyes in the room with the golden chest. Looking for the last crystal myself.

  4. Joel

    Got it! Chamber 2: The last crystal is behind a box on the right just before the chains triggering the skeleton. You’ll see a glow when you approach it.

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