Escape Game “An Inconcealable Trick”: Walkthrough

Escape Game “An Inconcealable Trick”
By: IDAC CO.,LTD. (WaveA)


I don’t currently have access to this game on iOS, but feel free to help each other out in the comments section.

Note: For all IDAC/WaveA games, make sure you tap each clue/item numerous times to make sure it doesn’t have anything else to tell you. If you miss something, the game might not let you use that clue to solve a puzzle.

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  1. Janine

    I am stuck on the combination for the safe in second room.

  2. angie

    I have a wand that I can’t figure out how to open, a bird, and a coin. Can’t figure out what to do next or the name for the door.

    1. Baron

      Look at the note on the bird foot.

  3. sang

    Hi jannie. Wht is d pw to open d door of second room?

  4. Kevin Mcwilliams

    Stuck on the safe code help please

  5. angie

    I’m now stuck with the two cards and all the clues, thought Long would open the door, but it says I failed. Does anyone know the password?

  6. Jacqui

    Code for door to second room is MAKI. I had to reinstall as wand did not turn into a flower after tapping this then gives you a key.

    1. angie

      How do you get a good ending? The code for the safe behind the picture is the numbers on the three cards. The white one is in the book under k.

  7. angie

    For the box on the desk, look at the back side of the coin, and there is a note somewhere with a clue about 13 years, subtract 13 from 1939 to get 1926.

  8. Janine

    Got good ending, are you sure you read all of the pieces of the note to get good end? There is one in the middle drawer of the desk in second room.

  9. angie

    Read jacket pocket, desk drawe, and magic box that coin goes in. Is there one I missed?

  10. angie

    I missed the one in the book on jack. Got good ending. Thank you 🙂

  11. Ursula

    How do I open the clock type thing with the two swords? I have the key with the pentagonal point and have inserted it and turned it numerous times and still can not get it to release the two swords. Please help.

  12. angie

    Turn the key to the a and j and tap the swords. One will come out for each letter.

  13. carry

    hi everyone I have a problem . when i want to open the door to 2nd Rom the password MAKI doesn’t work . why ? is there a clue i have to look at it which i miss now ? please help i stuck at this door since days .

  14. angie

    I was stuck there too. I had to restart the game. Also make sure you have looked under all the letters in the book.

  15. Linna

    Little help please. I can’t open the blue card box or find the handle of the 4th sword. I’m stuck. 🙁

    1. angie

      The blue card key is in the red card box inside the brown case. The handle to the last sword is in the lock box behind the painting in the second room.

  16. shei

    How do I open the red and blue card box?? Any help plz

    1. angie

      Here’s the walkthrough

      Look at top right pocket on red jacket, read note.
      Look at bottom left pocket to see a zipper pocket, keep clicking til coin comes off. Examine both sides of coin, remember 1939.
      Place coin in hole on black case beside the door to the second room. Pick up black hat and keep clicking til you recieve an ear ring. Read note in box
      Go back to jacket where you got the coin and attach ear ring. Get the white bird.
      Examine the leg on the bird, remember what the note tells you.
      Go to table with the blue box and remove center leg to get a magic wand, examine end of wand to see a sun and rain drop. Click rain drop three times, then click sun.
      Remove key from end of feathers.
      Use key on bird cage, put bird in, back up and then click cage again to see bird holding the red card.
      Use the red card to open red card box inside black case to get blue card.
      Use blue card to open blue card box to see picture of harry long.
      Look at red magician dictionary under letter L, remember coin was made 13 years after his death.
      Go to black safe box beside blue card box and enter 1926 (1939-13).
      Look thru magazine inside box, note the name, click thru til you see the note in the back of magazine.
      Go back to the dictionary and look under I, then M.
      Type MAKI into locked door to get into second room.
      Get sword from chair and look at picture on chair.
      Use sword to cut padlock off chained box, then untangle the chains to retrieve key.
      Examine key and break in half. One half opens a drawer on the desk to see a note and retrieve a sword blade with no handle. Use the other half of the key on the sword clock in first room.
      Turn dial to a and get one sword, turn to j to get second.
      Go back to second room and look at picture on the wall. (There is a safe behind it if you click the ride side of frame)
      Go back and look at dictionary under k to get white card.
      Go to safe in second room, take note of blue white red, examine your cards to get 654. Retrieve sword handle and attach to sword.
      Put all swords in correct spots on blue box in first room to get the door card.
      Make sure you have read all notes (desk drawer, inside black box, inside magazine and inside jacket pocket)
      Open door

  17. shei

    Got it hehe thx

  18. dani

    What are the letters to touch on the book and when they have to be touched? I can t open the door with password MAKI !,,

  19. dani

    What are the letters to touch on the book and when they have to be touched? I can t open the door with oassword MAKI!!!

    1. angie

      L, I, M I think, I know you have to look at Ingram before you can look at maki. I had to also reopen the game to use MAKI too.

  20. Whitney

    I have been trying to use the password for the second room for over a month now. I have found all the notes that I can find (blue and red boxes, locked box, jacket pocket) and read the handbook. But I can not get into the second room for the life of me. It looks like I’m missing the end of the last note, but I have no clue where to find it. Anyone else having this issue? It sounds like it. What’s the deal? Am I doing something wrong? It’s driving me crazy!

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