Hellraid: The Escape: Walkthrough Chamber 8

Hellraid: The Escape
By: Techland & Shortbreak Studios

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Chamber 8:

1. Notice the clue on the wall:


2. Break the jars on the shelves and notice this clue behind them:


3. Find the third clue:


4. Go to the green area and pull all three chains to get the gate to open.


5. Now we need to solve this runic puzzle. If you tap the wrong button, a spike kills you. I died a bunch of times to figure it out. Press the button directly above the glowing one, then follow the blue path I drew.



6. Now the beam of light comes through and you need to adjust all the mirrors to point at the gem above the door. Careful, because the lasers kill you if you get in their way. Once you unlock the door, I recommend deactivating the laser beams by pointing the first one up at the ceiling. This way, if you die, it’s easy to get back.






You can also watch this video to help you with the rune puzzle and mirror/laser puzzle. Sorry about the lag!

7. Go through the door and through the portal to the next room. Solve the scale puzzle to get a bishop for the chess game.



8. Continue on through the next door. You need to follow the same path here as the runic puzzle or spikes will kill you. Follow the path shown below. Only step on the tiles that are glowing red in my photo.


9. Go to the chess game in the middle of the room and solve the sliding tile puzzle to unlock it.



10. Place the bishop on the board and corner the black King into checkmate. Take the round puzzle piece when you’re done.





11. Place the round piece in the puzzle to the right of the door and solve it.



12. Still missing the ring for the left puzzle. Apparently it’s in the last room, but I need to play through the level again to get it.

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  1. Emery

    I can’t find that ring neither

  2. SlightAversion

    Come into the room, on the right hand side between the statue and the candle shelf, the ring can be found on the floor in a corner, just sitting there…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks! I’ll have to go back and get it when I replay the level. Not sure how I missed it — I looked high and low!

    2. tankers

      It’s on the right side of puzzle just on right of the candle shelf, just chilling on the ground to be specyfic.

    3. fahadfoyjur

      thanks got it

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