The Witch’s Isle: Walkthrough

The Witch’s Isle


This will be a complete walkthrough guide for the iOS and Android puzzle adventure game, The Witch’s Aisle, by COCOSOLA. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Part 1:

This is how to first find the thief and make he bell ring.

Part 2:

The urn is next to the cat in the bell tower! I missed it the first few times I went up there.

Part 3:

In this video, I got the rope in the bell tower finally and found the axe, but don’t see anything I can use it on.

Part 4:

And here’s a bad ending. I don’t know if it’s a bug, but I couldn’t break through any walls with the axe in the well.

More coming soon!

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  1. Eva Radke

    Hi! I’m in the middle of the game and had the same frustrations you did. (I managed to get some flint in the well.) If you hear of any solutions, please post. I hate leaving a game unfinished…

    1. Eva Radke

      I’m going to answer myself! On the third try, the things that frustrated us went away – the tools were useful – tryong not to give away! I’m not sure if that’s a bug or what, but the game is going smoother. Will update.

    2. Julian

      Still can’t find the rope in the cavern! Or where the cavern is???? Help. 4/5 ropes

      1. Poppy

        Where are the other ropes?! 3/5

        1. Saah

          Base of the Bell Tower
          Sleepy Youth’s house
          Empty, Unlocked House (at the topmost level, the one with the witch’s tree)
          Thief’s boat
          Cavern in the fountain (you can only get in after you get Ring 100%)

      2. Saah

        The cavern is inside the fountain, and can only be accessed at Ring 100%. There’s an actual full guide in my website if you have further questions.

      3. Ssjdjjdhduxjd

        You don’t need the rope yet

      4. A_shodow

        is the ritgt side of the island , down the ladder

    3. GingerSnapp

      Once you have the axe, go to the well. Start climbing down – about 1/3 way down the ladder, there should be a spot on the right where you can use the axe.

  2. Jamil

    I’ve managed to complete all game achievements except the character finding achievement…3 remain…

    1. Saah

      Two you probably missed are the Bug Enthusiast, in the house behind the Bell Tower, and the Moonlit Butterfly, who shows up like once every 40min at the spot you put the silver dagger in. No idea who the third one is, but there’s a full list of characters in my website (just click my name). Do you have the Mouse and the Fisherman?

      1. Saah

        Looks like links don’t work here… It’s empressguides[.]blogspot[.]com. By the way, if you’re missing the Mouse, it shows up in the Square and in the Cellar.

      2. Richa

        Where is the fisherman plz help

        1. Saah

          Hi! Did you get Diary to 100%? If you did, he spends some time in his shed, then goes to the western shore, then fishes a bit, then goes back to his shed… so you should wait for him either in front of the shed or on the shore (not the spot you fish for, a little bit beneath it, because he fishes with a net and not a rod). That’s only after Diary is at 100%, though. Before that, he’s working in his shed and won’t leave until you get it to 100%.

    2. Shorn

      how do you get seaweed bad ending?

      1. Shorn

        now i know just get the bad end in water. haha

  3. Sophie

    how do you break through the wall?

    1. Marcus

      You have to watch the mouse or hope to catch it running. That will reveal a tunnel system and with the axe that you have to get while the woodsman I should in his house you break the entrance to the tunnel on the ladder

  4. Sophie

    how do you break through the wall in the well?

    1. Saah

      Follow the Mouse to see where you have to break, it shows up in the Square and in the Cellar. It’s like… a bit less than halfway down the well stairs? Use the Ax to break it.

  5. Aj

    You need to borrow an axe from the woodcutter. Thake the a e to the well and halfway throuh the ladder where a red triangle appears use the axe.

  6. Richa

    How do I open the cellar trap door

    1. Shorn

      enter thru the well, that is near the goddess statue. by
      – talk to a mouse found at the statue.
      – switch with the mouse to follow it. now you can get in the well.
      – get fishing rod at your house and fish fatty fish at western shore then use it.
      – wait untill a woodcutter get in his house and go talk to him. now you can get an axe outside his house.
      – get down the well and you will get a stone.
      – use the axe at the middle of ladder well you will open a path.
      – get in and use the stone to lit fire.
      – then use cellar key.

  7. Ariel

    For the Diary quest there is a long list of things to do. In order to break the well wall climb halfway down the well. A tiny red arrow should light up. Go to menu, click on the ax and use it to break open the passage way. In order to use passage way you need a light. To get the light you need the flint at the bottom of the well and fish oil. To get fish oil you need to go fishing at the west coast with the fishing rod in your house. I recommend getting three fish because fish oil is a one time use item and you will need the extra later. Crawl through the passage and you will hit another trap door. Use the cellar key that you got from the house of the kind old man who polishes the statue to unlock the trap door and get into the cellar.

  8. Emily

    I’m stuck on where to find the child ornament at. I have gotten to the caves and to the rocks on the cliff I just can’t seem to find the child ornament.

    1. Kadiza

      The child ornament is in the left side watchtower. Go in there and then climb down the ladder where you’ll find the child ornament.

  9. Kadiza

    Does anyone know where the sanctuary is?!?

  10. Erica King


    1. Saah

      After Diary is at 100%, he goes back and forth between the Western Shore and his shed.

  11. Carmen

    I am stuck after using axe I am I’ll unable to enter. I have the materials needed to start fire as well. No matter how much I click to move or use items I am unable to.

  12. pam

    When can i enter the house of the bug expert ? When / what time he’s awake ?

    1. Fara Way

      I think that you must get the true ending first & re-play the game but this time, before you enter the castle, go to the last house on the left next to the forest where you found Friend Of The Thief in his tent, which if you notice thereΓÇÖs sign of residency in the house showing sleeping symbol zZz. Then wait for him to wake up & voila!

  13. Fara Way

    IΓÇÖve unlocked all the endings & simply rushing here for some tips to complete the items & achievements list. Honestly, I am a bit suprised (because I love visiting this site) that you havenΓÇÖt finish the game & only went about half of the journey. The game actually is quite interesting with epic storyline & beautiful endings.

  14. Penny

    How can i get the ring? And where? Also the fisherman doesn’t shows up ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉΓö£├í and lastly how do you enter the rocks/cave ? After climbing down there Is a curse that stops you from going any further…

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