Alice Trapped Beyond Wonderland: Walkthrough Guide

Alice Trapped Beyond Wonderland
By: MediaCity Games

Alice Trapped Beyond Wonderland is the latest game by MediaCity Games, the sequel of Alice Trapped in Wonderland. It turns out you were very close to rescuing your friends in Wonderland, but the Red Queen anticipated your plans and sent them away so you couldn’t find them. Now you have to rescue them! This walkthrough guide will help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. Read the scroll from Time. You need to rescue your friends! Open the door and go through.

2. Arrange the books on the shelf to make an image and then take the medium key.

3. Open the door and go through to the stairwell.

4. Head up the stairs and use the medium key to unlock the door. Go through.

5. Tap on the scroll and take a photo of the clue. Also, tap on the 1 near the candle to have it added to your journal. Then leave the room.

6. Head up the spiral staircase to the roof. There’s nothing we can do here right now, so we’ll come back to it.

7. Head back to the staircase and go down and through the front door to the street.

8. Tap on the newspaper stack to see a 5 next to it and add it to your journal.

9. Enter the clock store. Tap on the 6 on the register to add it to your journal. Then leave the store.

10. Head towards the market and then examine the inside of the wagon. Tap on the 2 to add another clue to your journal.

11. Continue to the market. There’s some birdseed, but we need money to pay for it. So we’ll come back later.

12. Head back to the roof. We now have all the numbers we need to unlock the the padlock on the bird cage. Look in your journal to see the code is 1526. Then unlock it and take the small key and read the scroll inside. It’s a map! You can access it through your inventory.

13. Go back down to the room with the books and use the small key to unlock the dresser drawer. Take the coins.

14. Go back to the market and place your coins in the jar with the rest to get the bird seeds.

15. Go back to the roof and put the bird seeds in the bird feeder. Then take the golden key from the pigeon.

16. Use the golden key to unlock the metal hatch and go through to Wonderland.

17. There are four doors before you. If you open them, you can see they each lead to a different area with one of the four seasons. Let’s start with blue, winter.

18. Ignore the rake for now. Enter the cave and pick up the knife. Then leave the winter world.

19. Go through the yellow door for spring. Head over the bridge to the campfire and take the grappling hook.

20. Go back and climb up the vines to see a tree and the castle. Use the knife to cut some orange resin from the tree. You can go back and take the path to the castle, but we can’t get in yet.

21. Go all the way back and go through the pink door to summer. Use the knife to cut off some blue resin from the tree.

22. Head down the middle path to see two doors. Go through the left one and open the drawer to get a cylindrical piece with the number 11 on it. Also, tap on the watch to see that the White Rabbit’s clock stopped at 3:30 PM. Then leave the room.

23. Go through the right door and read the note that says they moved seeds from the winery because squirrels continue to steal them for supplies during the fall. We’ll come back to this room later.

24. Head back to the four doors and go through the brown door for fall. Use the knife to cut the red resin from the tree.

25. Head down the left path. There’s a sign in the garden that says, “Save the kingdom, plant a tree.”

26. One of the doors to the train station is unlocked. Head through and tap on the clock to see that it stopped at 5:15. There’s also four clocks in here that we have to set, but we’ll come back to it when we have all four times.

27. Leave and enter the train. Turn both valves until the gauge lands on green. The engine door opens, revealing a key, but it’s too hot to touch. So we’ll come back to it.

28. Go back to the winter land and head to the castle. Use the grappling hook to climb over the wall. Then pick up the tongs.

29. Go back to the fall land and use the tongs to grab the incandescent key from the train.

30. The key needs to be cooled off. So go back to the spring palace and head towards the castle. To the left of the castle is a water trough. Drop the key in and it will cool off. Take the rusted key back.

31. Go back to the summer land and head to the water mill on the left. Use the rusted key to unlock the rusty door. Head inside.

32. Grab the shears. There’s a board nailed down that we’ll come back to later.

33. While here, take the right path to a pink gate. Place the 11 piece in the center of the lock. Then make all four numbers add up to 11 to unlock the lock. Go through.

34. Head down the left path and notice something sparking in the bushes. Use the shears to cut through the leaves and then take the wagon key.

35. Go back to the fall area and use the wagons key to open the door in back of the train. Head inside.

36. Pick up the helm. There’s a suitcase with a strange lock mechanism. You need to solve it through trial and error. This is the order: Upper Middle, Lower Right, Upper Right, Lower Left, Lower Middle, Upper Left. Take the telescope from inside.

37. Open the next door and continue straight. Pick up the crowbar.

38. The next door has a lock in which you have to change all the silver rods to brown. I’ll give you exact steps later. Go through.

39. Read the note inside the envelope. It’s a guide for the train stations.

40. Then solve a similar door puzzle and go through to the next car.

41. There’s a locked suitcase here with levers that go up or down. That’s where the station guide clue comes in handy! It was South, North, North, South, North. So put the levers like so: Down, Up, Up, Down, Up. Then take the shield mold from inside.

42. The next door needs a key, so we’ll come back to it.

43. Go back to the spring land and head to the castle. Place the helm with the other and then turn both at the same time to lower the drawbridge. Head inside.

44. Go through the left door and grab the shovel.

45. Head through the other door. Enter the first cell and tap on the White Rabbit’s clock to see it stopped at 9:55. Also, take the sword mold.

46. Go back and head inside to the furnace and solve the sliding blocks puzzle. Then take the gold and bronze ingots.

47. Place the shield mold by the furnace and add the bronze ingot to make a shield. Then use the tongs to remove the mold. Then do the same for the shield mold using the gold ingot. Now we have a gold sword and bronze shield.

48. Go back and through the right door this time. Turn the handle to lower a banner.

49. Go back all the way and climb up the vines to the hill. Use the telescope to see the banner on the castle. The clue isn’t helpful, though, because the lion heads are all the same.

50. Go back through the pink door and head down the left path. Give the sword to the statue to unlock the door and then go through.

51. Solve the rotating tiles puzzle on the statue and then solve the pipes puzzle to turn on one of the nozzles on the fountain.

52. No go back and down the right path. Give the shield to the statue and go through the door.

53. Solve another rotating tiles puzzle and another pipes puzzle to turn on another nozzle on the fountain. I’m still working on the pipes puzzle.

More coming soon!

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  1. Thomas Bartlett

    Finished first half of game. Looking for the rest of walkthrough. Been able to go a little past of current walkthrough.

  2. Ness

    Stuck on the mask puzzle. The 3 clues just donΓÇÖt seem to work

    1. Lindsey


    2. kytriya

      Left side order is red hair, purple with darker red mask head, white hair with red face head. right side is light pink white face head. then green feather fern hair with bronze head, , last mask with gold, orange,ble, red. and white face.

      1. Mary

        Never mind!

  3. Ann

    How do I get the faucet? Is it with the gear puzzle?

  4. Trish

    There is no sword mold where the rabbit clock is

    1. kytriya

      I thought it was in back right of first cell. Just tap on various areas until you find it.

  5. Bethany Tait

    anybody know how to finish the game. like at the end you get a key and a different door. im confused what i should do with them bith?

    1. kytriya

      The key works in the last door in the train. I forget how that all works now. The key goes in the lock. I finished the game while half asleep so ddnt really know what I did. lol

  6. kytriya

    I got so far then couldn’t change the seasons. There is something tomfind that I missed and the hints do not mention anything about it.

    The faucet cant be gotten until you get further in the clock tower. You have to solve the gear puzzle first. Its in the clockmaker room.

    Sword mold – Go to back of cell. I think its back right. In first cell I thought. I forget whats in 2nd cell.

    Face mask – Ive not gotten all 3 clues yet. I’ve tried different orders putting crimson on left with no success. Sorry!

    1. Mary

      Has anyone figured out how to invert the seasons?

      1. Lucy

        Yes! Get the crank from the clock tower and put it in the center hole in front of the four seasons door

  7. Mulready

    I somehow got 5 seeds- I was able to plant one of the seeds – changed the season, went back, climbed the tree to get the jug. The jug never appeared in the inventory- I think the inventory was full (so many seeds) –

    Any ideas how I can get the jug for the glue without starting over?

  8. Lee

    IΓÇÖm stuck at the second fountain puzzle. IΓÇÖve put it together correctly but the right side of the fountain wonΓÇÖt turn on, HELP SOMEBODY. APPRECIATE IT.

    1. Jacqu

      Just ensure all arrows are flowing the same way, even when pieces are together correctly it wonΓÇÖt work if they arenΓÇÖt.

      If I solve parts out of order does it affect final completion? IΓÇÖm stuck

  9. Ella

    Is there supposed to be a faucet in the time tower I havenΓÇÖt been able to find it

  10. Terri Molini

    Hello! Wondering if you have uploaded the remaining clues for Alice Beyond?

  11. Trinkgifts

    Hi there… I am wondering, if you have finished the game to upload the remaining clues for Alice Beyond? Tk you! Respectfully

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