Neversong: Walkthrough Guide

By: Atmos Games / Serenity Forge

Neversong is a new game from Atmos Games, formerly known as Once Upon a Coma. It’s a puzzle platformer where you have to solve puzzles while fighting monsters. This walkthrough should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


This is a work in progress. Please bear with me!

First off, the controls. Use the left side for movement and tap the right side to jump. Once you unlock your bat, you’ll get a dedicated attack button.

Defeat enemies and collect stars. After 100 stars, you get an extra heart.

1. In the first area, there’s a clue downstairs in the painting that says SMILE. So go back upstairs and spell out SMILE using the elevators. Hit the S first, then M, then I E, L, then I E again. Then when you head to the exit elevator, you’ll wake up from your nightmare.

2. You then wake up by a piano in Wren’s house. Ignore it at first and leave the house. You’re in Red Wind Village. Head right and try every door, talk to everyone you meet. Then enter the barber shop. There’s some writing on the mirror. It says CGCGB. While here, talk to Preston and learn about the Spiderion Sewer. Go back to the piano and play CGCGB on it. A secret door will open with a chest inside. Open it to get your bat!

3. Once you have the bat, head all the way right again and use it to break through the three wooden crates blocking your path. Then continue right to Redwind Field.

4. Talk to Bird and use your bat to release her from the cage.

5. Continue right and talk to Gomboyssa. He tells you he saw Wren being dragged down into the sewers. He also mentions magnetic gloves that Wren made for him and says she might have another pair in her house.

6. Continue right, break the crate to get a Gomboyssa Coma Card, which allows you to equip a headband.

7. Continue right and talk to Simeon stuck in a hole. He asks you to find his sewing needle so you can pop him. Spiders stole it and ran up a tree.

8. Keep going right until you come to a tree that you can interact with. Have Bird fly up and get the needle from the tree.

9. Head back left and use the needle to pop Simeon. You’ll both drop down into the sewers.

10. A wall blocks your way until you kill all the enemies on the room. So do so and then head left, since right is blocked for now. Go through the door to Preston’s Lab and talk to him.

11. Read the notes in the lab about the Centispider. It says that she’s blind, but elevated heart rate occurs from smells of sludge, spider eggs and sand.

12. Continue left. Find Simeon and roll him around, using him to bounce to higher platforms when necessary. Make your way around, breaking boxes in the way and rolling him through sludge, sand and spider eggs. Use the elevators to keep him from getting wet and having the stuff wash off him. In the end, you’ll wind up back at the Centispider and the smell will wake her up.

(Note: You can make it easier to avoid water if you go up the left on the left side and use it to get up to a high platform where there’s a switch that’s otherwise out of reach. It will drain the water!)

13. Now you have to fight the Centispider! Basically, avoid her when she pounds into the ground and then go wild on her while she’s stunned. Each music note represents a stage. When you get all music notes, she’ll die. Be careful of the spiders she spits out! You’ll then learn another song, BCDAE.

14. Go back to Wren’s house and play BCDAE on the piano. Open the new chest and get your magnetic Gomboyssa Grip gloves! You can now swing on orange hanging balls

15. Head right again. Keep going until you see a gap. Swing on the orange ball to get to the other side and continue on to the cemetery.


More coming soon!

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  1. Pasta Puncher

    At the asylum talking to Simeon and can’t figure this area out. There’s to orange/yellow markers to hit but they don’t do anything that I can see. I’ve clearly got to turn the big fan on but can’t see how to do that either. Any ideas?

    1. Leslie

      You have to go through a set of a tunnels, there should be things to break down. If you open up the ground below itΓÇÖll open up the pathways to hit more of those reddish orange lights, once you do that you will end up on the side Simeon is on.

  2. Greg

    i need 3 more cards…2 enemy cards (first and last); and 1 environment card (directly in the middle)….anyone have any idea where these are?

    1. The Toddfather

      Those are the exact 3 I am missing too.

  3. Alex

    Heyy, how do i realese Bird in 4?

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