unmemory: Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide

By: Plug In Digital / Patrones y Escondites

Unmemory is “A game you can read. A book you can play.” from Plug In Digital. It’s similar to Device 6, in that you need to scroll up and down for clues and to solve puzzles. It can be quite tricky at times, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 3, Diamonds & Dates:

1. Read to the bottom of the page and then tap [song] to turn on the radio. The screen will turn gray and you can see hidden words highlighted in white. Go back up and read through it if you want. We’ll pick through the important parts later.

2. Keep the music playing and continue reading past the stuffed bear. Notice the items in your bag look different with the music on and the music off. With the music on, you can see the instructions for turning on Filibus the bear — to press his tummy for 5 seconds.

3. With the music on, you can see the inside of the matchbox, which says THIS IS NOT A SIX. I believe it’s a clue for a later puzzle.

4. Keep reading with the music on. There’s a pipe smoker’s club called the Pipa Club. You need a password to get in and the bear says it.

5. Scroll back up to the stuffed bear aka Filibus. If you tap on him, the music shuts off. Now, follow the instructions from the poster. Press and hold his belly for 5 seconds until he turns on. Now you can play the four phrases he says. The first one is LET’S HAVE A BLAST.

6. Scroll down the the buzzer and press the words LET’S HAVE A BLAST to get in and unlock a cutscene.

7. You get another clue — Three smokers hold the secret, but only FILIBUS knows the order.

8. Continue reading. There’s a band playing on the stage. Press the words [piano], [drums], [bass] and [guitar] to hear them play.

9. Continue reading until you get to the word [sax] and press it to add the sax music to the band’s.

10. Continue reading. At the bottom of the page, it says, “The guy playing sax begins to play a sublime muted solo.” So scroll back up and turn off all the instruments except for the sax.

11. Continue reading. Ignore the pictures and the gaps in the text for now. When you come to the jukebox, insert a [coin] and press the [button]. It doesn’t turn on. Keep reading. Eventually you’ll see a guy turn on the jukebox by “giving it a brisk tap right after pressing the button.” So go back to the jukebox and insert another coin, press the button, and then tap the machine. Then press [song] to get the same song playing as before. Now you can see all the hidden words.

12. Scroll back up and read all the words that were missing before. Also, notice the pictures changed. There are colored dice in the portraits of the founding members of the club.

13. Turn the music off again and continue reading. When you get to the empty space, it will trigger another cutscene and reveal DEBASER 43-Z. Keep reading. When you get to the bottom, turn the [song] on again.

14. Scroll back up to see the missing text. Also, notice the new instructions for Filibus that tell you to press on his tummy for 7 seconds to change the mode.

15. Scroll back up the Filibus and press and hold his/her tummy for 7 seconds. His eyes will turn red and the messages will change. You need to play them in the right order to get the message. Here’s how it goes:

1 – “Do this in order at the Pipa Club. The first dice is blue, and it belongs to

4 – Diamond. Next comes the green

2 – dice behind the other Adam. Last

3 – but not least, is the red dice. Horovitz has it.

16. Go back and look at the three portraits of the founders with the music on. The first one belongs to Michael Louis Diamond and is blue, so it’s a 6. The seconds belongs to Adam Nathaniel Yauch and is green, so it’s a 4. And last is Adam Keefe Horovitz and is red, so it’s a 3.

For each one, you need to focus on the dots themselves, not the number. The matchbox clue also tells you this.

16. Now you know how to unlock DEBASER 43-Z. Select and turn on the lights to make the dots on each of the three dice. So the first is a 6 and looks like this:

The second is a 4 and looks like this:

And the third is a 3 and looks like this:

And that should trigger another cutscene and complete the chapter.

Click here to continue to Chapter 4 or scroll down to see some extras.



After you complete the chapter, you can tap the radio at the top of the page to turn it on and hear a few audio clips.

With the music on, you can see the back of the coaster, which has a phone number on it — 843-72468. This number is seen several times throughout the game, but this is the only time it also has planets after it. Use the comic book from Chapter 2 to find the numbers for Mars, Venus, Saturn. It’s 426. So go back to Chapter 2 and use the phone to call 843-72468-426.

One of the pages from the Red Notebook mentions Mode 3 for Filibus the bear. Once you’re in Mode 2, press and hold on his belly for a few seconds and he’ll say this quote from The Princess Bride:

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

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