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By: Plug In Digital / Patrones y Escondites

Unmemory is “A game you can read. A book you can play.” from Plug In Digital. It’s similar to Device 6, in that you need to scroll up and down for clues and to solve puzzles. It can be quite tricky at times, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 6, Killing Jay:

You can use my video of Chapter 6 while I work on my step-by-step guide.

1. You get this clue: Use the Eye to find the KLF and obey. Keep reading.

2. Look through the objects. Notice the KLF flyer — we’ll come back to it later — and the bottle of P&E whiskey. Keep reading.

3. Notice that the telescope is called the Eye of the Beholder. Keep reading.

4. At the bottom of the page, press and hold on [take a sip] for a few seconds and then release. Now most of the words above will be censored, so pick out the few that aren’t. Put them together to get: Patricia Arquette has green eyes. From reading, we also know that Kim has the same color eyes as Patricia Arquette, so her eyes are green. We’ll need that later.

5. While “drunk,” notice the KLF flyer. So we know now that KLF stands for KITTENS LOVE FANDANGO.

6. While “drunk,” you can also see this in place of the telescope.

7. Keep reading. When you get to the mini disc player, play the ZUMPANO audio clips on it and note down what it says:

Track 01: “Ok, follow these instructions. Go into the parking lot. Go down to the basement, Floor 2. Find parking space 34. There’s a red car with a number plate V8854BV.”

Track 02: “Open the trunk. Inside you’ll find a suitcase with some clothes. Put on the pilot costume. You’ll need the uniform, the briefcase, and the sunglasses.”

Track 03: “Samorost is on Floor 7, Suite A-113. You’ll need a card for the elevator. Take it from the security booth. Make sure they don’t see you.”

Track 04: “Once you’re in the elevator, you’ll have two minutes to get inside Samorost’s room before the security guards see you. If the cost isn’t clear, go back. Remember, the code to open the door to his room is this: press the button short, long, short.”

Track 05: “Once you’re inside, kill Samorost. Then, go back to the parking lot and make a getaway with Kim and Jamie in the car. Head north to SKAGGS to meet me.

Track 06: “If anything doesn’t go to plan, go to Blisset.”

Track 07: “Delete ZUMPANO.”

Track 08: “You lost your memory after a gunshot. Look at your tattoos. Check your notes and voice recordings.”

8. Continue reading. [take a long sip] and notice the words that stick out: Jamie is from a place called Palace. We’ll need this later.

9. Keep reading and tap on [kill] to start the plan to kill Jay Samorost.

10. When you get to the elevator, [press] the button and go down to the second floor.

11. In the parking lot, put on the [pilot’s suit], the [sunglasses], and grab the [briefcase]. Then tap [READY].

12. On the next screen, wait until the word [card] appears and tap it. It will come and go so you have to be quick.

13. Now you have 120 seconds to complete the rest. [push] the button for the seventh floor when you’re ready.

14. On the next screen, tap [hide] right away.

15. For this next part, you need to guide a remote controlled mouse. Tap on [calculate] to see the directions. It changes each time so I can’t really help you with this. But it’s only five steps, so memorize them and then enter them. For me it was Straight, Right, Left, Left, Right. The mouse should then go into a hole.

16. On the next screen, wait until the word Now! is highlighted and then quickly tap on [crouch down] and [cross].

17. On the next screen, wait until both guards walk away from you and then [cross] the corridor.

18. At the door, enter the code by pressing [code] for a short press, then long, then short again. That should get you inside suite A-113!

19. Continue reading. [shoot] Samorost and then shoot him [again]. Continue reading, then [pull] the trigger again.

20. Keep reading, then [turn]. Keep reading, then press and hold on [pushes] to get the car going.

21. We’re back at the original page. Keep reading. [take a sip] of the whiskey again. Then scroll up and note down all the words that stick out: The tattooed girl with an angel has a nose piercing. Also, notice the photo of Little Rabbit with the angel tattoo.

22. Keep reading and then [grab] the gun. Continue reading. [drink a few mouthfuls] of whiskey and notice the words that stand out: Debbie is scorpion.

23. Continue reading and then tap on [there] to head to SKAGGS to meet Debbie. That will unlock a new cutscene and DEBASER 4AD.

24. The cutscene tells you to look for KLF with the telescope. That’s a clue! So scroll up and use the Eye of the Beholder. Look for the water tower at the top of one of the buildings that says:

TRACK 1 2’59”

25. Go back to the mini disc player and fast forward to 2 minutes and 59 seconds on the first track. This is what it says:

To open DEBASER 4AD, you must activate five buttons. You will find them all on Hicksville Street. Listen to tracks 23 to 28.

26. Now skip to track 23 and listen through to track 28. This is what they say:

Track 23: “In the building named after a type of whiskey, the windows the color of Kim’s eyes.”

Track 24: “The answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is a magic number between Providence and the place where Jamie was born.”

Track 25: “Underneath my sign is my lucky number.”

Track 26: “Count the letters of Little Rabbit’s favorite bar.”

Track 27: “One of Bowie’s classics. Keep listening and you’ll see. Then multiply by three.”

Track 28: “One cuz you left me. Two for my family. Three for my heartache. Four for my headaches. Five for my lonely. Six for my sorrow. Seven, no tomorrow. Eight, I forget what eight was for. Nine, nine for a lost god. And ten, ten for everything.”

27. Now let’s unpack that all one by one and find the numbers for the DEBASER. Start with Track 23. Remember, the whiskey was P&E brand. So find the P&E building. We know from an earlier clue that Kim’s eyes are green. So count the rooms with green curtains in that building and you get three. So the first button to press on the DEBASER is 3.

28. Track 24 is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, which is from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and 42. If you don’t know that, though, look through the telescope and find the grid of nine numbers between the bookstore called Providence and the Palace Hotel (Palace is the place where Jamie was born). Add up the numbers in any row or column of the grid and you get 42. For instance, 17 + 10 + 15 = 42. So the next number to press on the DEBASER is 42.

29. Track 25 tells you to look for the lucky number under her sign. Debbie is the one talking and we know she’s a Scorpion, or Scorpio. So find that sign on the building and notice the number under it is 49. So the next number to press on the DEBASER is 49.

30. Track 26 tells you to count the letters in Little Rabbit’s favorite bar. We know from an earlier clue that Little Rabbit has an angel tattoo. Scroll back and look at it, then look through the telescope and find it again. The place is called PHYSICAL GRAFFITI, which has 16 letters in it. So the next number to press is 16.

31. Track 27 combined with Track 28 give you the next number. Look through the telescope and find the music store. It says DAVID BOWIE SORROW on the window. We know from Track 28 that 6 is for Sorrow. And from Track 27, we know to multiply it by 3. So 6 x 3 = 18. 18 is the last number to enter into the DEBASER.

32. So here’s how the DEBASER should look:

That should trigger another cutscene and complete the chapter.

Click here to continue to Chapter 7 or scroll down to see some extras.



When drunk, the photo of the necklace changes to say SUSI CALA but I don’t know what that means.

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