Truberbrook: Walkthrough Guide

By: Headup

Trüberbrook is a handmade point-and-click adventure game set in 1960’s Germany with a mystery sci-fi theme. You take on the role of Hans Tannhauser, who wins a lottery he never entered and ends up on a vacation in Trüberbrook, where some strange things happen. It can be tricky at times, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Tips & Tricks:

– The inventory works differently than you’d expect it to. Instead of choosing an item from your bag and using it on an object in your environment, you first select the object in the environment, then the gear, and then an item. It will also automatically combine items that need to be combined.

– The little red circle with the number on it in Hans’ inventory is his tape recorder. You can use it on various people and items throughout the game to have him record a note. Sometimes it’s required to get a clue. So I recommend using it whenever you can.

– Don’t be afraid to use the hotspot locator. It’s not always obvious what can be interacted with, so instead of pixel hunting, just use the hotspot locator in the lower left corner.


I have some videos here while I work on my step-by-step guide. Please bear with me!


1. There are three main things to do in the first scene. Kick the pipe to get a key for the door and open the toolbox on the table to get pliers. Then use the key to open the door and go through.

2. It’s dark inside, but you can see a painting on the wall. Examine it and then remove it to reveal a light switch. Turn on the lights.

3. Use the pliers to cut the wire to the left of the light switch.

4. Pick up the empty cup from the table.

5. Grab a postcard. There’s a map on it. You can also turn on the jukebox if you want. Then leave.

6. The freezer should be off now and there’s water pooling beneath it. Collect some of the ice water in the empty cup.

7. Fill your motorcycle with gas and then use the ice water to cool it down.


1. Now you take control of Hans Tannhauser.

More coming soon!

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15 days ago

Paid for it but would not download I phone 13 not available on my phone

Reply to  Ron
14 days ago

So, let me see if I understand you correctly. You bought the game knowing that it requires a version of iOS that your iPhone is incapable of running…? And you’re now announcing your stupidity to the world…?! 13 is the iOS version, there is no such thing as “iPhone 13”.

14 days ago

Won’t download on I phone version 12 , said 13 was required which has not been released yet , I also paid I’m sure , ..?..

Reply to  Ron
14 days ago

Please engage whatever it is that passes for your brain, no game would ever require an unreleased version of iOS. iOS 13 was released on 19/09/2019, the current itineration is 13.7 (released 01/09/2020).

Reply to  Sarah
11 days ago

You don’t have to be snarky- not everyone is familiar with technology – just wanna relax and play games…chillllllllllll

14 days ago

Hi all, anyone having trouble with this game needs to be aware that the iOS version needs 3gb of ram/memory to play. If new bought a standard iPad after September 2019 you should be fine. Ignore the ‘compatible with your device’ on the App Store information section and check your ram