Adventure Escape Mysteries – Vanishing Act: Chapter 6 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Vanishing Act
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, this time another Detective Kate Gray mystery. You play as Kate, as she and Murphy try to get a night to themselves. But magic shows are full of surprises. When something goes wrong, what secrets will be revealed? This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 6 of Vanishing Act. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 6:

You can watch my video for Chapter 6 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. We’re finally on the yacht! Head up the stairs to see it’s a masquerade party. We need masks so we can blend in.

2. Talk to the bouncer and Harry. The bouncer says he’ll give you his mask if you get him a glass of wine. Ask the bartender for a glass and she says she needs to see your ticket. Also, grab the mask from inside the chest Harry was sitting on.

3. Go back downstairs and take Charlie’s phone from him. Then go back up and show the ticket to the bartender to get a glass of wine.

4. Give the glass of wine to the bouncer in exchange for the mask.

5. Now they have two masks and will put them on. Tap on the people in the crowd until you’re able to see Allie. She’s with Elias! Kate will text him from Charlie’s phone and then they decide that Murphy will impersonate Charlie to save Allie.

6. Go back downstairs and talk to Charlie. Sanford Roy, Elias’ doppelgänger, comes down the elevator and then goes back upstairs. We need to find an elevator card so we can use the elevator.

7. Go back upstairs and tap on Sanford Roy. Notice he has an elevator card in his pocket. Kate has an idea but needs another glass of wine. Talk to the bartender. She says you’re not entitled to another drink. The woman in the corner says she’s looking for her necklace. Talk to her to learn about the necklace that probably fell through the hole in the floor and then take the corkscrew from the ice box.

8. Go back downstairs and use the corkscrew to open the closet. Take the boat hook from inside.

9. Use the boat hook to get the necklace and then go back upstairs to give it to the frantic woman. She’ll get you a second glass of wine in return.

10. Use the glass of wine with Sanford Roy. Kate will spill it on him, then offer to clean it up and pickpocket his elevator card in the process. Oh the irony!

11. Go back down and use the elevator card to take Charlie up to the upper deck.

12. We need to make Murphy look like Charlie. First, take Charlie’s suit. Also, grab the bleach and open the window. There’s also a locked closet, a locked cabinet, and a mirror that Murphy can use. Also, notice the green steering wheel on the carpet.

13. The locked closet has a combination lock with four colors and a bunch of symbols. We need to find objects that match those colors. The carpet is one. Take the elevator back down notice the pink starfish on the main floor/backstage. That’s another.

14. On the lower deck, the orange life preserver is what we’re looking for. And up the stairs, the blue sailboat by the yacht bar is what we need. And now we have all four symbols to enter into the lock.

15. Go back to the upper deck. Tap on the closet’s lock and change the symbols to match the four you saw. Take the lift key and shaving cream from inside.

16. Tap on the mirror and then put the suit on Murphy. Use the bleach on his hair and then use the shaving kit to shave him.

17. Go back to the lower deck. While here, use the left key to lower the cord that can lift the jet ski. It’s missing a hook.

18. Go back up the stairs to the stage. Tap on Gail to find out what Elias is planning. The show will start. Look over the railing. You’ll see the window cleaner using a bungee and talking about locking it in the storage container below deck. When he leaves, grab the lift hook.

19. Go back downstairs and attach the lift hook to the cable. Then press the button to lift the jet ski up, revealing the storage container. We need a combination to unlock it, so for now just grab the bucket.

20. Go back to the upper deck and fill the bucket with water from the sink.

21. Go back to the lower deck and to the stage. Look over the railing and pour the water on the side of the boat to clean it off. You can see the name of the yacht, SOLEIL, which is 713705 upside down.

22. Go back downstairs and enter 713705 into the storage container to unlock it. Take the repelling gear from inside.

23. Go back to the upper deck and use the rappelling with the window to climb down to the main floor/backstage.

24. We’re finally backstage! Move stuff around to find the special access card and two sets of paper pieces. Also, notice the locked trunk and the billboards behind the curtain. Then tap on the table and place all the paper pieces down. We’re still missing some. While looking at the table, notice the sticky note with a drawing on it. It’s a clue for the locked chest.

25. Use the special access card on the elevator to unlock access to the backstage area. Then go back to the upper deck and use the special access card to open the locked cabinet. Take the drawer key from inside.

26. Go back down to the lower deck and then to the stage. Notice the billboards on the stage with Gail and Harry. Make note of them. We need to combine those with the backs of them that we saw backstage together with the sticky note to unlock the trunk backstage.

27. Take the elevator to the backstage area and use the key to open the drawer. Take the paper pieces from inside. Then look at the trunk.

28. So to open the trunk, look at the colors on the sticky note. Find those same colors on the billboards. You have blue stars, green planets, a yellow moon, orange sun and pink clouds. So to solve the Trunk Lock, you want to move the coins into the slots that correspond to their colors on the sticky note. Then take the dagger and paper pieces from inside.

29. Use the dagger to open the vent on the floor and take more paper pieces from inside.

30. Place the rest of the paper pieces on the table and solve the Torn Paper Puzzle. Drag the paper pieces to their correct spots. Press a piece to rotate it. Press and hold a pieces to move it around.

31. Kate tries to stop the magic show but ends up falling through the trap door. Elias shoots are her but the bullets ricochet and cause a fire and a leak. Use the dagger to open the storage container and take out the fire extinguisher.

32. Use the fire extinguisher to, well, extinguish the fire.

33. Grab the socket wrench.

34. Use the socket wrench to close up the steaming pipe and then take the duct tape.

35. Use the duct tape on the faulty wires. Now we should be able to use the supply elevator. Pull the lever to discover it’s broken.

36. Let’s solve the Power Box Puzzle. Place the tiles on the grid to create a continuous circuit between ball four diodes. All space in the grid must be filled and connected to each other. Green tiles increase the power while red tiles decrease. Throw the switch to check how much power is in the grid. The meter must exactly reach the blue line without exceeding it.

37. Once it’s fixed, the elevator goes up without Kate and then crashes. The place floods, but Murphy comes to the rescue! He throws down a unicycle, so grab it.

38. Look at the unicycle and then use the socket wrench to take it apart. Now you have a wheel and a lug nut.

39. Attach the wheel to the door and then the lug nut. Use the socket wrench to tighten it and then open the door.

40. Now there’s a long cutscene where Murphy gets shot and Elias and Charlie get away. Use the controls to lower the jet ski into the water and then try to get on. It’s out of fuel! Grab the bucket. And then head back inside to the engine room.

41. Use the dagger to cut a hole in the fuel barrel and then fill up the bucket.

42. Fill up the jet ski with fuel and then Kate and Allie will hop on.

43. Tap the screen each time the boat is in your crosshairs. Three shots should do it. Then watch the end of the chapter and game!

Congratulations! You completed the game!

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  1. Ricardo813

    Enjoyed this game and it was about my level…. only had to look up the solution to one puzzle on here! Great music and graphics here… there was just a bit too much dialogue at times and I ended up not reading it but still got the jist.

  2. Sara

    Where were the puzzles? Felt like most of the game consisted of dialogue and clicking on different tools. Normally I enjoy detective Kate games but this one was mostly just annoying.

  3. Josiah Allen

    is there going to be a part 2?

  4. Josiah Allen

    Will there be a part 2 to find out what happens to Allie?

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