Adventure Escape Mysteries – Vanishing Act: Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Vanishing Act
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, this time another Detective Kate Gray mystery. You play as Kate, as she and Murphy try to get a night to themselves. But magic shows are full of surprises. When something goes wrong, what secrets will be revealed? This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 3 of Vanishing Act. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 3:

You can watch my video for Chapter 3 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. This chapter takes us back 20 years to Kate’s childhood. Allie calls over the walkie talkie to ask Kate to bring her her pet rabbit, Lola. First, move the right gnome aside and grab the garage key. Also, pick up Kate’s journal and read through it. Theres a photo on the last page that has a clue we’ll need soon. There’s also an etching on the tree — R + N, for her grandparents, Rachel and Norman.

2. Use the garage key to open the garage door and head inside.

3. Grab the wooden planks from wheelbarrow. Find the carrier. Open the drawer and take the yellow wrench. Open the cabinet and take the green wrench. Notice the crank handle for the pulley is missing. Then look at the wrenches on the wall.

4. Add the yellow and green wrenches to the others and then organize them based on the photo from the journal. It goes Blue, White, Black, Green, Red, Yellow, Pink. Then take the lawn mower key. Also, notice the numbers on the wrenches.

5. Use the lawn mower key to move the lawn mower aside. Take the hammer from the toolbox and then tap on the locker to see it’s locked. Use the colors and numbers on the wrenches to figure out the code. It goes White, Pink, Blue, Green, which translates to 4964. Enter that into the lock to open it. Then take the nails and pulley handle from inside.

6. Attach the pulley handle to the pulley and then crank it to drop the canoe. Uh oh, it breaks! First, open the backpack and grab the bunny treats.

7. Now let’s fix the canoe. Place the planks down first, then add the nails. Then use the hammer to secure the planks. Now take the canoe outside.

8. Place the carrier next to the bunny and pour some treats inside. Close the door once the bunny hops in and then grab the carrier.

9. Place Lola in the canoe and head off across the river.

10. Now we need to solve the Rapids Puzzle. Press the arrows to guide Kate through the rapids to the green goal area.

11. Now we’re at the tree house and Allie needs our help with her magic trick. First, grab the fishing rod and the gloves from the canoe.

12. Look at the ivy-covered sign and then use the gloves to remove all the ivy. Count the number of times you see trees, fish and bears and then knock on each of those symbols that many times on the treehouse door. So it goes: 6 trees, 4 fish, 3 bears.

13. Allie opens the door, so head inside.

14. Once she finishes talking, look at your to-do list.

15. Grab the stereo, binoculars and balloons. Open the battery compartment on the balloon machine to see it’s missing the batteries. Then look outside the window. Use the fishing rod to get the cloth kite.

16. Use the binoculars to see some numbers and shapes on buildings. You get 2 triangle, 9 square, 8 diamond, and 5 circle.

17. Tap on the locked cabinet and use those numbers and shapes to unlock it. It goes, from the top — 8 diamond, 2 triangle, 9 square, 5 circle. Or 8295. Enter that and take the screwdriver and cloth blanket from inside.

18. Look at the stereo in your bag and turn it around. Use the screwdriver to open the battery compartment and then take the two batteries from inside.

19. Place the two batteries in the balloon machine. Then use it to inflate the balloons.

20. Give the balloons to Allie and she’ll give you the trunk key.

21. Go back outside and use the trunk key to open the trunk. Take the blacklight bulb and the cloth cape from inside.

22. Attach the three cloths to the pulley to see that you still need one more,

23. Head back inside and place the blacklight bulb in the spotlight. Then take the banner behind Allie.

24. Go back out and attach the cloth banner to the pulley. Then grab Lola and attach her to the rope. When you’re done, Allie will take back her banner and cape.

25. Go back inside to watch Allie’s magic show. Close the curtains and then turn on the spotlight.

26. Watch the show. After, Kate will open the window and Lola will fly out! First, look out the window. Then head outside and solve the Bunny Puzzle. You need to chase down Lola by guiding Kate and Allie around the map to corner her. Don’t let her escape down the paths along the far right or far left. Swipe up, down, left or right anywhere on the screen to move Kate. When Kate movies, Allie will move in the opposite direction. You can watch my video if you get stuck. Or follow these directions:

Right, Right, Down, Left, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right, Down, Right.

Now just click through to see the rest of the chapter.

And that’s the end of Chapter 3! Click here to continue to Chapter 4 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Raelea Phillips

    Hello Appunwrapper! Just an FYI there is a serious bug and freeze in chapter 6 while Kate is in the engine room of the yacht while it is flooded. After playing the puzzle for the dumb waiter twice Murphy drops a unicycle for Kate to use the wheel and nut on the door in order to escape. The game freezes and i cannot select the wheel and nut. Game will not let me select anything not even a hint. I have opened and closed app several times. I play on Ipad Pro 2nd generation updated to 17.1.1. I could not find where to post this or email Haiku games regarding this issue. Thanks for your help. And thanks for all your unwrapping!

    1. Jen

      I had a similar bug- after putting the wheel on the door , the screen went black, but the audio carried on. I thought it was on purpose at first , so didn’t restart the app as quickly as I should have , which meant I missed a significant chunk of visuals . I had to close the app completely, and restart my device ( iPhone) to get the picture back

  2. eric gay ryan

    hey Appunwrapper I love watching your game walkthroughs on YouTube.

      1. Abigail

        What can I do to get the kite? I didn’t see see the stuck to get the kite until after I looked at your website. Now, I can’t get the kite because I used the binoculars to look at the numbers in the city. Thanks for your help, and please let me know how to fix this.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          After you solve the puzzle with the numbers from the buildings, you should be able to get the kite.

  3. Para

    God the comment on “wondering when two detectives are getting together” and “the writers are dragging it” in the journal. The irony of Kate being the one to write this too.

    1. Sara

      Yes!!! I thought it was funny that they broke the fourth wall, but, c’mon! They love each other; they’ve said they want to date. Make them a couple already! 😉

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