Adventure Escape Mysteries – Vanishing Act: Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Vanishing Act
By: Haiku Games

Haiku Games is back with a new Adventure Escape game, this time another Detective Kate Gray mystery. You play as Kate, as she and Murphy try to get a night to themselves. But magic shows are full of surprises. When something goes wrong, what secrets will be revealed? This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck on any of the puzzles in Chapter 2 of Vanishing Act. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 2:

You can watch my video for Chapter 2 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. We’re in front of the address from the card. Show the bouncer of Smoke & Mirrors the membership card. He asks you to show him the trick! We need to figure out what that is.

2. Open the panel to the right to reveal a water valve that’s rusted and stuck. Talk to the woman playing the saxophone. She says she’ll help you out if you get her a cherry cola. Open the saxophone case by her feet and take the oil from inside.

3. Use the oil to lubricate the water valve and then turn it to shut off the water running through the fountain. Then pick up the coins from inside the fountain.

4. Tap on the vending machine and then insert the coins. We need to buy a cherry cola, but the code underneath is peeled off. So we need to figure out what it is based on the numbers of the other drinks.

5. The way it works is that each row has its own pattern. So the first row is the most obvious — the middle one can only be 102, so it goes 101, 102, 103. You add 1 for each. The second row doesn’t show you the first ine, but you can see it’s 2 between 108 and 110, so we can guess that the grape soda is 106. That leaves the last row, which has 3 between 115 and 118. So that means you add 3 to get 121 for cherry cola. Enter #121 into the machine to get it.

6. Give the cherry cola to the musician and she’ll tell you that you need to pull a bird out of a hat. Then an old lady tells you to shut up.

7. Talk to the old lady. She’ll remember Murphy from the other day when he saved her cat. She complains about the pigeons and gives you some bird seeds to lure them away.

8. Pour some bird seeds on the ground to lure the pigeons away from the window. Then open the window and take the hat and use the hat to catch a pigeon.

9. Show the bouncer the pigeon in the hat and then head inside the club.

10. We’re inside Smoke & Mirrors. We bump into Harry and he tells us that Gail is in the VIP room behind the curtain, then he disappears. Move the curtain aside to see a locked door with a scanner on it. Scan Gail’s membership card to get the heart to light up. We need to find three more cards with the other symbols.

11. Pick up the three napkins and look at the star signs chart on the table. If you tap on it, you’ll get some dialogue where you learn that Kate is Virgo and Murphy is a Taurus. Then talk to the Diamond Magician. We need to solve her Cards Puzzle to get her help.

12. Let’s solve the Cards Puzzle. Starting at the bottom, select a card that matches the glowing yellow card’s number or suit. Collect all of the cards, ending with the Queen of Hearts. You can watch my video if you need help. Then she’ll give you her membership card.

13. Now talk to the Club Magician. He says he’ll give you his card if you get him another drink.

14. Talk to the bartender to try and get the club magician another drink. He refuses because he’s had too many already. They reveal that the magician had been stuffing up the toilet with napkins. So that’s probably how we have to distract the bartender. When you’re done talking to them, head left to the stage.

15. Open up the bathroom door. Then pick up two more napkins and throw all five down the toilet. The bartender will come to deal with it.

16. Grab the key from the bartender’s belt. Also, talk to both people sitting at the tables. The woman needs a new wand for her audition and the Spade Magician needs you to prove yourself by doing more tricks around town before he’ll help you.

17. Use the keys to unlock the glass case. Then take the wand and give it to the nervous magician.

18. She heads onto stage for her audition and the spade magician gets up to watch. Take the cocktail menu from the table and look at it. We can also access his briefcase, but it’s locked. Notice it says Atticus Trevarrow on it. We’ll come back to that.

19. Head back to the bar and talk to the club magician. Murphy will get behind the bar to mix the drink, but you have to tell him what to put in it. The magician wants something bubbly with two shots of liquor in it.

20. Look at the cocktail menu and find a drink that has two parts alcohol and some form of carbonation. The VOODOO DOLL is the only one, as it has 2 parts rum and ginger ale in it.

21. So let’s mix the drink. Select the RUM, then RUM again, then ORANGE JUICE (OJ), and last GINGER ALE. Now, for the glass, look at the glass the magician has in front of him. It’s tall, so choose the tall glass. Then add ice (both on the menu and in his glass), and then garnish it with a lime like you see in his old glass.

22. The magician falls asleep but he told you to take his card. So look in his pocket. Take the tokens and the club card. Also, look at the phone in his pocket. Slide to unlock it and look at his texts. He’s talking to Atticus Trevarrow, so that must be the key to unlocking that briefcase. Notice that Atticus says his birthday is March 8th.

23. Look at the star signs chart again. Find March 8th on there. It’s between 2/19 and 3/20, so Atticus is a Pisces.

24. Go back to the stage and head to the fortune telling machine. Insert a token and then press the button for Pisces to get your fortune. It says:

“You’ll find a fortune with in four years
But for eight more years you’ll wallow
Then romance will dry your tears
And a dozen kids will follow”

25. While here, you can put more tokens in the machine to get Kate and Murphy’s fortunes. Murphy’s is Taurus and Kate’s is Virgo. Both will give extra dialogue.

26. And here are the rest of the fortunes if you’re curious or just want to see your own.

27. Ok, let’s finally unlock the spade briefcase. We got the numbers 4, 8 and 12 from Atticus’ fortune. So enter 4812 to unlock the briefcase and take the spade card.

28. Now we can finally open the VIP door. Head back to the bar and swipe each card in the correct order — club, diamond, spade.

29. Oh no! Someone reset the lock and it needs to be recalibrated. We need to fill the grid with eye shapes. You can press MORE INFO to see examples. You can also copy my solution if you’re stuck.

30. Head inside and talk to Gail. It turns out she’s Kate’s sister, Allie! Allie Gray is an anagram for Gail Leary!

And that’s the end of Chapter 2! Click here to continue to Chapter 3 or choose a chapter below.

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    plot twist

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    What’s the logic for the eye puzzle beyond the instructions? I made eyes with the correct amount of each symbol but it wasn’t correct. Looking at your solution I don’t see any rhyme or reason.

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