Voodoo Detective: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Voodoo Detective
By: Short Sleeve Studio

Voodoo Detective is a new point-and-click adventure from Short Sleeve Studio in which you need to help a woman remember her past while also solving a mystery involving a chain of tourist shops. The game does a good job of moving you along to the next goal, but if you get stuck this walkthrough guide should help. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Part 1:

Part 2:

Note: Every time you learn something new about someone, try talking to them, as they may have more to say.

1. Answer the first question however you want. Once the fire starts, examine the Papa Legba mask and the Baron Samedi mask to find a hidden switch. You need to examine both or it won’t work. Then it will open the hidden bar. Take the seltzer bottle and use it to put out the fire.

2. Answer the phone. Then answer the door and talk to the woman who enters. Exhaust all dialogue options. You can refuse to take Mary’s case if you want to see an alternate ending. Otherwise, accept it and she’ll head off.

3. Tap on the skull answering machine to listen to your messages. Then take the candle from on top of it. You can also examine the radio to see there’s a magnet inside. Remember that for later. Then head out the door.

4. Head inside Donut Hole Billy’s, your brother’s bar. Talk to Ricky Tinsel and exhaust all dialogue options. Make sure to ask him about the mortar and pestle. He says he’ll give it to you in exchange for some mint.

5. Head right and try to talk to your brother Billy. He’s in a trance and won’t respond. Pick up the bucket of water to the right of him and throw it in his face. Then grab the chair and hit him over the head with it. And last, pick up the metal gauntlet and slap him in the face with it. It won’t work either, but a harmonica falls out of it.

6. Use the harmonica with Billy to start playing it with him. When you finish, he’ll snap out of his trance and talk to you. Exhaust all dialogue options, especially asking for Grammy’s book of Voodoo so you can pick it up.

7. Look through the book of voodoo spells and recipes to get an idea of what items you might need. Then leave the bar.

8. Enter Island Trader. Grab a camera and a screwdriver. Buy them both and then leave.

9. Look at the spell in the book of Owner Honer. It says you need a black candle, a lodestone, and lemon zest. There’s also a note that says a lodestone is a magnet and that many household devices contain them.

10. Head back to Voodoo’s office and use the screwdriver to remove the magnet from the radio. Then leave.

11. Head left and enter Crumbsford Capital bank. Mr. Crumbsford isn’t in at the moment, but you can dip your candle in the black ink so you have a black candle for your spell. Leave the bank.

12. Enter the Laughton Law firm. Try to talk to Theodore Laughton. He won’t give you much. But notice the ventilation shaft that leads to the roof. Then leave.

13. Climb up the ladder to the roof of Laughton Law and use the screwdriver to remove the grill from the vent. Voodoo can’t fit in, though. We need to find someone who can. Climb back down the ladder.

14. Head down the path to the Fontule Estate. Try to enter the greenhouse. It’s locked. Continue along the path. Knock on the door and tell the butler that you’re not leaving. He’ll let you in.

15. First, head inside the butler’s quarters. Examine the desk to find a letter addressed to Benny the butler. Also look at the book under the bed titled “Hoodoo for Butlers.” Then leave the room.

16. Try to enter Victor Fontule’s office. Crumbsford will leave all upset, but now Victor is free to talk. Head inside his office and look around. Then talk to Victor and exhaust all options. Make sure to ask about greenhouse access.

17. Head back downstairs and talk to Benny the butler. Exhaust all dialogue options, especially about the letter and greenhouse access. Then leave.

18. Head back to the Donut Hole and talk to Ricky to get more info from him. Exhaust all options. Make sure to ask about Benny and show him the letter. It was from Ricky! He gives you another letter for Benny. Talk to Billy again and exhaust all options. Then leave.

19. Head back to the Fontule Estate and show Benny the letter from Ricky. He’s thankful, so ask him for access to the greenhouse. He’ll give you the key.

20. Leave and enter the greenhouse. Grab a lemon from the lemon tree and some mint from the bottom shelf. Then leave.

21. Head back to the Donut Hole and ask Ricky about Benny again. Ask for the mortar and pestle again and this time he’ll give it to you in exchange for the mint. Also, talk to him about Benny again.

22. Look at the Owner Honer spell again. Let’s make it! Add the black candle, lemon and magnet to the mortar and pestle. Then use the mixture on the pendant.

23. The pendant now acts as a compass leading you to its owner. Follow the directions on it and it will lead you to the cemetery. It points at the mausoleum, which also has fresh footprints leading inside. Examine the door.

24. Talk to Eartha, the grave digger. Ask her about the LeMoon mausoleum and the footprints. She tells you to ask Crumbsford for the key to the mausoleum and refuses to tell you if she saw anyone go in there. Ask her what she wants and she asks for an Island Ventures shovel.

25. Go back to Island Trader and ask the shopkeeper about buying a shovel. He says they’re not out yet and you’d have to ask Victor Fontule to get one.

26. Go back to Victor Fontule and ask him about the shovel. He agrees to let you have one. Explore all new dialogue options.

27. Go back to Island Trader and ask about the shovel again. Buy it.

28. Go back to the cemetery and give Eartha the shovel. She tells you it was Theodore Laughton who was sneaking around the LeMoon mausoleum.

29. You can go to Laughton and accuse him, but he still won’t talk to you. Go back to the bank and enter Gordon Crumbsford’s office and talk to him. Exhaust all options.

30. Time to explore a new area and meet some new characters. Head down to the beach and follow the path to the Chic Shell Hotel. Enter the restaurant and talk to the waiter. Tell her you’d like some food. Then sit down at the nearest table. The important thing here is to order something to eat and then choose the fugo fish. You can also order everything else if you want, just for fun. Also notice that if you have three drinks, he throws up. It’s a clue for later. When you’re done, get up and grab the poison gland from the fugo fish carcass. We’re going to need it later for a recipe.

31. Walk over to the table to the right and talk to Kiki Laughton. Ask her about Mary first to make sure she doesn’t run off before you get to. Then ask her about her husband visiting the LeMoons mausoleum and she’ll offer to give you access to his files if you can get her proof that he’s cheating. She also gives you a copy of her room key.

32. Head inside the hotel. Talk to the front desk clerk and ask about Mary. He tells you she’s in room 203 but you need a room key to get upstairs. Luckily, you have one! Head right and enter the elevator to take it to the second floor.

33. Kiki Laughton is in 201, but you have nothing new to tell her. So continue on to 203. Once inside, talk to Mary and exhaust all dialogue options, especially about investigating Laughton. Then ask her to help you spy on him. If you choose to go “Now” then you’ll be instantly transported to Laughton’s roof and Mary will automatically take photos of Laughton cheating.

34. Now you’re back at the office. Go to Island Trader and get the photos developed.

35. Go back to the hotel and to room 201 to show Kiki the photos. When she asks if you learned anything new about her husband, say Yes and go inside. Talk to her and show her the incriminating photos. She’ll keep up her end of the deal by making sure her husband’s office is unlocked for you.

36. Go back to Laughton’s Law office and look through the filing cabinet to find a mausoleum key and LeMoon bank account receipt. If you examine the receipt, you’ll learn that their safe deposit box is number 203.

37. Go back to the bank. Try to open a bank account. You need an executive approval form from Crumbsford. So enter his office and talk to him. Ask about the executive approval form. He refuses, so we have to find another way to get one. Ask him about his chocolates. Notice he runs out of them.

38. Go back to Island Trader and ask about the chocolates. Buy the last box. Then look at the voodoo book of spells and find the recipe for Poisson Pass Out. You already have all you need. Just combine the fugo fish gland with your favorite treat, aka the chocolates.

39. Go back to Crumbsford and give him the box of poisoned chocolates. After he passes out, go through his filing cabinet and grab an executive approval form.

40. Try to open a bank account again and this time she’ll let you. You also need to choose a passcode for your safe deposit box. It doesn’t really matter since you won’t use it for anything. I just did 123456 for mine.

41. There’s no reason to enter the vault yet because we don’t have an idea what the passcode would be for the LeMoon safe deposit box. Instead, head back to the cemetery and use the mausoleum key to enter the LeMoon mausoleum.

42. Examine all the coffins and open Esmeralda’s to see that she owned the pendant before Mary got it. Also, note down all the birthdays of each of the LeMoons. The one we need is Genevieve‘s. She’s their daughter and was just a kid. Her birth date was September 9th, 1909.

43. Go back to the bank and enter the vault. Now we know the number of the LeMoon safe deposit box and the passcode. Tap on safe deposit box 203 and enter the code 090909 for Genevieve’s birthday. There’s a journal inside. Read through all the entries.

44. Go back to Mary and fill her in. Go back to the Fontule estate. Benny tells you that he’s at a shareholder’s meeting on his yacht and that someone left a letter for you at your office.

45. Go back to the office and open the letter. When you wake up, Mary will be there. She says the letter threatened Voodoo to drop the case. You then check on Billy and discover they took him.

46. Mary tells you you should drop the case. You can if you want to see another ending. Otherwise, refuse and continue. They decide they need to get onto the yacht and save Billy. Mary leaves. Head out and join her on the yacht. Watch the cutscene.

47. Grab an apple from the fruit bowl.

48. Head to the bar. We want both the simple syrup and the bottle of rum but we can’t just take them. Talk to the bartender, Barb Tender. Ask for a drink and the simple syrup and just chat to find out more about her. She has a crush on the singer, Kenneth. Exhaust all dialogue options to learn that the goal is to get her away from the bar so you can take her rum.

49. Go right and take the knife from the table.

50. Talk to Kenneth Crooner, the singer. He doesn’t seem interested in Barb.

51. Enter the bathroom. Go into the stall and close the door. Take the golden toilet handle. If you try to leave with it, the attendant stops you. So go back into the stall, close the door and swallow the toilet handle. Now you can leave the bathroom.

52. We still need to get that rum bottle. Barb won’t give you more than two cups of it. So we’ll come back. For now, go right and through the doors to the hallway. You’ll bump into Billy, but he goes through a door and locks it behind him.

53. If you go upstairs, you can see a lifeboat but there’s no power to lower it. You can also enter the ship’s bridge and meet Harpoon Hannah, but she won’t let you do anything. So head all the way downstairs instead. Enter the engine room and grab the wrench. Also, open the fire box. Then leave. Harpoon Hannah will come down. Close the door on her and then use the wrench to lock the door.

54. Go back upstairs to the engine room. Take the pencil and paper from the seat. Notice there’s a fuse missing from the fuse box.

55. Go back to party and give Kenneth the paper and pencil to get his autograph.

56. Open your spell book and find the Apple of My Eye love hex. We’re going to use it on Barb Tender and Kenneth. First, use the knife to core the apple. Then use the autograph with the cored apple. Add the simply syrup. And last, use the knife to cut the apple in half. Give the first half to Kenneth. When he declines, just say “Come on” until he gives in and eats it. Then give the other half to Barb and watch the magic happen.

57. Now that Barb is gone, you can take the bottle of aged rum from the bar. Have Voodoo drink it until he vomits. Now you have the golden toilet handle!

58. Go back up to the ship’s helm and use the toilet handle as the missing fuse.

59. Leave the room and jump in the lifeboat to spy on the meeting downstairs. Watch it play out. I don’t think it matters how you respond. When Billy aims his gun at you, you can do nothing until he shoots you to get an alternate ending. Otherwise, use the harmonica to snap him out of his trance long enough to get away.

60. You wake up on an island. Head left and pick up the pail of sand. Then head inside the shipwreck.

61. The ghost won’t let you touch anything. He won’t talk to you either. But if you open your bag, he’ll see the pendant and ask about it. Tbh ghost is Francois LeMoon and the pendant is actually his wife’s locket. There’s a photo inside of his daughter.

62. After he lies down, talk to him again and ask about the house and his journal. Then you’ll have more dialogue options. Exhaust them all.

63. Try to take a piece of charcoal. Francois will stop you but then you’ll convince him to let you take some things. Grab some charcoal, the trophy, and the cup. Open the cabinet and grab a box of Kooka Bunches cereal.

64. Place the trophy in the pot on the stove and then turn on the stove to melt it down. Then scrape off some sulfur from the hood.

65. Leave the house and head right. Use the cereal on the parrot to get it to come down from the tree. Then pick up the bird feather.

66. Head right down the path to the jungle. Grab some bat guano from the rock.

67. Continue left to the mountain path. Pick up the blasting plunger and the book of tax law. Examine the skeleton and take its teeth.

68. Continue up the path. Time to make some of Grammy’s Flamin’ Hot Sauce! Find the spell in the book. Then combine the bat guano, charcoal and sulfur in the cup.

68. Walk to the cliff’s edge and place the flamin’ hot sauce down. Then use the blasting plunger with it to blow up the rocks, releasing the dam.

69. Francois’ hot tub is working but he lied and can’t get you off the island. We have to find our own way.

70. Go back up the mountain and examine the sunken hounfo. Pick up the clay pot and and broken ason.

71. Combine the teeth with the broken ason to get a working ason.

72. Now open your book and find the Nine Tenths of the Lwa spell. We have everything we need. First, use the sand to draw Papa Legba’s symbol in front of the pillar. Then shake the ason in front of it.

73. You’re now in some sort of dream world or land of the dead. Examine the statue of Papa Legba. Something’s missing.

74. Head west and examine the statue of Victor. The plaque says: “The clock conducts a marching tune; first left then right, it starts at noon.” There’s also musical notes below it. Take out your harmonica and play, then write down the notes you hear:

Low, high, low, high, low, high, low, low.

75. Let’s put it all together, start at noon, which is Victor’s statue. Then go clockwise to each statue and change the arms to match the notes you heard. A high note means the arm goes up, and a low note means the arm stays down. Start with Voodoo at the top right, then to Mary, then Crumbsford and last is Laughton. Just match the tune using their arms or copy the image below. Then take the straw hat.

76. Go back and this time head north. Examine the statue of Victor. The inscription says, “A mirthful belt will quickly melt what sadness has in store. A key to hold a chest of gold is nice, but I’m worth more.” We need to make the statue laugh. So use the bird feather to tickle him! He’ll lower his arm and you can get the cane.

77. Go back and this time head east. Examine the statue of Victor. The inscription says, “Pain visits the flesh, but makes its home in the mind.” Sticking his hand in the box hurts but doesn’t actually unjust him. We need to numb Voodoo’s mind. So read through the tax law book and then put your hand in the box again. You won’t feel any pain and will be able to grab the pipe.

78. Go back to the statue of Papa Legba and place the hat, cane and pipe on it. Papa Legba shows up and takes you back to Voodoo’s office. Talk to him and exhaust all dialogue options. He wants you to stop Victor and restore Baron Samedi to his throne. He’ll leave you with his sign that you can use to teleport between different locations.

79. Leave through the door and you’ll be back on Francois’ island with the hounfo. Use Papa Legba’s sign on Voodoo to be transported to a new realm. First, go to Ventures Island.

80. Head along the forest path. Just keep taking different paths until Voodoo decides to head back because he’s getting lost. Use the sign again to teleport and this time go back to Zo Wanga Isle.

81. Oh no! Everyone’s been turned into zombies! Head inside the bank and grab the ink.

82. Next, head to the hotel and get the centennial dragon heart plumeria flower from the zombie.

83. Head to the cemetery. The Crumbsford mausoleum is open now. Enter to see Crumbsford’s ghost. Talk to him and exhaust all dialogue options. Ask him for help getting to the factory.

84. We need to figure out how to take Crumbsford with us. Look through Grammy’s book and find the Urn a Soul govi creation ritual. We need a Token of Toil, Symbol of Thought, and Sign of Passion. First, use the clay pot with Crumbsford. Then add the ink, money and locket to the pot. Now you can take Crumbsford with you.

85. Go back to Main Street. There’s a hounfo by Island Kitchen. Use the sign on Voodoo and go back to Ventures Island.

86. Crumbsford will automatically start leading you through the forest. The directions are different each game, so you need to pay attention. For me it was West, North, North, West. Whatever it is for you, follow them and then you’ll be at the factory. Head inside.

87. Grab the coffee cup. Open the cabinet under the sink and take the washcloth.

88. Use the washcloth with the coffee machine to make a cup of coffee.

89. Head inside the office. Look through the trash for a gum wrapper. Grab the battery from the filing cabinet. And examine the desk to find a hidden button. Press it to reveal a safe hidden behind the painting. It’s locked, but we have a spell that can help,

90. Open Grammy’s book and find the Thew Brew strength enhancer spell. You need hot water and the centennial dragon heart plumeria. The coffee will work as hot water. So add the flower to it and then drink it. Now you can rip open the safe. Victor interrupts before you can grab the factory key.

91. Billy starts shooting at you. Combine the battery with the gum wrapper to create fire. Then combine the washcloth with the bottle of rum to create a Molotov cocktail. Add the fire and then throw it at Victor.

92. If you want to see an alternate ending, do nothing and let Voodoo die in the fire. Otherwise, grab the diamond from the safe and then use it to cut a hole in the window. Climb through to escape the fire.

93. You land on the floor in the factory. First, head left to the factory floor. Open the utility box and grab the halligan.

94. Head down the stairs and use the crane controls. Move left, left, grab a barrel, move right, drop the barrel. Victor will arrive. You can let him shoot you for an alternate ending. After that, continue with the walkthrough.

95. Hop on the conveyor belt back to the other room. Use the halligan to open the manhole cover and climb down. If you’re not fast enough, Victor will catch up and block your way. If that happens, just take the conveyor belt back to the other room and open the manhole cover there instead. Just keep moving around until you can get down there.

96. Once underground, read the engineer’s note. Then increase both the beacon power and the juicer power to fully power the Soul Food Generator.

97. Head up the left ladder to exit and then head left again to the factory floor. Use the control panel to increase the generator’s speed.

98. The machine explodes, knocking Victor out. Grab the soul beacon.

99. Use Papa Legba’s sign on Voodoo to visit Baron Samedi. Victor jumps in with you and now you have to fight him! Again, you can let him kill you for an alternate ending.

100. This is how the battle works. It’s randomized each game. But use Private Eye to see what Victor’s current weaknesses are. You want to then attack with one of those. BUT if Victor uses Reload, you need to use Shamus Shield to defend against his Field of Honor attack or it’ll deplete almost all your health.

When Victor’s weaknesses change, make sure to use Private Eye again to see what they are.

The strongest attacks are Grammy’s Flamin’ Hot Sauce and Urn a Soul, but Apple of My Eye makes him fall in love with Voodoo. If you attack him with another attack on the second turn of him being affected by the love spell, the attack will hit much harder.

101. After you beat him, watch the cutscene. You then wake up in your office. Talk to Papa Legba. Exhaust all options. At this point, you have two options. Either leave through the door and see one ending. The other option is to use use Baron Samedi’s sign to save Mary and then open the door to see the second ending. They’re two different endings, but you can just reload the game after one to see the other.

And that’s the end of the game! Congratulations!

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  1. Fuse

    Thanks so much for the walkthrough! I’m wondering about the alternate ending when he decides to save himself. He says he feels like he’s “forgetting something”. Is there really nothing left in the room to say/do? Someone to phone, or one of the masks maybe? I’m hoping there might be a third ending.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I asked the developers and they told me those were the only two endings. There are other ways to end the game early, but for proper endings itΓÇÖs just those two.

      1. Fuse

        Thank you so much for answering, it was one of those things I was dying to know. Great job on the walkthrough!

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