Beyond the Wall: Walkthrough Guide

Beyond the Wall
By: Tomas Barnet / Rocking Toy

Beyond the Wall is a point-and-click adventure that takes place behind a mysterious garden wall. The puzzles can be tricky, so you can use this walkthrough guide if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


You can watch my video for the first three scenes. I’ll add more soon.

1. Pick up the door handle, the metal piece from the street lamp, and the rock.

2. Insert the door handle in the hole on the wall and use the rock to hammer it in. Then place the metal piece below it and climb up and over the wall.

3. In this next scene, walk all the way to the right until a worm pokes its head out of a hole. Now, you need to get it to follow you all the way to the big hole on the left. It seems to be trial and error, as I don’t see an actual pattern. But you can follow my image if you don’t want to keep restarting to figure it out.

4. Now, throw the rock at the birdhouse and the bird will grab the worm so you can head right to the next scene.


More coming soon!

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  1. Hola

    Do you ever finish these point & click games? Genshin seems to be where all your time goes! LOL

  2. Paul

    Lure the eye out and then go to its side and jam the pitchfork behind it.

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