Twilight War: Aurora – Walkthrough Guide

Twilight War: Aurora
By: Matthew Kimbrough / YamGuy

Twilight War: Aurora is a puzzle adventure game in which you need to explore your surroundings and figure out a series of 5-digit codes to enter into a machine. It’s tricky, so this walkthrough guide should help if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


For now, I have a gameplay video I made. I’ll update this guide as I uncover more codes.

Part 1:

More coming soon!

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  1. Washie

    When will the next chapter of murder by choice open?

  2. Sara B

    AppUnwrapper, not sure if you want to keep playing but here are some tips and comments about the game. 1. Press the #1 button and the first panel flips over and then you match up the wires to power it up. Then flip it back over and you tune each Station until it’s at the highest and a number freezes. You do that 5 times to get the 5 numbers. You do the same thing for the second panel by pressing the #3 button. When you press #2, the door opens to the right and there is more to do over there. Comments: It’s super glitchy. That’s why the broken cups are shaking. The main glitchiness is when you quit the game certain things you put together like the completed torn photo are back to being apart. Or a broken frame is back together. I don’t know if that is purposeful by the developer. I’m stuck on the puzzle that relates to the compass. There is a paper on a bulletin board in the right room that I think has to do with the compass puzzle and I only have two tries left to figure that one. Oh, at least when you restart the game it remembers your correct codes. Hope that helps.

    1. Melanie

      You are on the right path! Think about the order of the letters on the compass along with the page on the bulletin board. I have 15 of the 18 number codes and none of the audio codes. Not even sure how to get those.

      1. Matthew

        Hi Melanie – I wanted to let you know more about the audio codes. This game was created to coincide with a Kickstarter for a tabletop RPG. Although the app is standalone, there are some codes that are hidden in the layout of the physical book that was funded through Kickstarter. The idea was that this would be a fun connection for those Kickstarter backers who also downloaded the app. The audio codes do not unlock anything in the game world and are not required to complete the game or any puzzles – they just play a few short audio clips that relate to some of the adventures in the rug.

        Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you aren’t missing anything!

        1. Melanie

          Matthew, thanks for the reply! This has been a unique and fun challenge. I have really enjoyed playing your game and am determined to find the last two number codes (finally got to 16!) Any hints on how I can find any of the audio codes that are hidden within the game, if there are any, just for fun?

          1. Matthew

            I’m so glad you enjoyed it! The audio codes are purely part of the physical book so you you haven’t missed any clues in the game regarding those 🙂

    2. Selena

      If you’re stuck there’s a really helpful hint site! I like that it doesn’t give too much away. I had a ton of fun playing this game, and didn’t have any glitches. I know the developer is working on it if he hasn’t fixed it already. Here’s the site

    3. Matthew

      Hi Sara – I wanted to share a link to a site with some hints on the puzzles in case you get stuck:

      I’m the developer of this app so I can speak to the issue you were seeing where, upon reloading the app, some broken objects magically repair themselves 🙂 I will admit that this was a result of my trying to solve a technical issue related to save games. Ideally, these items would remain broken between sessions. I’ll try to figure out a fix for this and thank you for posting your feedback!

      1. Sara B

        Hi Matthew, I am proud to say I figured out the compass/watch puzzle AND finished the game! It was perfectly challenging and quite enjoyable! I might go play it again with the help of the two hint links you and Selena provided!

        1. Matthew

          Ok that’s great – glad you were able to complete it!

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