Alveole: 100% Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

By: North Lab Games / Denis Petrov

Alveole is a cryptic puzzle game in which you play as a man running on a hamster wheel. The main control scheme is that you tap to jump. There are clues around the screen to help you solve some of the puzzles. The goal is to get all the photo cards. This walkthrough guide will help you out if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Note: Many of these only work if it’s a fresh day and you haven’t done anything else that isn’t part of the sequence needed. That’s because the day resets after 7 spikes and most puzzles require 7 spikes.


The clue for this photo is the meter in the upper right corner. Each time you jump (tap) it will raise the meter. When it’s full, you get that achievement.


You get this by not jumping, just letting yourself trip over the spike 3 times.

Far Space:

The clue for this is the word HOLD in the first photo outline. You need to tap and hold the screen for a while without lifting your finger.


This one is easy. There’s a photo sticking out from the top left corner. Tap it to collect this card.


Jump over the spike 7 times in a row to get this achievement. I’m not sure there’s any clue for this.


The clue for this one is the stegosaurus. Notice that every other spike on his back is broken. It’s telling you to jump over one spike, then trip over the next. Continue this for a total of 7 spikes to get the photo card and achievement.


The triangle instrument is the clue here. You need to jump over 1 spike, then trip over the second, then continue jumping over 5 more. Then you’ll get the achievement.


This one is tricky. The heart monitor is the clue. Only jump over the spike when you see the spike on the heart monitor. Otherwise, let it trip you.


The heart-shaped necklace is the clue for this. Notice that the second and third teeth are black (broken off). It’s telling you to jump over 1 spike, then trip over the next 2, then jump over 4 more.


The clue for this one is the cat. Notice that if you trip on the first obstacle, his left ear folds over. So trip on 1 obstacle, then jump over the next 5, then trip over 1 more obstacle to get this achievement.


The mountains painting is the clue for this. Jump over the spike 6 times, then trip over the 7th spike.


The glasses are the clue for this. Notice that if you trip over the first 2 obstacles, both lenses break. So avoid falling again. Jump over the next 5 obstacles to get this achievement.

Hard Worker:

The calendar is the clue here. You need to run on the wheel for 12 days until the calendar disappears.


The clue for this one is the shark fin. Notice if you trip over the first spike, the fin sinks into the water a bit. After that, jump over the next 6 spikes to get the achievement.

Welcome Back!:

You get this photo when you close the game and then return later.


You get this achievement after getting all the other photo cards. You may need to wait an extra day to get it.

And that’s everything!

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