Vampire Survivors Update 1.7 Walkthrough: How to Unlock Whiteout, She-Moon and O’Sole Evolution

Vampire Survivors
By: Poncle

Vampire Survivors just got yet another content update, this time one that adds a winter wonderland theme ahead of Christmas. The 1.7 Chilling update addd a new area called Whiteout, a new weapon, a new character named She-Moon, and an evolution for O’Sole. Keep reading to find out how to unlock everything.


First off, go into any stage and pick up a total of 20 Orologions (the pick-up the freezes everything around you). If you’ve been playing a while, you should have this already done, so entering any stage and leaving it should give you this achievement. You can also watch my video for it.

This video also shows you how to obtain the Chaos Altemanna in Tiny Bridge. That’s the relic that allows you to evolve O’Sole at level 80. That’s shown in the same video.

The next video shows you these four achievements:

– Find the Antidote in Whiteout (Unlocks Defang PowerUp)
– Get Glass Fandango to Level 7 (Unlocks Glass Fandango)
– Survive 20 minutes in Whiteout (Unlocks She-Moon)
– Evolve the Glass Fandango (into Celestial Voulge)

To evolve Glass Fandango into Celestial Voulge, you need maxed out Wings.

This next video shows O’Sole’s evolved form. I recommend using Bat Country to get it easily.

After that, all that’s left is to try out She-Moon:

And that’s everything!

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