Extraordinary: Soul – Walkthrough Guide

Extraordinary: Soul
By: Teatime Workshop

Extraordinary: Soul is a room escape game in which you need to find objects and solve puzzles to find your way out of each room. It can be tricky at times, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.



1. This part is simple. Just talk to your robot friend and then pick up the card.

2. Move right and then tap on the computer monitor. Select the card and place it in the card reader. Then tap the screen again and watch the cutscene.

Chapter 1, Wooden House:

1. We’re now in a wooden house. Open the third drawer to get a candle. Then turn right.

2. We’re by the fireplace. Grab the tongs and lantern (oil light) and look inside the bucket to get an empty can.

3. Turn right. There are a few things to do here. First, grab the crowbar from under the bed. Lift the pillow to find key C. Look at the map on the wall. Tear off the corner to see a tic-tac-toe board clue. Also, read through the book on the bed. And last, close the window curtain and then open it again to get a piece of plain paper.

4. Use key C to open the left cabinet and get the knob.

5. Turn right. Grab the wooden boat and spray bottle. Also, look under the furniture for a piece of paper. It basically just tells you how to read Roman numerals.

6. Place the piece of paper under the desk lamp and press the button twice to see some symbols appear.

7. Turn left and fill up the spray bottle with water from the crab’s tank.

8. Go right again and spray some water on the left plant. Then take the worm that crawls out.

9. While here, let’s solve the puzzle using the four symbols from the piece of paper. Look at the two plants again. Count each time you see those four symbols. So:

Circle: 8
Triangle: 7
Square: 8
Squiggle: 3

(Make sure to count the left pot as a square.)

10. Now enter 8783 to unlock the cabinet and get another knobs.

11. Go back left again and drop the worm into the tank. Then take the business card piece.

12. Go left again to the fireplace. Place the wooden boat in the fireplace and use the lantern to light it. Then use the tongs to get key A from the fire. Also, use the crowbar to remove the loose brick and get the flyer piece.

13. While here, use the fireplace to light the candle.

14. Go back right and use key A to unlock the cabinet and get another knob.

15. Go right again and place the business card and flyer pieces on the bulletin board with the others. Then take a close look at all three clues.

16. Go right again and place the lit candle in the candle holder. Place the empty can over the candle to see some Roman numerals on the wall: IX XV.

17. Now, if you need help with Roman numerals, use the cheat sheet you found earlier. Look for IX and XV on it to see that they’re 9 and 15. Or you could have figured that out on your own if you know Roman numerals. Put them together to get 915. Enter 915 to unlock the bottom drawer. Then take the fish jerky from inside.

18. Place the fish jerky near the cat door. A cat will grab it and leave behind key B for you. Pick it up.

19. Use key B to unlock the second drawer and get another knob.

20. Now we have all four knobs. Go back left and place them all in the box on the desk next to the lamp. Now, to get the numbers we need, use the three papers from the bulletin board. Arrange them on order by the dates. So it goes May 18, May 25, June 3. Write down their numbers in order: 925, 716, 578. Notice the X’s and O’s on each. You have XOX, XOO, OXO. Compare those to the tic-tac-toe board and place the numbers in the corresponding slots. Then remove any numbers that overlap an X so you’re left with just the O’s. You end up with 2, 16, 58. Now, look at the iron box. There’s a coiled snake on it. Look at it and then at the numbers like so:


Follow the shape of the snake starting from the tail and you end up with 25861. Enter that into the box and then find the colors on the tic-tac-toe board and match them to the numbers – yellow, red, purple, green green. So it looks like this:

21. Take the earring and watch the cutscene. Then head on to the next chapter.

More coming soon!

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    Got through that level but the game won’t let me open the door to go to the next level unless I watch ads.😡

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