Vampire Survivors Update 1.9 Walkthrough: How to Unlock Space 54, Space Dude and Bat Robbert

Vampire Survivors
By: Poncle

Vampire Survivors just got yet another free content update, this time one that adds a space theme. The 1.9 update adds a new area called Space 54, two new weapons, two new characters named Bat Robbert and Space Dude, and a new relic named Brace Story. Keep reading to find out how to unlock everything.


First, to unlock Space 54, you need to collect 5 Gold Fingers in the Astral Stair map. You also need to kill 161616 bats. If you haven’t done so already, the best place for it is Bat Country. If have killed plenty of bats, just start a game anywhere and then quit immediately to get the achievement.

In this first video, I completed these achievements:

– Defeat a total of 161616 bats. (Unlocked: Pako Battiliar)
– Find 5 Gold Fingers. (Unlocked: Hyper Space 54)

The rest of the achievements can be found in the Space 54 map.

In this next video, I completed these achievements:

– Find a Brave Story at minute 18 in Space 54. (Unlocked: Random LevelUp)
– Get Phas3r to level 7. (Unlocked: Phas3r)
– Survive 20 minutes in Space 54. (Unlocked: Space Dude)
– Evolve the Phas3r. (Obtained: 500 gold coins)
– Evolve the Pako Battiliar. (Unlocked: Bat Robbert)

And this last video just shows gameplay of Bat Robbert and Space Dude, along with the evolutions of their weapons.

And that’s everything!

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