Escape Game: “A Mirror Boundary”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “A Mirror Boundary”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Kristy

    I’m so stuck! I have the three coins and assume they go along with the number code on the desk drawer but can’t figure it out. Have fun a bunch of letters but no combination of them work for the password on the computer. I have the wooden thing with the sun on it but can’t figure that out. Have the lighter and the wet green towel which I already used to wipe off the wooden thing.

    Heeelllppp please

    1. gypsy

      Where did you find the wooden thing? The buttons are eyes for the stuffed animals. Can’t work out how to get the coins. Not much help. Sorry

      1. Rani

        Hi gypsy,

        place the 3 books (can’t remember the order, you will have to try) into the bookshelf on the desk. Then you can click on the bookshelf to reveal a key. The key opens the locker in the drawer. There you will find a diary with a hint to the day when the brother met his girlfriend for the first time (a rainy day in May). Then you go upstairs, on the bookshelf there is a calendar. Now you can figure out which day it was. With that combination (month and day) you can open the window in the ceiling (look at the blue curtain). Close the curtain and a beam of light appears. Place the cat toy onto the orange chair and the wooden thing will fall. That’s so far.

  2. zeus

    I van see the red country in through box but can’t pick it up. There is a hole on the bottom left of mirror that pen fits in.

  3. zeus

    Red coin

  4. Ipsum

    Kristy, have you made progress? I’m stuck at where you are.

    1. Kristy

      Nope! I’m so stuck. I’ve looked over the whole room so many times, tried so many different combinations and nothing. =(

  5. Naddles

    This game is making me crazy. I finally opened the desk drawer and got the 3 x 3 puzzle with all the pictures on it. I held it up to the sky light and some arrows appear then the words 1 = box, 4 = tv & desk and 7 = mirror but have no idea. Need help please!!

    1. Rani

      Hi Naddles,

      I’m stuck with the 3 coins and the wooden thing. Still haven’t figured out the code for the desk drawer. Could you please tell me what the code is?

  6. Naddles

    I couldn’t figure out the desk draw so I just kept trying numbers sequentially till it opened. It was something like 843. I know the first number was 8 but am unsure about the second two, but I do know it was around the 4 and 3 region. Sorry I can’t be more help but this game has got me pretty stumped.

  7. Naddles

    Ok, the drawers code is 862. Once you have the puzzle from the drawer, put it up to the sky light and you will see the symbols and words I was speaking about previously. Place the cat back in its box, the trophy on tv unit and the pen on the mirror. Then type in the code AUE into the laptop and it will say lock open. That’s as far as I’ve gotten.

    1. Rani

      Thx Naddles, it worked. After typing in the code into the laptop go look under the TV unit. You will find a key. If you now unlook the blue door, it is a bad ending. I’m trying to figure out what to do next.

      1. Rani

        Ok, go tap the mirror, there a secret door is revealed. But that’s pretty much it, the screen freezes on my phone.

      2. Kristy

        Thank you so much Rani! FINALLLLY finished after weeks. I liked this game up until I got stuck.

        1. Rani

          You’re welcome. It took me some time and nerves, too.

  8. natasha

    I’m stuck! I have pen 2 coins wet cloth and wooden thing and the code isn’t working in the desk drawer so have I missed something?

    1. Kristy

      Which coins do you have? You need a red one, white one, and blue one.

      1. Runnu

        But where is the red coin

  9. Runnu

    But where is the red coin???

  10. lilpantherpaw

    Cat is back in box, trophy cup is on tv stand, and pen is in mirror. The code AUE does not work when typed into the 3 password boxes on the laptop.

  11. Ashley Haines

    Where do you find the blue coin i have the red and white but not the blue and the 862 code isnt working to open the drawer

  12. Piyush

    hey got stuck with the code

  13. sam

    So you find the blue coin at the big window on the ground floor,open and shut the curtains until the blue coin falls on the floor.
    To get the puzzle to work you have to go upstairs and go to the window,open the curtain and let the light shine on the puzzle. The wooden strip has a hidden letter on the back,you have to go to the plant near the front door,use the nutrients on the green ribbon and wipe the back of the board with the now wet cloth.after doing this the computer code AEU should work and a key will drop down underneath the tv unit.don’t go through the front door you’ll get a bad end,instead go to the mirror,push it aside and go through the door behind it.goodend

  14. Eidas

    Where is the red coin?

  15. Katie

    Where is the red coin?

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