UNCHARTED Fortune Hunter: King Toera’s Golden Tortoise Complete Walkthrough Guide

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter™
By: PlayStation Mobile Inc.


This is a complete walkthrough guide for the King Toera’s Golden Tortoise Levels of the iOS and Android puzzle game UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter by PlayStation Mobile Inc. You need to help Nathan Drake through 40 more puzzles. This guide includes how to get the key for each level as well as all treasures. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

See all the earlier levels here.


Chapter 5, King Toera’s Golden Tortoise:


– These levels are a little odd in that they include spotlights that move in response to Nathan’s moves. Often — but not always — you have to match the spotlight to the symbols on the ground to get a pawn to appear. When all symbols have been matched, the X will open.

– Do not match the skull symbols!

– If there’s a rock or other obstacle on top of a symbol, the spotlight won’t interact with it. This is sometimes a solution to avoiding a skull symbol.

– Big Nate costume: He’s not big. I don’t know what the deal is, but that costume is very disappointing. I find the mime or pirate a lot more interesting.

Levels 1 – 10:

Treasures: Levels 1 & 8

Levels 11 – 20:

Treasures: Levels 15, 17, 18 & 20

They changed level 11, so here’s the new one:

Levels 21 – 30:

Treasures: Levels 25 & 26

Levels 31 – 40:

Treasures: None

Level 35 in 6 Moves:

Level 36 in 9 Moves:

Level 38 in 8 Moves:

Just Chapter 5 Treasures:

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The “Big” costume is in reference to the proof of concept trailer for the first Uncharted game when it was under the working title “Project Big”. That baseball tee is what Nathan Drake was wearing in that and some of the early concept art almost 10 years ago.


Thanks for the guide!

The “Big Nate” costume is in reference to the proof of concept trailer for the first Uncharted game, back when it was code named “Project Big”. In it, as well as in some of his early character designs, Nathan Drake wears that baseball tee.


please help me with lv 26 i’m stuck:((


The video for 21-30 is marked private. Thanks for your help so far.

Chris West

For some reason my level 2 is nothing like the one you have in video?


Any idea on level 2! It looks completely different than the video you published. I have no idea as to a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Me too. Move the rock to the space in front of the turret. Then back down to the moving platform above the switch. Hit the switch. Move down right next to the switch. Then up to pick up the rock. Don’t remember the end but you need the TNT to blow up the bottom walls so you can shoot the right switch. Don’t let the top most rock blow up.


Hi, puzzle 35 of chapter 5 has been changed after another update today. I can see you have 20 moves remain, for me it’s only 6 moves, how can I complete this one with only 6 moves?!!


Thank you soo much you are the best! Yeah I can’t believe why they are constantly changing already existent puzzles, also on chapter two have you noticed how it says 16/12 treasures found?


By the way, there is something wrong with that level 35 video, it doesn’t work and I keep getting an error.


Thanks it’s working fine now!


Could you please give level 2 the same treatment that you did for 35? I think they changed it after you solved it for your video. So I think they might be trolling you.


For anyone who is interested, I figured out level 2. Check out the video for level 5, and make the same two first steps. After that it should be easier to figure out.


Scratch that – it’s level 6, and it’s entirely the same.


Did they changed level 11? the level that I played is completely different from the video.


Please upload the new solution for lvl 36 chapter 5!!! Only 9 moves


Level 38 is only 8 moves now


Not sure if you knew but an update to this map (King Toera’s), changed the level layouts. 1 is the same but 2 and so on are different 🙁 . I just started this map yesterday and trying to do it on my own but no luck. Thanks for adding these videos, you are a HUGE help. ^_^


Hey help me please my level 6 is nothing like the video !! 🙁


For some reason Level 2 and Level 6 are switched from the update. I was having the same problem as you are. Basically to solve Level 2 look at Level 6 and to solve Level 6, look at Level 2 in the video. Hope this helps.


Chapter 40 is now down to 12 moves D:

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