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Golem Rage: Gameplay Video and Impressions

Golem Rage By: Zuki Games  Zuki Games' Golem Rage is one of those rare unicorns, a runner that's a paid game without any ads or in-app purchases (IAP). It's also level-based instead of endless, so those who are tired of infinite runners have something to look forward to. I've played a bit and the game is it really a good fit for me, but I still wanted to show off some gameplay and describe how it works. After a brief intro in the form of comic book frames, you take on the role of an enraged Read more [...]

Never Stop Sneakin’: iOS Gameplay Videos and Impressions

Never Stop Sneakin' By: Humble Hearts LLC Humble Hearts' Never Stop Sneakin' released a little over a month ago on PC and one of the complaints was that it felt like a mobile game. So when it made its way over to iOS this week, that wasn't necessarily a reason not to buy it. I was curious about its top-down stealth gameplay with simplified one-finger controls, especially since it could be played in either portrait or landscape mode. So I took a chance on it. The plot is intentionally absurd, Read more [...]

Hyperforma: Gameplay Videos and Impressions

Hyperforma By: Fedor Danilov  I'd never heard of Nord Unit's Hyperforma before I saw it pop up in the App Store's pre-order section. I was a little concerned about the claim that it's a hardcore arcade game. But the video below and the gorgeous screenshots made me want to try it anyway. First off, let me talk about the audiovisual experience. Whether you like arcade games or not, it's hard to ignore how great this game looks. Even though much of it is made up of cubes and cube-like structures, Read more [...]

‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ is the Kind of F2P I’d Like to See More of on iOS

Fortnite By: Epic Games If you've been following me for a while, you probably know that I'm not a fan of free-to-play (F2P) monetization that change the nature of a game by penalizing you for failing and/or give a leg up to those who spend real cash. The App Store is filled with games like this, whether it's paying for extra lives or moves in a game like Candy Crush Saga, consumable undos in Deus Ex GO, or loot boxes in pretty much any "free" competitive game these days. Because these practices Read more [...]

Iron Marines: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Iron Marines By: Ironhide S.A. This is a walkthrough guide with hints, tips and tricks for the iOS and Android strategy RTS game, Iron Marines by Ironhide. I plan to expand on this guide, but I started it mostly because I was having trouble with level 4, Unto the Breach. It seems a lot harder than the first three levels and I couldn't understand why. Once I realized what I was missing, it was actually quite easy. So if you're also having trouble with Level 4, Unto the Breach, click here for Read more [...]