Vampire Survivors Update 1.10 Walkthrough: How to Unlock Laborratory, Carlo Cart, Santa Ladonna, Santa Javelin, Gyoruntin and More

Vampire Survivors
By: Poncle

Vampire Survivors just got yet another free content update, this time one that adds a train stage called Laborratory, as well as a cart racing stage called Carlo Cart. The 1.10 update also adds two new characters, one new weapon and its evolution, and a new passive weapon. Keep reading to find out how to unlock everything.


First, to unlock the Laborratory stage, you need to pick up 33 Rosaries. That doesn’t have to be done all at once, but rather cumulatively. If you’ve been playing a while, you probably have done so already. In that case, just start any stage and quit right away to unlock the achievement for Laborratory.

Once in Laborratory, go through doors and pull levers until you find the Arma Dio and Santa Javelin. You can evolve the Santa Javelin into Seraphic Cry using the Clover.

Survive 20 minutes in Laborratory to unlock Santa Ladonna.

Use the levers by the train tracks to summon the train. Keep doing so in order to deal a total of 25120 damage with the train. You don’t take damage from it, so don’t worry if it hits you. If you deal enough damage to enemies, you’ll unlock Carlo Cart.

Once in Carlo Cart, go in the opposite direction as all the other carts. It’ll feel weird, but eventually you’ll see a coffin. Open it to unlock the character Gyoruntin.

In this video, I got these achievements:

– Find 33 Rosaries. (Unlocks: Hyper Laborratory)
– Deal a total of 25120 damage with the Laborratory Train. (Unlocks: Hyper Carlo Cart)
– Find an Arma Dio in Laborratory. (Unlocks: Arma Dio)
– Get Santa Javelin to level 7. (Unlocks: Santa Javelin)
– Survive 20 minutes in Laborratory. (Unlocks: Santa Ladonna)
– Evolve the Santa Javelin. (Obtains: 500 gold coins)

In this next video, I played some of the Carlo Cart stage with Santa Ladonna and unlocked Gyoruntin.

Unlock condition for Gyoruntin:
– Forsake victory in favor of sightseeing in Carlo Cart.

And that’s everything in this update!

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