Atmosfear: iPhone Walkthrough

Atmosfear By Applix Srl See my review here. Walkthrough: 1. Your wrists are bound by rope. Shake your iDevice a few times to get loose.   2. It's dark so you need to find the lights. Look around the room by moving your iDevice around you. Stop when you see a little red light.   3. Tap on the red light and the lights turn on.   4. Explore your surroundings. Look…

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Atmosfear: Game Review: Virtual reality on an iDevice?

Atmosfear By: Applix srl See my walkthrough here. Atmosfear is an iPhone room escape game that's not afraid to be different. Don't be scared away by the Italian description in the App Store. The game itself is in English, and is an experience not to be missed. Gameplay 5/5 Atmosfear uses Applix srl's patented Bubble Viewer technology to offer innovative gameplay not often utilized in the app store. It's almost like virtual…

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