Escape Game: “On the Brink of Death” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “On the Brink of Death”


1. Zoom out once and turn left. Pull the cord on the fan and it will come off.

2. Examine the ring of the fan to see it’s broken.

3. Turn right twice and zoom in on the pole of tires with the bull on it. Look at the bully’s nose ring. You need something to push the button in it’s nose.

4. Turn right and zoom in on the table. Open the left box. It’s a sewing kit. Try to take the needle to the left but your hands are too slippery. Tap it a few more times and you’ll run the thread through it and be able to pick it up.

5. Go back to the fan and insert the ring. Then tie the string to the bottom. Tug at the string and the fan will start working! Take the string back.

6. Open the side of the car to get to the fill spout. You’ll see that there’s some gas in the car.

7. Tap on the pain cans under the fan. Take the empty bottle.

8. Tap on the green locker to get a better view of it. Examine the wine cooler and the receiver. Take the gas pump from the left of the locker.

9. Examine the gas pump. It has plastic on the tip of it. Poke a hole in it with the needle.

10. Turn right and try to take the gasoline container. It’s stuck to the floor. Tap the left side of it to see the clamp and this clue:


11. Look at the electric stove above the red plastic container. Move the letters around so it looks like this, then turn the dial to turn on the stove:


12. Use the needle with the stove to heat it up.

13. Turn back to the tables where you got the needle. The green toolbox is glued shut. Use the hot needle to melt the glue and open it up. Take the four screwdrivers.

14. Go back to the red plastic container. Zoom in on the clasp at the bottom. Select the blue screwdriver and use it to remove one of the clasps. Then select the black screwdriver to remove the other.

15. Look at the back of the container to find more clasps and a clue:


16. Use the red screwdriver to remove one clasp and the green screwdriver to remove the other. Now you can take the plastic container!

17. Put the gas pump into the red container. Then use the container to get the gas from the car.

18. Turn to the screen with the bull. There’s a cart with a candle stuck to it. Tie the fan string onto the candle and pull it to remove the candle.

19. On the same wall, there’s a small tan door. The sliding lock is stuck. Use the candle on it and now you can open it. Take the jack from inside.

20. Note he numbers on the jack.

21. Place the jack under the car. Use the black tool on it to get the car to lift up.

22. Examine the manhole. It’s covered with oil that’s keeping it stuck in place.

23. Read the note on the metal cart:


24. Take the jar of baking soda next to it.

25. Add baking soda to the plastic bottle.

26. Face the wall with the barred up window. Look on the floor below the metal beam and crane. There’s a crowbar, but you need to lift the beam to reach it.

27. On the wall is a colored keypad. Open the lid and pour in some gasoline. Put the lid back and now the keypad works.

28. The keypad says “50” on it. Do the math on the different screwdrivers. The green, blue and black added together make 50. So press those buttons and take the crowbar.

29. Turn left. There’s a shutter that won’t open. Use the crowbar to open it. There’s the other receiver!

30. Use the crowbar to open the green locker. Take the deck brush from inside.

31. Examine the brush. It’s unstable.

32. Put the candle by the hot stove and it will melt. Place the melted wax into the hole on the brush to secure it. Walk around for a bit while the wax hardens.

33. Look at the top of the green locker. There’s something up there. Use the brush to reach it. It’s a tap, or handle of the faucet.

34. Zoom out and face the car. There’s a faucet behind it. Put the handle on it.

35. Go back to the open shutter and see up the curtains with the needle.

36. Now the wine cooler is unlocked. Open it and take the bottle of vinegar.

37. Add vinegar to the plastic bottle.

38. Pour the mixture onto the manhole cover. Then scrub it with the brush.

39. Zoom in on the manhole cover to see this:


40. Use the crowbar on the manhole cover to try and lift it. The crowbar slips.

41. Zoom in on the crate on the table next to the sewing kit to see this:


42. Zoom in on the poster above the stove:


43. Look at the right side of the safe to see another clue.

44. Compare the three words. There are three letters that are found in all of them. Enter them into the safe keypad in alphabetical order, like so:

45. Take the hose from inside. Attach it to the faucet and turn the water on. Use the crowbar on the manhole and escape!

Congratulations! You made it out!

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  1. Rena

    Hi there, I cannot examine the gas pump at all, so it doesnt let me poke the hole on the gas pump. Also I cannot open the side of the car. Does this game have a bug? Because I followed your walkthrough step by step. Thanks

    1. Jaime

      Did u figure out how to see there is gas in car? If so can u

    2. Jaime

      Did u figure out how to see there is gas in car? If so can u Please help me

  2. Jaime

    It won’t let me take the string back from the fan after I fixed the ring on it!! Can someone please help me??? Thanks in advance

  3. Jaime

    Ok got string back but now I can’t open any thing on the car to see that there is any gas in it, can someone help me please?

    1. Rena

      Same here, I can’t open the car door even after restarting the game a few times.

  4. Xircom

    Cant find the code to the safe… Can anyone pls tell me the 3 alphabets

  5. Xircom

    Hi there im stuck with the safe code in ΓÇÿon the brink of deathΓÇÖ cant seem to find the 3 alphabets. Please help me plsssssss

  6. Micol

    does not open the little sliding door with the red candle. why?? : (

  7. Clavro

    For anyone who is stuck on the safe, the letters are ‘ e h m ‘ but they have to be all in lowercase.

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