The Lost City Review

The Lost City
By Fire Maple Games

The Lost City title

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Fire Maple Games, the makers of The Secret of Grisly Manor, recently returned to the point-and-click genre with a much longer and more satisfying game, called The Lost City. Those who were disappointed with the length of the first game may be hesitant to purchase, but there’s no need to be. Here’s why.

Gameplay: 5/5
The game mechanics of the Lost City are of your typical room escape or point-and-click adventures games. You explore your surrounding, picking up items and uncovering clues to solve puzzles. The touch controls in the Lost City are very responsive and intuitive. If you’re used to point-and-click adventures, you shouldn’t have any trouble jumping right into this game.

The Lost City
The game does require a lot of exploring and backtracking. There are many screens to “walk” through, and you’ll even have to change the seasons back and forth for certain puzzles. But the loading times are practically nonexistent, so I found it a pleasure to roam around, looking for clues in the gorgeous outdoor environments. Quick transitions between screens make all the difference in games like this, keeping you from getting frustrated with the exploration process. I really appreciated that Fire Maple Games managed to keep it so smooth without having to sacrifice visual quality.

There’s also a journal that marks down clues for you, so you don’t have to memorize them. This, along with an in-game hint system and a map of sorts, should allow even adventure newbies to enjoy the game without too much frustration.

One thing that bothered me was the lack of backgrounding/multitask capabilities, so if you leave the app, you’ll have to start from the loading screen. But again, the loading times are so quick that this is only a minor nuisance.

Story: 3/5
There isn’t much of a story here, and you won’t really encounter any characters on your journey. This is a quiet, meditative game that offers more puzzle than story.

Graphics: 5/5
The scenery in the Lost City is almost photo-realistic. It feels like you’re exploring actual ruins. The changing seasons add another dimension to it, keeping the scenery fresh. The snow and rain never lag and look perfectly natural. playing on my iPhone and it looks great, but it makes me wish I had an iPad! The colors are lush and all the items are crisp and clear. And if you can’t tell what an item is, there are descriptions. The text is also very clear, so you should have an easy time reading it even on a small screen.

The Lost City

Audio: 4/5
The music in the Lost City is relaxing and captures the mood of the game, but I found it a bit bland. But it wasn’t irritating, so it didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the game.
The sound effects are done beautifully, from the running water to breaking rocks. They help to bring the whole experience together and make it feel realistic.

Replay Value: 2/5
Like most point-and-click adventure games, you likely won’t play it more than once. The fun is in solving all the puzzles and then moving on. But the Lost City offers a good variety of puzzles and exploration that should give you your money’s worth. While most of the puzzles don’t present a huge challenge, the unique elements such as changing seasons, extend the length of the game considerably.

Conclusion: 4.5/5
If you’re a room escape fan or point-and-click adventure fan, you’ll want to give the Lost City a try. Quality games in the genre are hard to come by, and this one really delivers. With the seamless gameplay and gorgeous graphics, you won’t want this game to end. In fact, it might seem too short simply because you want more if it. But that shouldn’t keep you from trying this nearly-perfect game. If you love to quietly explore and solve puzzles at your own pace, go download the Lost City right now!

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  1. Morgy

    This game is great! However, I am completely stumped at the part where you dig up the box with the flowers and are supposed to use your golden snake clue to change the colors of the flowers in order to get the crank inside. I can’t open it! The clue doesn’t make any sense to me. I have been trying to figure it out since yesterday and it’s driving me crazy! I love this game and I want to keep playing but I am seriously stuck. HELP!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Look at the number of leaves. Hope that helps 🙂

      1. G-Unit 32

        dude that didnt help at all im so confused just tell me how to open the box.

        1. Aweb

          I have tried everything! I know that there are 3 green, 2 blue and 1 red, but how does it open! Help me out please

    2. richard

      were do you get the plug for the ornate spout so you can use the key to the floating box?? help!!!!!

  2. AppUnwrapper

    The Lost City has a built-in hint system, but if you need help with a walkthrough, feel free to ask here.

    1. Morgy

      I have used the hint system and tried one red, two blue, and three green, in their “designated” (so it would seem, according to the clue) spots. Still nothing. Am I supposed to do something else for it to open??

      1. Morgy

        Oh wait……I think I may have just figured it out…..

        1. Inna

          I’m stumped too. Do you mind posting a clue?

          1. Inna

            Got it! 🙂

        2. Mustangjeep12

          What is it?? I’ve tried everything!!

    2. sandy

      hey there!
      I am new to these games and clearly not as good as others! Luv it but…keep getting stumped.cant find summer or autumn. dont think ive properly finished the winter puzzle and cant seem to move on.i saw a thing that said something must be under here in the snow once but never found it again and musn’t have had the right tool at the time. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    3. Brandy

      I’m stuck! I used the rusty key to open the floating box… and I got the amber heart stone on screen 22. The hint tells me to pick the spring flower on screen 39 next. There isn’t one there.

  3. Pipa

    Morgy or anyone else… I am stumped at the exact same part… It’s like I draw completely blank. Tried to figure out what color goes where and I know that there are 1 red, 2 blue and 3 green… But it seems not to work! Pleeeeeeaaaaaaseeeee help!
    Thank you!

    1. Pipa

      Uh, no!!! I got it! Number of leaves… that really helped… just had to find out! Thank you

  4. Trav

    Ok, I must be really blind. Can anyone tell me where this supposed spring flower is on page 39? I’ve changed to spring, a have the blue-winter flower, the orange-summer flower and the purple-autumn flower. But can’t for the life of me find the spring flower! 🙁

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I found the red flower really early in the game. Having a hard time remembering where :/. If I think of it, I’ll let you know.

  5. Trav

    Never mind! Found it! Page 26.

    1. f4fari87

      Where buddy I am still unable to find it?

    2. wroe

      I in spring went to both screen 26 & 39. I still can not find red flower. PLEASE HELP! THX

      1. AppUnwrapper

        It’s on screen 26, so not sure why you can’t find it.

        1. wroe

          Where on. Screen 26?

  6. jean

    Help,for some strange reason my journal will not open.All of my other inventory will open/ desription of item.When I tap on journal,after openinginventory it just closes.I can not see into the journal or ofcourse get into hints.I have managed to each statue and activate ea j season.It worked time last night but now when finally have time to play I need some help.My map all other inventory opens as should. Help.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sounds like it might be a bug, which I can’t help with. But if you tell me where you’re stuck, maybe I can help you out.

  7. Lydia

    I am in winter and I can’t find page 39 to change to summer. What am I missing? Thanks!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Do you have the yellow heart yet? If so, examine the waterfall 🙂

  8. noah

    hey. so i have to open this box which a
    has somthing importAnt inside but i cant open it because i cant solve the password. please tell me how i beg you!!!!

  9. noah

    the box with 6flowers whats the code cant find it!

  10. Char

    I can’t for the life of me find page 35.. Please help x

  11. Emma

    How do I get across to the island on screen 20??

  12. Lynn

    I’m not sure what I did wrong in the sun cave. I used the silver bowl to try and illuminate the sun but it is just sitting on the bed of flowers. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Lynn


  13. Emma

    I’m really stuck and think its because I need to go to the island but no idea how to get there. Any ideas please?? X

  14. Krista

    I cant use the rope to get into the well. The hint tells me to us the rope and when I try it says ” That wont work here”.
    Please help…..

  15. Trav

    Emma, change the season to winter. Then u can just walk across to the island as the water has frozen.

    1. Emma

      Thank u!! 🙂 been driving me mad

  16. Ida

    I can not get the last flower i have the blue, the orange and the purple, Were is the last one please help me

  17. Zoey

    How do i douse the fire in scene 19 when plug in on statue’s mouth so i can use charcoal to see unreadable code?

    1. richard

      hey where do you get the plug from for the ornate spout?

  18. chriistina

    It won’t let me go down the well in 6. I have the rope I don’t know what to do.. help please. To douse fire change season and use the well pump.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to hang the ripe in the branch above the well.

  19. Georgia

    I can’t find the blue flower can anybody help????

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I posted that info, along with screen caps, in the walkthrough.

  20. Richard

    Page 26 for the plug?? Where abouts in the screen is it I still can’t find it 🙁

      1. PEPA

        I canΓö¼Γöñt get the plug on screen 12. How do I get it? It does not leave me take it normally

        1. AppUnwrapper

          That’s odd. I never had that problem. I played through several times and simply took it out of the free stump.

  21. Guillaume

    U helped me yesterday i understood that i need a rope TO go in the well but i dont find Any rope…. Something WITH the seasons

  22. Francesca

    I can’t get down the well in screen 6, but I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not. Is there anything you definitely need to do to be able to go down? I’ve double checked that I’ve done everything it says to do in the hint guide but it still won’t let me go down – it says that ‘that won’t work here’, ‘maybe you need to try something else’ and ‘that item seems to have no effect’ etc. Can anyone help?

  23. Hannah

    Hello, trying to dig up box on page 26 but dont know where to dig. Cant find it anywhere! Thanks if you can help!

  24. Nic

    I’m stuck on the puzzle at the bottom of the well on screen 8 I think?! Any help please

  25. Nic

    On what? How?

  26. Zoey

    Cant douse fire even if i change season as plug wont get out of ornate’s mouth.

  27. Jalynn

    I feel so stupid but cant even figure out the puzzle at the very beginning of winter i know im missing something crucial just dont know what.

  28. Jimena

    I need help with the puzzle on page 32 please!! what am I supposed to do i cant find the logic

    1. AppUnwrapper

      In the winter, go to the fish and look around for a clue.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Change to winter, then go to the fish and look around for a clue.

    3. AppUnwrapper

      I added it above. Note that the last one in the screenshot is wrong, because I couldn’t snap it fast enough. But that should help you out.

  29. Holly

    Ok so this is probably really dum but i have just started this game, the puzzle/maze on screen 14, what are we trying to build??

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to simply connect all the pieces so they light up. I posted a screen cap of the solution on the walkthrough page if you get really stuck.

  30. Helena

    To continue further, it says I need ‘flints and all 4 flowers’ . I have the flowers but the ‘flints’ has disappeared from my treasure box which i used few times. I cannot continue the game……. is it a bug ?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need the flint to make a fire in the room with the drawings of the flowers. If you didn’t make that fire yet, then yeah it sounds like a bug.

  31. Steph

    I can’t fine the missing tiles. I have all of them and I already completed the summer puzzle and the last hint is to complete the broken tiles on screen 18. help please.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Which ones are you missing? I posted the locations in the walkthrough.

      1. Steph

        the one at the under left side.

        1. Steph

          The tile at screen 38. I still don’t have the screen 38 though.

          1. Steph

            how can I create bridge?

  32. Braiden14

    Im playing it on the iPhone and can’t find the spring flower!!!
    I’ve used the spoilers and it’s not where the spoilers say it should be in scene 39

  33. Elle

    I can’t find the tree knot, hint says screen 10 but I can’t find it and can’t continue without as need to use crank – help

  34. Kyle

    Does anyone know how to solve the floor puzzle ?
    HELP !

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to rub charcoal on the unreadable code to get the clue.

      1. Vi

        Could you plz be more detail about floor puzzle? How to rub this unreadab code and place them in order in page 8? I really stuck on this one. Thx

        1. AppUnwrapper

          You need to rub charcoal on the unreadable code on screen 20 to read it.

  35. Kyle

    Oh thx ! Finished the game now ^_^

  36. Kellie

    Pleasd help…..this mite sound stupid but I can’t get it to the winter season???? I have no idea where to go. I have the stone for winter but wheres the statue and how I get there!!! HELP

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to cut through the thickets that are in the way.

  37. Lori

    I can’t figure out how to open the bars to the room below room 15. I did the sun dial . It shows the orange and blue circles and I thought I put them in the right order but it still will not open the bars. If you could help I would be so grateful. Thank you.

  38. emer

    I had the red flower but it seems to have vanished from collected items. any ideas?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Unless you already put it on the fire, I’m not sure why it would disappear. Sorry.

  39. Smalcolm

    I cant seem to open screen 39. .I have the gold heart for the summer. have I missed something?? My screen goes to 40 and 41

  40. kdwang

    Just started game and stuck already. I’m on screen 4 and changed the seasons. Cant get back to the other screens and hint says I need to go to screen 10???

  41. ElmerFudd

    I have the flint and 4 flowers, left in inventory. And cannot find page 38. Checked my map and it is nowhere to be found. Now what do I do? I’m stuck!

  42. Danielle

    It says on the hints to change it back to summer to put the plug into the statue to get the floating box but I don’t know where the summer stone is because it’s not there?

  43. musz

    i cant read the unreadable code..can anyone help me how to easily to read that code

  44. miffy

    have red, blue and yellow flowers. where is purple?

  45. Rebecca

    Please help I had the heart stone to change to summer, then went to another season and now can’t get back to summer, the stone is gone. Please help.

  46. Mrs T

    I have followed the hint to screen22 to use the rusty key on the floating box but when I get there I can’t find a box! I’m only told that you can hear running water and I’ve tried using the rope but nothing seems to work, please help its driving me nuts…. :-\

  47. lynnkyaw

    How do i go to screen 38? I can’t go there. How do i go?

  48. Deb

    I am at the stage of solving the autumn puzzle but the winter puzzle is still there (solved). How do I get the tiles to move so I can complete the autumn puzzle to get the wooden handle? Is this a bug?

  49. neeha

    awsmmmm game complete ol level.!!!!!!!!

  50. mary jean lacidonia

    I am stuck on the winter puzzle on page 28, even though in looking at the image u put up it appears correct. What could be the problem?

  51. Ryan

    I need help th the egg.

  52. lee evans

    My item box arrows are covered. What am I coin wrong?

  53. lee evans

    Item box arrows are covered what am I doing wrong?

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