Escape Game: “Night Pranks” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Night Pranks”


1. Open the curtains to see a little girl through the window:


2. Turn left and zoom in on the zombie doll. Press the button and it’s mouth will open. Take the stone from inside.


3. Look at the note on the wall:


4. Turn it over to see this:


5. Close the curtains again, then open them to see this:


6. Use that clue on the panel to the right so they look like this:


7. Turn right twice and open the safe to get a knife.

8. Use the knife on the paper lantern to open it. Take the bloody towel from inside.

9. Wash the towel in the can of water to the left. It’s now clean (the red stuff was just ink).

10. Use the towel to clean up the pool of blood (or ink) to see this:


11. Use the knife on the floor to open it and get a cup of clotted blood.

12. Turn right and zoom in on the leg of the model. Pour some blood on the leg to loosen it up. The model will fall over.

13. Zoom in on the model and take the bone that’s sticking out from its chest.

14. There’s a box under the lantern. On the right side is a small hole. Try to stick the bone in the hole. It doesn’t fit. Carve the bone a bit with the knife and try again. Now some numbers appear on the box.

15. Enter the numbers like so:


16. Now the trap door below the light can be opened (turn on the light). Break the pot with the stone and take the box wrapped on rope.

17. Use the knife to cut the rope. Open the box and take the glue.

18. Turn to the skeleton. Look at the box by its feet. Take the bones from inside and use the glue to attach them to the skeleton. Click on the skeleton a few times and the girl from before will reappear.

19. Something falls.

20. Zoom in on the fallen model and take the plastic bag to the left of it.

21. Put the bag on the blue lever (try pulling it first). Then put the rock in the bag. Now the small door will open and you can take the wooden stick.

22. Take the stone back.

23. Try to use the stick on the stone. It will tell you that you can make a hammer. Put glue on the stone, then use the stick on the stone to make a hammer.

24. Use the hammer on the wooden plank on the door next to the skeleton. Tap on it till it falls off and and open the door to enter the second room. Before entering, take the nails from the floor.

25. Look at the piece of paper under the strange thing with a long neck:


26. Turn its head left, center, right and then look at what it’s shining at:




27. There’s a small voodoo doll above the fireplace. Stick a nail in it and then use the hammer on it. The picture frame will fall, revealing a lighter. Take it.

28. Open the lighter and light it up.

29. On the bed is this clue. We need to figure out how to melt her.


30. To the left of the safe is a small pair of shoes. There’s a note inside:


31. Use the clues from the strange doll to open the safe:


32. Take the newspaper. Put it in the fireplace and light it with the lighter. You can see that the snow woman has started turning red.

33. Walk around a bit, then tap the snow doll face a couple of times to see this clue:


34. The clue is for the box behind the bed. Use it so the dials look like so:


35. Take the plastic bottle from the box.

36. Use the bottle of water to put out the fire. The torch will go out, too, so use the lighter to light it.

37. Look under the bed near the box where you got the bottle. You’ll see a creepy boy. Tap a few times till you get his eye.



38. Put the eye above the “Melt It” sign and a hoe will fall from the ceiling. Take it.



39. Use the hoe on the crack in the wall and a key will fall down.

40. Use the key on the front door and open it to get the BAD ENDING.

41. For the GOOD ENDING, press continue and look on the floor near the skeleton for this ticket:


42. Now use the key to escape and get the good ending!

Congratulations! You made it out!


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  1. Trish

    I have a rock and no where to use it:(

    1. Donna

      Me too

  2. Diana

    Adding to the walkthru above:

    Tap the little girl. After she finished talking, close the curtain and open it again. You’ll see “bloodbloodblood_bloodblood. This is for the switch beside it. So leave out the 4th button of the switch. It will then open the fire safe behind. Take the knife inside it and cut the lantern into halves. Take the cloth inside it. Go to the blue can filled with water and wash it. Then use the cloth and wipe the red stain on the floor. You’ll see the word “open”. Use the knife to cut it open. There’ll be a can of blood inside. Go to the skeleton, open the box in front of it an take the skeleton parts.

    After that, I’m stuck. I know if you turn the white device around, there’s a hole but there’s nothing to fit it in yet. If you turn the lamp on, there’s a door on the floor. But can’t seem to open it with the knife. You can also tap on the human leg, but u need something to smooth it up. Rock or knife won’t work. If you go to the skeleton area and tap on the red drapes, it will show you the drapes area, it’s dark, but there’s nothing you can do. Also the rock can’t seem to hold the lever down.

    1. Claire

      Apply the can of blood to smoother the leg of the model and the leg will come off. Take the bone that appears on the model’s body. There will be a plastic bag on the shelf behind the fallen model. Take that too. Put the plastic bag one the level and put the stone in. The weight will hold the level down. You’ll be able to retrieve a pole.

    2. Yal

      Use the can of blood on the skeleton, once it falls on floor, you will get a piece of bone. Use knife to make it smaller, now it will fit in the hole of the safe.

  3. Yal

    In order to get lever
    down, get the platic bag on shelf under cat. Put bag on lever then rock. You will get a wooden stick.

  4. Diana

    Go to the human anatomy. Tap on the leg. Use the blood on the leg to smoothen it. The human anatomy will fall. Zoom into it and take the bone. Zoom out and zoom in to the shelves beside it. Take the plastic bag. Go to the lever, hang the plastic bag. Tap the rock and put it inside the plastic bag. Open the safe and you’ll obtain a wooden stick.

    However, you still can’t fit it into the device. If you try to combine the rock with the stick or bone, it will say “how do i stick it together”. So currently I am trying to find a string or glue. Need it for the skeleton too.

    1. Claire

      Remember to take the rock out if the bag.. Will need it later. Sharpen the bone with the knife and it will fit into the hole of the device. Use the clue beside the zombie dog to solve for the device and the trap dig in the floor will open. Smash the vase it thingy with the stone and you’ll get the glue. Use the glue to stabilize the skeleton.

  5. Diana

    Use the glue onto the rock. Then put the rock and stick together. It’ll turn into a hammer. Use the hammer to break the wooden plank. Enter the room. Andddd…….
    Still solving. Still figuring out the doll lamp. Beside the bed there’s a note with “melt it” written on it. On top of it, there’s a hole?

  6. Diana

    Point the lamp at the wooden box. Zoom in, you can see the word “F” and an arrow pointing to the right.

  7. Diana

    Go out of the room, to the wooden plank. Zoom in. Take the nail. Go back into the room, zoom in to the hanging straw doll. Put the nail onto its stomach. Use the hammer. The frame will fall. Take the lighter behind the frame.

    Still finding for things to burn at the fireplace to melt the snowdoll. Has anyone figure out the safe code or what the pamphlet inside the shoe is used for?

  8. Diana

    There’s a box beside the bed and torch. It’s quite hard to tap it. There’s 3 dial. All this problem solving is making me hungry. Sigh. 🙁

  9. Siumow

    Turn of head of the long neck doll, click the light at 3 different positions and you will see

    C->->-> = F
    A->->->-> = E
    F-> = G

    The paper under the doll says Left->Center->Right so the password for the safe is FEG.

  10. Tiger

    Open safe get the newpaper and place in fire light using the lighter. Look around then look at the snow doll face. The numbers 3 5 2 appear. Used this to turn each dual on the box next to the bed. Get the bottle of water from the box and extinguish the fire.

  11. Siumow

    How to achieve the good ending?

  12. Honeybee

    After put out the fire, the torch goes off, use the lighter to light it back and then what else I need to do? Where to get the keg to open the door?

  13. Siumow

    Beside the box there is a pit, click the pit you will see a “ghost” kid. He talks to you and then leaves an eye ball. Put the eye ball into the hole above the “Melt it”. It is straight forward after this point….

    However, I am still trying to achieve the good ending…

  14. Honeybee

    The box next to the fireplace? The pit is it blue? I tried many times nothing but it didn’t work.. 🙁

  15. Siumow

    No I mean the locked box (the 3->5->2 one) between the fireplace and the bed. The pit should be under the bed and you can see it before zooming in the locked box. Click it.

  16. Honeybee

    Yeah, I made it! Thank you for your help! 🙂

  17. Siumow

    Finally I can achieve the good ending 🙂

  18. Sean

    Any hint for good ending? I keep getting bad one.

  19. Siumow

    Check the box under the skeleton… 🙂

  20. Sean

    Thanks. found the ticket under box but still get bad end.

    1. Siumow

      Have you checked the note inside the little shoe?

  21. Dolly

    I put the bone in the box. Heard a click. But the numbers 292 did not appear on the box and when I entered the numbers nothing happened. Anyone else have the same prOblem?

  22. Jodon

    How do you get the 292 for the device? The clue next to the dog doesn’t help.

  23. Aqua

    ΓöÇΓûæ looked at the ticket but still bad ending;(

  24. Lauren

    Does anybody know what happens if you turn around when the kid says don’t turn around?? I didn’t do this so I’m really curious?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I tried it a few times and nothing happened. Very anticlimactic.

  25. Revital

    I don’t know why I can’t smash the pot with the stone , I tried starting the game again but it still doesn’t work. Any ideas ?

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