Escape Game: “A Kind Kidnapping” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “A Kind Kidnapping”

Feel free to discuss the game here in the comments section until I get to writing a walkthrough.



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  1. Kick-Ash

    For the life of me, I cannot figure out the code for the safe….

  2. Jodon

    Same here. I’ve been working on it for days. Up till then it was fairly easy.

    1. Christo

      What safe, where is it? I have urevealed texf onthe note SAKURA is a FLOWER, can’t find sugar …

      1. cupcake

        Where can I find the note please?

      2. Revital

        The sugar is in a box the doll is holding .

        1. francla

          I can’t find sugar, Idon’t see the doll. Where do you use the golden key ?

  3. Micol

    Add 2 make it 1 !!????? 🙁

  4. Lizzy-loo

    Okay, I can’t find the not that says “Sakura is a flower” or the safe. But I saw someone say the code for the safe was 424248

  5. d3m1s

    Where is the safe?

    1. J

      The safe is located in the cupboard on which is written 1 in red.

      1. Christo

        What is the doll’s name? Anybody knows?

        1. Christo

          Nevermind, I know now, and escaped!

          1. Revital

            It seems logical the name is SAKURA but what do you do with the paper and the doll? I’ve tried everything but can’t figure it out.

  6. Cupcake

    Where is the note?

    1. Revital

      You get the note from the mail slot when you insert the candy key in the big key hole.

  7. Moe

    How u write on the paper?

    1. Revital

      You don’t write on it, you need to use the eraser and erase only the extra letters. I tried various versions and finally erasing the E and the U worked and I escaped.

  8. Lizzy-loo

    What is the mirror for? I placed it on the window, what now?

  9. Micol

    the mirror on the window with the laser pen!

    1. Lizzy-loo

      Wheres the lazor pen?

  10. Micol

    Where is note SAKURA is a FLOWER, can’t find sugar …

  11. Micol

    I found the safe, the note in the kitchen with the visible laser beam and mess in the oven…not have the big key, the note and even a doll … I’m really out!!! 🙁

  12. Karrie

    Hi. I too can’t find the sakura is a flower note. I have the blank note that says 85 degrees. I have tried what feels like everything but I am missing something. Likely something in front of my eyes…..but, am not cluing in. Please help 🙂

    1. Albi

      I hope u have found the utensil…fill the utensil with water from sink…keep it in gas and turn on the gas…leave it for sometime and come back and put the thermometer in the boiling water the temperature has to reach 85degree then insert the paper in the water…you’ll get the message Sakura is a flower

      1. Albi

        Once you get that message On the paper…you need to decode the message for numbers that will be your code for locker with flowers

        1. Gloria

          Can u pls tell me where exactly the safe is and I keep taping on the 3 dolls on the wall and can’t find the sugar? Thx!

      2. Lizzy-loo

        How do you get the sink to work? The code in the oven wont work for me

  13. francla

    I can’t find sugar,
    I don’t see a doll,
    where is the clue for the code of the safe with pink flowers.
    Somebody to help me, please ?

    1. Mach

      I too need help to find the doll, the Sakura is a flower note, a clue for the safe. Please !!

      1. Albi

        Doll is inside the locker and on the dolls’s pocket there is a locked box for that I’m sure u’ve already found the keys open the boc u’ll find the sugar….now to open the box you need to have couple of things done…1st the paper which says 85 degree boil the water get the temperature to 85degree and dip that note on the boiling water u’ll get the message “Sakura is a flower” 2nd I guess you have found the mirror use it with the laser it will point to the side of the oven read the note “add 2 and make it 1” now it’s a long procedure to decode the code so i’ll give you the code it’s 424248
        If u are just curious This is how it’s calculated:
        A=1, B=2
        Sakura ΓÇô s=19 a=1 k=11 u=21 r=18 a=1
        Flower ΓÇô f=6 l=12 o=15 w=23 e=5 r=18
        Take the difference:
        13 11 4 2 13 17
        Now combine:
        1+3=4 1+1=2 4 2 1+3=4 1+7=8
        So the code is 424248

        1. Albi

          Once you open the locker with the above code rest is easy…hope it helped

        2. emmanuelle

          Thanks Albi. Where is the locker where the doll is ?

          1. Albi

            Hi Emmanuelle read my note below hope it will help..

        3. francla

          Where is the locker ? I’ve open all cupboards and no doll… I’ve a small golden key. I search, I search but… nothing…
          @ Albi Thanks for help

          1. Albi

            Golden key is for the box…box is in the dolls’s pocket any way have you found the strawberry key if not its inside the cherry tin which is on the book shelf next to the window…that strawberry key will open the lock outside the glass counter with the cake and sweets (it’s the counter where you can see number 1) so to open that cabinet there is a wooden peg stuck between glass counter ( it looks like a key hole) remove that and the cabinet ( written 1) will open there is a mirror and the locker with the pink flower. Hope this helps.

  14. Micol

    same situation of Francla!

    1. Albi

      Micole Read my note above

      1. francla

        @ Albi, Yes I know that, but no doll and no sugar here 🙁

        1. Albi

          Francla you need to open the cabinet below the glass counter have you even found the cabinet written 1 in red (pink counter next to the plant pot) click on the counter it will show you the back of the counter click in the cabinet…inside there is a mirror and the locker

          1. Albi

            Hey you have mentioned it before its the safe ( or locker) I’m talking about… Safe with pink flowers the code is 424248 YOU WILL FIND THE DOLL INSIDE THE SAFE

          2. Albi

            And for the code to work for safe you need to find all the code related clues I.e paper written “Sakura is a flower” and the note at the side of the oven written “add 2 make it 1” ( if not read my comment above how to find these clues) inside the safe you will find the doll and inside the doll’s pocket there is a wooden box ( golden key will unlock the box) and there you will find the sugar.

          3. francla

            that’s it, I understood! Sometimes I’m idiot …. I couldn’t boil water, I thought I should add sugar and I persisted .. Thanks Albi for the code, I wouldn’t have found alone

    2. francla

      @ Micol have you advanced? I still haven’t sugar…

  15. Gloria

    Thanks all the info, Albi! I escaped finally! 🙂

  16. Mcv

    Where is the laser pen?

  17. Micol

    Tnks Francla and Albi. Now @ work and I can’t play. maybe tonight, but thanks so much

  18. Demya

    What shd I do with the level under the sink please im stuck

  19. Vento

    The lever inder the sink :

    RIGHT Center Right Center Left

  20. Vento

    The dolls name starts with Y …

  21. Vento

    And after you cook the water with sugar , you can get the key shaped thing to put the liquid inside from the glass cabinet with the cakes in the first room , which has the number 1 on it ..

  22. Demya

    Thank u. 🙂 havnt found the mirror yet pliz help

  23. Emma

    Can got cooker to work! Help!

  24. sharlene

    where is the laser pen?

  25. rob

    Can’t turn on gas stove….please help

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