Walkthrough: Adventures of Valentin the Valiant Viking

Adventures of Valentin the Valiant Viking
By: Playtinum

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Level 1: Tap the donkey to let it loose. Wake up the sleeping wood cutter and he’ll run after the donkey. Pick up the axe and the bucket. Use the axe to chop the tree next to Valentin to get a stick. Use the bucket on the body of water to fill it up. Then use the bucket of water to put out the fire. Take the charcoal from the fire. Put the charcoal on Valentin’a face as a disguise. Then use the stick to ring the bell. The drawbridge will lower and you can enter the castle!

Level 2:

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  1. Gina

    Can someone help me out with the Tri-Coloured lock puzzle (red, yellow + blue) to open the door? There is a dial with numbers 0-9. Been stuck for 3 nights…argh!

    Kind regards,

    1. JesterClown

      Yes, if it’s level two. Look at the colours of the flowers and how they are set. The three colours at te back then the four colours in front. And the last single colour on the ground tat you knocked over to get the key. Hope it helps

  2. Monica

    Gina, did you ever find the answer? If not, look at the colored shapes and count the sides of each. If I remember correctly, it’s four, five and three, in order of the colors. I’m stuck on the code for a lock in another scene!

  3. Wendy Newhouse

    I am stuck on level 12 on the last two color puzzles. I know they have to do with the paintings, but can’t figure the one that goes with the top painting. Any help would be appreciated!

  4. michelle

    I am stuck on the lock code for the level with the thief. Any help?

    1. Brandi

      The lock combo is based on roman numerals.
      You will see the roman numerals XI, III and VI on the right pillar which means 11, 3 , 6.
      There is a mirror in front of the left pillar which means. It will reflect the roman numbers making them IX, III and IV which is 9, 3, 4.
      Now these are the numbers to be put in the lock but the thief says that the lock has to be adjusted backwards by 2 so the left lock combo becomes (9-2),(3-2) (4-2) or 7,1,2 and the right side lock combo becomes (11-2) (3-2) (6-2) or 9,1,4

  5. Jo

    I am stuck on level 2 with the lock pattern? Can anyone help?

  6. Eri


    set the time to tea time and wait a few seconds. the guard will walk to the tea table

  7. susan

    I cant get past level 11. Have orange position but cant use on dog or anywhere else w/o getting caught..starting to think there is a glitch.

    1. layzin

      you have to use the potion on the bones above, a bone will become poisoned, which the dog will then eat if you use it on it.

  8. Niall

    Hi, what’s the story with the rest of the walkthrough, I’m stuck on the level with the lift, I have got the guard to the upper floor but can’t get to the other side. I think it is scene 4 I’m stuck on
    Thanks folks!!

    1. Nick

      U gotta pick up the spear from the ko’ed guard

  9. bill

    need help for level 2..anyone?

  10. bill

    done in level two, now I’m stuck in level 8 pls help 🙁

    1. Nick

      Me too I’m stuck in the maze what swicthes must b moved??

  11. Nita

    In the maze, choose the door which theres pic frame above. And for the switch, depends on how much pic frame on the wall. If theres one pic, move the switch on the left door, 2 pic move the center door, 3 pic move the switch on right door

  12. Carlita cc

    Stuck on scene 3!! Can anyone help?

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