The Enchanted Worlds: Complete Walkthrough Guide

The Enchanted Worlds (previously The Enchanted Books)
By: Syntaxity Inc.

This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with help, hints, tips, tricks and solutions for the iOS and Android puzzle adventure, The Enchanted Worlds , by Syntaxity. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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You can watch my video for the whole game here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. You start at screen 1. Tap on the door to open it. Don’t go through yet. Look behind the bottom of the window curtains and get the matches. Then go through the door to screen 2.

2. Use the matches to light the logs in the fireplace and then take the wood carving.

3. Tap on the table and solve the tangrams puzzle. Take the coat and the gold key.

4. Go through the doorway to the right to screen 3. Climb up the ladder to screen 6. Open the third cabinet to get another wood carving. Look at the two wood carvings together in your bag.

5. Go back to screen 1 and place the coat on the coat rack. Look at the clue that’s revealed to automatically take a photo of it.

6. Tap on the desk and move the symbols around so they match those on the wood carvings. The desk will open up.

7. Use the gold key inside there to reveal another puzzle. This time, use the clue from the wall to solve it. Focus on the Phillips head screws to figure out where to move the sliders. Take the amulet.

8. Go back to screen 3. Tap on the stand to the right and place the amulet in one of the slots. A book will pop out from the bookshelf! Grab it and then open it up to go inside to screen 7!

9. Go right to screen 8, right to screen 9, continue right to screen 10. Pick up the branch by the tree.

10. Go down to screen 5 and over the bridge to the lighthouse at screen 12. Go inside to screen 13 and pick up the shovel.

11. Go up to screen 16 and tap on part of the pattern on the wall that’s to the right of the staircase. You’ll automatically take a photo of the clue. Ignore everything else here for now.

12. Go back to screen 5 and left to screen 4. Use the shovel to dig up a stone tablet. Take a look at it.

13. Go back to screen 8 and then straight up to screen 14. Use the two clues you just found on the statues. Go through the door to screen 18.

14. Head right to screen 19 and then down to screen 15. Use the shovel to dig up the cylinder and take a look at it.

15. Go back to the lighthouse at screen 12 and use the clue you just found to unlock the chest. Take the brass key from inside.

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Where are the rest of the pages. No little numbers no link to next page?

Elizabeth Becker

Same question with the pages. And also, how the heck do I kill the bees??


needs last pages…. (I find it stupid that only existing 100% walkthough is chinese 1.5 hour video)


to get rid of the bees, block the chimney on the roof with the lab coat and then collect some smoke in the small jar. Then use it on the bees…


HI RemD I put the coat on the chimney and was to late to catch the smoke in the Jar. And now I can’t kill the bees.
Is there a possibility to get a second change to catch smoke in the Jar?
Please help me, someone


The green liquid and the cork go to laboratory in the house; gas is still needed.
Cut the yellow flower on the submarine, the sheers disappeared.


I can’t find the flower at the sub


Come back out of the sub and the yellow flowers are next to the jetty


non, il faut entrer dans le sous-marin et ils sont dans la salle en haut


Tela 67 voce corta a flor.


On screen 47 at the bottom of one of the columns there’s a vinyl record. Play it in the house, and get a crossbow and a chalk.


The iron dial is useful on screen 6, get another medallion and a tube they call a transistor.


Transistor fits on screen 57, get dynamite.


Dynamite and matches – on screen 25, get a rope and a stool.


Rope to screen 49. Note the hint above the cave entrance, use chalk. Solve the puzzle, take bronze key.


Note the hint on the back wall on screen 33.


The stool to be used on a submarine, screen 51.


The chemistry set needs a gas flask (found on a submarine), si and and the three flowers. There comes out a liquid, which I could pour onto the column at the entrance of the Acropolis. Nothing happened though. And I somehow lost a medallion with Scorpio…


Screen 44 into the grass the bottom left


He didn’t mention how to get the iron bar for the axe or where the wooden branch is


20. Go up the ladder to screen 39. Pick up the paint palette and iron bar. Take a look at the palette. It’s a clue.


9. Go right to screen 8, right to screen 9, continue right to screen 10. Pick up the branch by the tree.


How do I get the empty glass jar?

David Appie

Can you offer an old guy a step by step for the puzzle on the box outside of the lighthouse ? Stuck there for too long.. LOL! If I skip it seems to end the game and I am enjoying it too much! Thank you for your time ! David…


how come the vine lyre puzzle on pg 50 does not work? I have the x swords on right at east. Lyre is at North and vase at SOuth. but i use your image to match what slots get filled. on ipad here with slow wifi so cant fix this. playing on iphone. thanks.


I couldn’t get #98 to work for me. No matter how many times I tried. I couldn’t figure it out. The metal carving had the grapes aligned to the left. No matter how many times I did the pattern around the outside, changing position every time in a circle, it wouldn’t do anything. When I tapped on it all it did was pop it in and out real quick, I couldn’t turn it or anything. Is there some sort of trick to turning it? Did I miss a step somewhere?


Yes, click all of the tabs so it isn’t locked, then it should spin freely. move the grapes to the top, and solve from there.


Descubri las piedras verdes pero no me dejo tomarlas y desaparecieron. Vuelvo al mismo lugar y me dice que las figuras estan correctas pero no aparecen las piedras y es el paso final. Que hago para obtenerlas?


las piedras verdes están en el edificio de la izquierda en la entrada


I cannot cut the yellow flowers, I just get put back in the submarine.


The flowers are IN the submarine (screen 67)


Discover the green stones but I did not let them take them and they disappeared. I return in the same place and it tells me that the figures are correct but the stones do not appear and the final step. What do I do to obtain them?


Discover the green stones but I did not let them take them and they disappeared. I return in the same place and it tells me that the figures are correct but the stones do not appear and the final step. What do I do to obtain them? Eh?


Point 10. Doesn’t work. Nothing happen after I pick up the branch. Any idea?


How i can find axe? Theres no axe near lighthouse for me


I don’t know the right matches on Screen 55. I already watch the Video, I took the help, and the Photography is very confusing, I don’t know if the Symbols vertical match or every second, or other?
I still can’t open the door…


Have you opened the door? I don’t understand how 😰

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