The Enchanted Worlds: Complete Walkthrough Guide

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46. Go back to screen 53 and then down the stairs to screen 45. Look at the sign to get a clue.

47. Head right to screen 46. There’s a net to the right. Use it to catch the big fish! It’s an Emperor Angelfish! Once you catch it, use the empty bowl to pick it up.

48. Go back to screen 67 and use the shears to cut a yellow flower.

49. Use the first book to go back to the lighthouse and up to screen 16. Tap on the night table. There’s a puzzle with a bunch of buttons. Press them to make the pattern show on the stone slab. There’s another puzzle underneath. Use the clue from screen 52 to solve it. Take the empty glass jar and brass lever from inside.

50. Go back to screen 37 and use the shears to cut some mint leaves from the plants.

51. Go up to screen 39. And place the lab coat over the chimney to block the smoke from getting out. Then fill the jar with smoke.

52. Go back to screen 38 and use the clue from screen 45 to solve the clock puzzle. It’s a bit confusing, but here’s what you do: tap the first one 6 times, the second 2 times, the third 4 times, and the fourth 6 times. Take the tile piece from the bed.

53. Go back to screen 10 and use the jar of smoke on the bees to get rid of them. Look inside the tree hole and pull the ring. A locked box will drop down that we can’t open yet.

54. Go back to screen 16 and up to screen 20. Place the tile pieces below the giant light. Open the drawer and take the metal handle and Acropolis Amulet. Also, press the button to turn on the lighthouse light.

55. Head back to screen 15 and place the metal handle on the circular thing. It controls the water. Turn it to get water to run through the lion fountain.

56. Head back to screen 7 and place the angelfish in the water of the lion fountain. Then take the stone tablet and look at it. Also, refill the empty fish bowl with water from the fountain.

57. Use the second book to go back to the sub. Head to screen 46 and use the lever with the furnace to access a new puzzle. Use the clue from the stone slab you just found to solve the puzzle. Then pour the water from the fish bowl onto the fire and then take the gold medallion and another stone tablet. Look at it.

58. Use the net again to catch the Clownfish. Again, use the fish bowl to grab it.

59. Use the lighthouse book to go back to screen 15. Turn the handle again and the water will run through a different viaduct.

60. Go back to screen 9. The water is running out of the fish fountain. Pour the clown fish into the fountain and then take the bull gold medallion.

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  1. Trisha

    Where are the rest of the pages. No little numbers no link to next page?

  2. Elizabeth Becker

    Same question with the pages. And also, how the heck do I kill the bees??

    1. Flo

      You must never kill a bee.

  3. raven0ak

    needs last pages…. (I find it stupid that only existing 100% walkthough is chinese 1.5 hour video)

  4. RemD

    to get rid of the bees, block the chimney on the roof with the lab coat and then collect some smoke in the small jar. Then use it on the bees…

    1. Noa

      HI RemD I put the coat on the chimney and was to late to catch the smoke in the Jar. And now I can’t kill the bees.
      Is there a possibility to get a second change to catch smoke in the Jar?
      Please help me, someone

    2. Aiden Larsen

      bot how dow i cros the bres

      1. Aiden Larsen

        kil the bees

  5. Mike

    The green liquid and the cork go to laboratory in the house; gas is still needed.
    Cut the yellow flower on the submarine, the sheers disappeared.

    1. Stephanie

      I can’t find the flower at the sub

      1. Queenie

        Come back out of the sub and the yellow flowers are next to the jetty

        1. Maria HOHENAUER

          non, il faut entrer dans le sous-marin et ils sont dans la salle en haut

      2. ISAEL C M TITO

        Tela 67 voce corta a flor.

  6. Mike

    On screen 47 at the bottom of one of the columns there’s a vinyl record. Play it in the house, and get a crossbow and a chalk.

  7. Mike

    The iron dial is useful on screen 6, get another medallion and a tube they call a transistor.

  8. Mike

    Transistor fits on screen 57, get dynamite.

  9. Mike

    Dynamite and matches – on screen 25, get a rope and a stool.

  10. Mike

    Rope to screen 49. Note the hint above the cave entrance, use chalk. Solve the puzzle, take bronze key.

  11. Mike

    Note the hint on the back wall on screen 33.

  12. Mike

    The stool to be used on a submarine, screen 51.

  13. Mike

    The chemistry set needs a gas flask (found on a submarine), si and and the three flowers. There comes out a liquid, which I could pour onto the column at the entrance of the Acropolis. Nothing happened though. And I somehow lost a medallion with Scorpio…

    1. ningo

      Screen 44 into the grass the bottom left

  14. Reeee

    He didnΓÇÖt mention how to get the iron bar for the axe or where the wooden branch is

    1. Kristen

      20. Go up the ladder to screen 39. Pick up the paint palette and iron bar. Take a look at the palette. ItΓÇÖs a clue.

    2. Kristen

      9. Go right to screen 8, right to screen 9, continue right to screen 10. Pick up the branch by the tree.

  15. Miriam

    How do I get the empty glass jar?

  16. David Appie

    Can you offer an old guy a step by step for the puzzle on the box outside of the lighthouse ? Stuck there for too long.. LOL! If I skip it seems to end the game and I am enjoying it too much! Thank you for your time ! David…

  17. kytriya

    how come the vine lyre puzzle on pg 50 does not work? I have the x swords on right at east. Lyre is at North and vase at SOuth. but i use your image to match what slots get filled. on ipad here with slow wifi so cant fix this. playing on iphone. thanks.

  18. Alyssa

    I couldn’t get #98 to work for me. No matter how many times I tried. I couldn’t figure it out. The metal carving had the grapes aligned to the left. No matter how many times I did the pattern around the outside, changing position every time in a circle, it wouldn’t do anything. When I tapped on it all it did was pop it in and out real quick, I couldn’t turn it or anything. Is there some sort of trick to turning it? Did I miss a step somewhere?

    1. Penny

      Yes, click all of the tabs so it isn’t locked, then it should spin freely. move the grapes to the top, and solve from there.

  19. Pablo

    Descubri las piedras verdes pero no me dejo tomarlas y desaparecieron. Vuelvo al mismo lugar y me dice que las figuras estan correctas pero no aparecen las piedras y es el paso final. Que hago para obtenerlas?

    1. jhosep

      las piedras verdes están en el edificio de la izquierda en la entrada

  20. Hephestus

    I cannot cut the yellow flowers, I just get put back in the submarine.

    1. Itzmp.

      The flowers are IN the submarine (screen 67)

  21. Pablo

    Discover the green stones but I did not let them take them and they disappeared. I return in the same place and it tells me that the figures are correct but the stones do not appear and the final step. What do I do to obtain them?

  22. Pablo

    Discover the green stones but I did not let them take them and they disappeared. I return in the same place and it tells me that the figures are correct but the stones do not appear and the final step. What do I do to obtain them? Eh?

  23. Val

    Point 10. Doesn’t work. Nothing happen after I pick up the branch. Any idea?

  24. Kito

    How i can find axe? Theres no axe near lighthouse for me

  25. Steffi

    I don’t know the right matches on Screen 55. I already watch the Video, I took the help, and the Photography is very confusing, I don’t know if the Symbols vertical match or every second, or other?
    I still can’t open the door…

    1. Lily

      Have you opened the door? I don’t understand how ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉ╬ô├╗├ª

  26. Markus

    Where do I find the matches?

    1. Aiden Larsen

      bhid the chrtes

  27. Kevin

    Where do you get the wood for the stump

  28. Leonardo Foquim

    What is the clue on the entrance of the cave on point 81… I finished the game and now found that anything im missing?

  29. Arlette

    No me dejo agarrar el cristal verde del final que hago no puedo acabar el juego sin el cristal, ayuda aaaa!!!!

  30. Lukas

    Solution for the Lighthouse animal puzzle
    Rows top to bottom: 123
    Columns left to right: ABC
    1. C up up
    2. 1 left 2 left left 3 left
    3. A up C up up
    4. A up 2 right A up 2 right
    5. B up C up
    6. 3 left left A up B down C down
    7. B up 3 left left B down
    8. 1 left 2 left C down down 1 right 2 right
    Hope I wrote it correctly 🙂

  31. Andri

    Please help! Why i cant fill empty jar with smoke

  32. Jeri

    I put my fish into the 1st fountain, lnstead of the 3rd. There is no strainer there. Can I reverse this???

    1. Aiden Larsen


  33. Jeri

    Where is the empty beaker?

    1. Ryan

      Room 37

  34. Michelle Perrett

    where do i find the archer gold medallion

  35. Aiden Larsen

    how dow i kele the bees for god saec

  36. Aiden Larsen

    how do i get en the hows pleees tele me thees

  37. Aiden Larsen

    wot do i us the brnch

  38. Aiden Larsen

    wot do i uos the brnch for is wot i met

  39. Aiden Larsen

    what do I use the bres for

  40. Jess J

    Hi, thank you for all you do. Your website always comes up first in my searches when I’m looking for some help. I haven’t needed anything other than a small clue, or a hint. Until now. I am unable to unlock the door puzzle on screen 55. Can someone help an old lady enjoy more of the game?

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