The Secret of Arcanesium: Walkthrough

The Secret of Arcanesium
By: Playtinum


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1. Tap to the left of the door. There’s a cracked, loose brick. Use your knife to pry it out and get a key.

2. Zoom back out and tap on the right side of the screen to see the yard. Use the key on the locked box and take the shovel and clippers from inside.

3. Use the clippers on the vines on the wall to reveal a puzzle. Solve the puzzle to get a number keypad:


4. Go back to the front door and put the missing piece in. Then count the number of sides for each shape from the puzzle and input those numbers in the keypad to unlock it.

(*Spoiler*: The code is 37465.)

5. Enter the house. Tap the plant closest to you. Tap it again to get access to the dirt. Use the trowel to dig it up and get a key.

6. Tap right behind the other plant to access a safe in the wall. Use the key to unlock it and take the crowbar and screwdriver from inside.

7. Turn left. Pick up the odd metal object from the sofa.

8. Go back and take the left door to the back. This will take you to the kitchen. Take a bowl and read the book on the table:


9. Open the drawer to the right and take the candle and matches.

10. Go back a screen and take the right door. Tap the flowers to knock them off the table. Then examine the broken vase to find a key.

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11. Tap the table to remove the tablecloth, revealing a puzzle. Swap the pieces to make this image:


You still need a piece to put in the slot.

12. Go back to the kitchen and use the key on the locked cabinet to see a used Bingo card:


13. Go back to the first room and go up the stairs. Use the screwdriver to open the panel in the wall. Take the key ring and orange fairy from inside.

14. Take the left door. Take the hammer and green angel. Then put the odd metal object on the lamp to light up the red buttons. Press the buttons that are lit up and a floor panel will appear. Break it with the hammer to reveal a secret passage.



15. Go downstairs through the secret passage. Pick up the eraser. Use the matches on the lamp to the left. Then use the candle on the lamp to light the candle. Use the candle on the lamp again to see these symbols:


16. Use the candle on the green lamp to the right to see these symbols:


17. Zoom in on the bulletin board and take the torn piece of paper:


18. Go back upstairs and zoom in on the portrait on the wall:


19. Use the key ring on the right door to get a puzzle. You need to match each key to the mold shown to you. If you get one wrong, you have to start over, so be careful. This is the order mine were in:










20. If you get all the keys right, you’ll enter the bedroom. Lift the covers to see more pillows:


21. Tap the lamp to the right to see the other half of the piece of paper. Use your half on it to see the full clue:



22. Look under the bed and pick up the fuse.


23. Go back to the secret trap door and open the fuse box to the right. Place the fuse in the slot. Then you need to flip the switches in the order that will make the lights go on in the sequence written below the switches (the model number). It should be switches 3, 7, 6, 2, 5, 1, 4. Now the safe in the living room is powered up.


24. Go back to the upstairs hallway and move the curtain to find a doorknob.


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25. You can now attach the doorknob to the door on the left under the trap door. This leads out to the garden and a fountain, where you can attach the two fairies. There are also clues behind the flowers.





26. Go back to the kitchen and erase the pencil marking from the Bingo card so you can see the numbers:


27. Go to the living room and zoom in on the painting to access the safe.


28. Compare the BINGO board to the blue pegs on the pegboard. These are the numbers that are the key to the safe.


So you get B13, I25, N41, G53, O69.
But wait! Remember that piece of paper you found? It said “Alphabet +3, Number -1”. So add 3 letters and subtract 1 number from each of them to get: E12, L24, Q40, J52, R68. Enter them each into the safe in that order and it will open, revealing a golden eagle.



29. Go back to the dining room where you completed the puzzle that was missing the eagle and place it in the empty slot. You’ll then get the missing jewel disc.



30. Go back to the room under the trap door. There’s a drawer with four discs similar to the one you just found. Place this one in the missing slot.



31. Now you have to match them up to the pillows you saw in the bedroom. I tried to take a photo, but the drawer opened too fast. Here are the top colors for each disc:

Green, Pinkish-Purple
Reddish-Pink, Orange, Gray

When it opens, you get a pink fairy and a diary that looks like this:



32. You need to decode the message on the right page, using the left page and the two lamps. Based on the symbols on the lamps, the green ones have dots in them and the blue ones don’t. So the decoded message comes out to:

(That last word is probably SUCCEED, even though one E is missing.)

33. Now look at the book on the kitchen table again. It tells you some times. One is 8:45. Go to the dining room and set the clock to 8:45 to get a valve.


You also get a blue fairy, I think if you set the clock to 1:15 (I was just playing around with it and missed the time when it opened).


4:40 gives you a red fairy.


And 10:25 should give you a purple fairy.


34. Now to back outside to the backyard and use the crowbar to open the manhole. Tap on the opening and you’ll see some valves, with one missing. Replace it.


35. The clue to this puzzle is the portrait upstairs of the bearded man with blocks. Each pile of blocks represents a valve. Count the number of blocks in each pile, and then turn each valve the same number of times. It goes 2, 4, 3, 2, 1, 3. It will look like this in the end:



36. The colors show you the order of the fairies on the fountain (even though the game won’t let you place them in the wrong spots). Go out to the fountain and place the fairies in their correct positions. The water will start running.

37. Fill the bowl with water from the fountain and take it inside to the living room to pour on the fireplace. Tap on the fireplace to see some symbols which you’ve seen before. They were behind the flowers in the garden. Press them in the order they were shown behind the flowers.



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38. If you got the sequence right, the bricks will open up, revealing a secret passage.

39. There are four puzzles to complete here. The first one is the circuit board (tap the blue thing near the top). Connect all the pieces like so:


40. To the left is a rotating puzzle. You need to match the planets up like so:


41. Next, tap on the board with lots of colored boxes. You need the use the planets from the last puzzle to solve this one. Press the buttons in order from smallest planet to largest, like so:


42. And the last puzzle is the four compasses. The clue is SE E NE W DIRECTIONS:



43. Now you can access the keypad on the machine:


44. Remember the message we decoded but never used? That’s the clue here — “WILL LOSE”. Look at it upside-down and it looks like some numbers. That’s the password! Punch it into the keypad:


Congratulations! You finished the first chapter! Watch the cutscene and wait for the next part of the story 🙂

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  1. Steven

    It gave me a good start… i cant see the whole walkthrough though.

  2. marie

    I am unable to get the valves to light up. What was I suppose to do with the decoded message? I’m stuck. Thanks!

  3. helsky

    this walkthrough was brill I was stumped at the valves but just played around with them till they lit up it doesn’t hurt to use your own brain now & again

  4. Hugo

    I should open the manhole with the crowbar, but… Where is the manhole? I can’t find it!

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