Escape Game: “The Mathematician’s Will”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Mathematician’s Will”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. K

    Walkthrough please….

  2. K

    For The Mathematician’s will….I am lost. Can anyone help?

  3. Amy

    I’m stuck near the end and can’t get the thing from under the bookshelf no matter what I try. I think there might be a bug in the game

    1. CitizenM

      Me too. Have you worked out what to do with the bent philips head? Not sure how the tape measure and lamp tie in either.

      1. Meowzer

        CitizenM, fix the wire into the hole of the measuring tape. And then add the bent Philips head to the top of that wire. Once it’s all attached, place the measuring tape on the square next to the lamp.

    2. Meowzer

      Stick the round magnet to the end of the screwdriver and then you can take the metal thing from under the bookshelf.

  4. David

    Ok me and my wife really need some help here. There are no clues for this one from appunwrapper guy!!! Come on, lets get the ball rolling, does anyone have anything figured out? Me and my wife think that the “Hint” on the computer is A= 1/ B= 2/ C= 3. Does anyone concur?

    1. Meowzer

      I thought the same too David. 1, 2 &3 makes sense. Anyhow. Where did you get the batteries? I’m about 95% done here!

      1. CitizenM

        batteries are from the clock inside the cabinet with the time that says 12:00.

  5. David

    Ok so we have figured out a lot of stuff, we’ve gotten into the clock cabinet, attached the wire puzzle to the tape measure, got batteries for the lamp, but were are still stuck

    1. Citizens

      I am stuck too. Need to find the value of the square! Assuming the screwdriver handle and cutt are involved as its the last active items left on the items list.

      1. CitizenM

        My mistake, remembered where the square. Seem to have all the numbers and sequence but not sure what how to activate it to work. Also realised that the tape measure can be picked up so there are more than one items that are still active in my list. Anyone know what the red square in the door code equation?

  6. Alisha

    How did you get the wire?

  7. CitizenM

    Does anyone else have the code 56065123. this doesn’t seem to work for me even with the number pad cover on.

    1. Meowzer

      You have to go according to which row comes first. It’s: circle, X, square, star, triangle, A, B, C. Do you see what I mean?

      1. CitizenM

        Yes I have that (i think it’s actually circle, star, square, cross, triange, A,B,C but this is irrelevant as the star and cross are the same). Did you get the same numbers? it doesn’t work for me

        1. Meowzer

          Yeah I escaped with 56065123. Try it.

        2. citizenm

          Ok finally figured why it wouldn’t work. For those who are also stuck, you have to use the cutter to cut the cellophane in the stool. The cellophane then has to be used to reveal the code (even though you could visually figure the code out without the cellophane)

  8. Amanda

    How do you get the key out of the fish tank? Stuck here need some help

    1. Meowzer

      Amanda, stick the circle magnet to the end of the screwdriver to get the wire out from under the book shelves. Then, tie the circular magnet to the end of the tape measure(make sure to pull it out) and use that to get the key in the fish tank.

  9. Amanda

    And what’s with the chess boards

  10. Apeksha

    From where can i get screwdriver handle??

  11. Keyboard839

    Where is the magnet?

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