Peril for Two: Walkthrough

Peril for Two
By: WaveA (IDAC)


Feel free to ask for help on the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Noosy

    Ok I got two honeycomb plates red and yellow still didn’t figur the picture password

    1. Jeanne

      I’m stuck in the same place. Get any further?

  2. Revital

    I got the blank piece of paper, filled the glass with alcholole and dipped it a number appeared but it dosent fit any of the password plates. I got the yellow honeycomb where did you get the red one ?

    1. scott

      Beside the speaker

  3. Noosy

    Beside the bottles from the right side

  4. 555ViK555

    You can get a green honeycomb plate with the OGRU passsword: count each letter on the painting…

    1. lili

      hi, the password doesn’t work, why ?

  5. Katy89

    There’s another hint after you open the painting. It’s for another passcode.

  6. Javed

    The code for the safe below painting is 5212 painting will move and a deed will appear take the green honeycomb plate inside the deed

  7. d3m1s

    Use the password found on the rear of the painting (position of RED dots) to open slidings door on the opposite wall. Use the 4 honeycomb pieces and click ON button to get the password for DVD deck near the sofa. Open the door using the gold key. Here I found a coin hidden between books… and now I’m stuck

    1. Javed

      Hi can u plz tel the password i. E. position of red dots i tried counting both ways horizontly and verticaly but struck

      1. 555ViK555


    2. Dolly

      Anyone else having problems with the 4 honeycomb plates. Feel they should combine but they don’t. Or darker section should reveal a letter. What to do with them?

    3. Heather

      Im having problems deciphering the red dotsin the door of the safe in the painting, can anyone help

      1. sherri Altman

        Did you figure out the red dots because I can’t figure it out

  8. Mach

    The coin can be used as a screwdriver on the metal panel close the sofa. You get a key that opens the little door In the 2nd room. the middle shelf gives a hint but I don’t know what it means

    1. Jeanne

      You can also use the coin as a screwdriver on the left speaker by the screen. Haven’t found the key for this one yet. Code for bottom drawer in other room is on the bottom of the screen. Have DVD, but stuck. Can’t figure out math prob inside DVD case or get the DVD out.

      1. Revital

        You don’t need to take the DVD out , just put it in the DVD deck and press on. The big screen changes. The problem is I can’t look at the DVD envelop any more and I don’t remember the code that written there. So I have no clue how to go on.

        1. V01D

          = ΓöÇ
          ^ = x v = Γö£Γòû

          I took back the dvd and the envelop was click-able after that.

        2. grrrrrr

          How to put the dvd in the deck? stuck w this….

    2. apeksha

      where to find a coin?

  9. Mach

    The 4 plates should be combined in the right part of the box in the wall where the door to the 2nd room is (code 4629). If you press on you get the code (MOVIE) for the DVDplayer

  10. Dolly

    Coin opens both speakers.

    1. Tiff

      Where did you get the coin?

  11. Noosy

    With the coin u can oppen the box near the the sofa and get the electric on , now I’m stuck in the safe buzzle on the the screen

    1. Kaitlin

      Where is the box near the sofa? I still cant find it..

  12. Noosy

    The puzzle got something to do with the hint between books

  13. Arthur

    Yes: escaped. By the way, i did nit need the hint inthe middle shelf.

    1. Revital

      I escaped too , although I didn’t completely understand how I solved the puzzle. I didn’t use the hint in the shelf either

  14. Revital

    By the way, I got bad ending at first…

  15. Noosy

    Escaped , in the magazine one star = 1. Line = 5 do the maths and get the password

    1. Dolly

      I can’t do the Maths.

  16. Dolly

    Did the Maths but got bad end. How can I get good end?

  17. Ciel

    help!!!does anyone know the math equation? i figured out the numbers but im stock!i cant open the vault. and i opened both speakers with the coin but it seems lock from the inside.what to do with it?pleassseeee help

    1. Dolly

      8999 will open safe.

  18. Ciel

    nevermind.i figured out the equation and the speaker. (^.^) feel free to ask (>.<)

    1. 2571984

      What is the number? I sux at math 🙁

    2. Nura

      How did u solve the equation?

  19. Sam

    my 2 keys (A key and S key) wont combine. i keep on pressing!

    1. Arthur

      They keys will combine after you read the note in rhe envelope behind the picture. Ther is written that A and S are one.

  20. Revital

    Return the deed to the safe behind the painting before you go out and you’ll get the good ending.

  21. Dolly

    Thank you Revital. Got the good ending.

  22. Charlie

    How did you get the A key? I can still use the coin though I’ve opened the speaker and the panel with it. Can still use the small key though I’d opened the speaker lock with it and I have the S key. Not sure what I’m missing. Help would be greatly appreciated

  23. Charlie

    Please ignore. As soon as I’d asked I clicked the second speaker below the alcohol bottle and found S key. Thank you all for posting. I would have high-blood pressure without all of your posts 🙂

  24. Tina

    8999 doesn’t work 🙁

  25. Micol

    still in the small room with books and no active object. I do not know how to find codes 🙁

  26. Bro

    8999 doesn’t work. how do u get the S and A key? please help

  27. Maria rosa

    What is the code to out on DVD?i have There forms Yellowstone colorer green and Blue but the red is Missing where I? And what are the red dots?

  28. Micol

    maria rosa
    I do not remember very well but I think:
    dots are behind the big picture
    The red behind the panel
    But something’s written in previous comments

  29. Mary t

    Can someone help with peril of two?
    1) I’ve got speakers open but when I click on the inside nothing happens.
    2) what are codes for bookcase and safe in the little room??
    Don’t know what 8999 is for,but,it doesn’t work on either in the room. Thanks..

    1. Dolly

      The codes will work Only when you have done the necessary steps leading up to their usage. So the 8999 code on the safe in the small room won’t work unless you have lowered the screen, opened the magazine and done whatever it is (I forget) to see what the symbols ><^ mean.

      1. Bo Bo

        I have lowered the screen and read the magazine, but “8999” still can’t open the safe, what can I do? Please help!!

        1. Niecey

          In order to use 8999 on the safe you have to look at the hint on the bookshelf by the safe. Click the middle shelf until stuff moves and a paper will be at the back. View it and the safe will open with the code.

        2. Tang

          For the safe to open with 8999, you have to open the dvd case to see the clue, see the magazine with the clue, and play the dvd….once you’ve looked at those clues, the code will open the safe

  30. Jason

    How to find the coin?

  31. Arthur

    In the small rom on the top book shelf

  32. Jenna

    where did you guys find the blue honeycomb..?

  33. Empty

    Hi dolly

    I’ve got the screen lowered.But,what/where is magazine your referring to?? Thanks.

  34. Dolly

    Empty look under the coffee table in front of sofa. Tells you star is 1 line is 5. Can’t remember where ^ codes are

    1. Revital

      The < codes are in the DVD envelop .
      There is a honeycomb inside the deed envelop in the safe behind the picture . On the door there are red dots. You need to count each dots position ( from left to right) to get another code ( don't remember what for, maybe the drawer in the small room ).
      After you get the screen lowered you need to put the DVD in and press play and go look at the screen. Copy the key written inside the DVD 's envelop before you do that because you can't access the envelop as long as the DVD is inside and once you take it out the screen goes blank.
      Inside the speakers there are compartments , you need a special key to open them, it's inside the safe. Once you get the key open the compartments and you'll get 2 halfs of the key to the main door.
      Make sure to return the deed before you go out if you want the good ending.

  35. michael

    Where did you guys find the yellow honeycomb and also how to solve the safe on the floor?

  36. Jenna

    How did u guys get the DVD?! and how did you get the AS keys?..I have the coin but im stuck!!! help!!!

  37. francla

    Please where is the yellow honeycomb ? I can’t open the safe on the floor with red dots. I’ve found clue with numbers 2-5-8-11-13. I’ve tried rigth to left, up and down but it doesn’t work !
    Somebody to help me ? Pleaaase !!!

    1. Tiffanykaka


      1. francla

        Thanks, I tried several time. Finally it have worked ! Why not the first time ?

    2. rhyze

      i’m stuck in there also.. can’t figure it out.. kindly help us here!

  38. Twinsfan333

    Where do you find the coin and the yellow plate and the solution for the red dot safe

  39. Blah

    How do you combine all four plates?

  40. ella

    how did u open the safe with the red dots?.. help! still stuck here..

  41. Arthur

    Look at the note under the table then at the note with the code 2 5 8 11 13 and press the buttons:

  42. Micol

    I found the word MOVIE, could not find the DVD. how do I lower the screen? thanks!

    1. Arthur

      In the small room you habe to switch on the fuses in the locked cabinet. The key is fount behind the small metal plate left to the sofa which can be removed using the coin. After that you can switch on the power at the DVD player and lower the screen.

  43. Arthur

    Right to the sofa 🙂

  44. Micol

    thanks but with the money I’ve opened the metal plate, found the key that I used the small room. There is an on / off but no dvd and the screen does not go down! thanks! Grrrrr!!!

    1. Arthur

      The DVD is in the drawer below the book shelf. The screen can be lowered by pressing fiest power and the the down button on the DVD control panel (right to the sofa)

  45. Nura

    still dont understand the maths equation for the hatch on the floor.plz help

  46. Tiff

    I have all honeycombs except the blue one. Can anyone tell me where it is, please?

  47. Tiff

    Nevermind… Got it

  48. Micol

    in the dvd control panel no power! sigh! (i find the battery with coins but I do not understand how to use them) to open the drawer in the little room i need a pass…i feel down but tnks very much!

  49. Micol

    Ok! I find dvd!!!

  50. Harleigh

    How do I unlock the brown door?

  51. DANIEL

    Where is the blue plate.

  52. Siman

    5367 what does it means??? For what

  53. Dialgag

    Where is the red honeycomb!? Pls answer asap

  54. Poppinette

    Hi guys,
    I found the pen/antenna, does anyone line what I’m supposed to do with it?

    Hey Siman,
    5367 is the code to open the bottom drawer in the small room.

  55. Poppinette

    *know (and not “line”) >_<

  56. Siman

    I figuer it out but what about the word movie i found it but it doesnt work for a password on top of the dvd
    Please what should i do?????

    1. Lilo

      it works if you write it MOVIE in bold =)

  57. Teresa

    Where the yellow honeycomb

  58. apeksha

    how to solve picture puzzle and safe on the opp. wall?

  59. o2greg

    Je suis bloque dans la petite pièce pour le coffre gris
    Please help pr le code!!!!!!

  60. Lilo

    Thank you guys, all your help make me escape =) (got the good end)

  61. fiona

    can someone tell me how to get the red plate pls. many thanks. x

  62. laura

    take the glass from the table .then read the note under the table .now read both pages of the note book under the blue cushion on the go to the painting on the wall count the the letters in the order of the note so there are 5 os and so on the code is 5212 now enter it in to the small box below the picture,,now oen the picture inside are the deeds open the deeds and collect the green plate and also read the deeds ..take a look at the piece of paper on the left its the clue to open the slidding door on the opposite wall the code is 4629 now go enter the code in the sliding door and collect the blue plate…now go to the bottle and read what it says the truth is drenched in alcohol take the glass and fill it click on the speaker above the picture to the left and collect the paper click on your glass and put the paper in it to reveal the code 5367 now go to the side of the box with two circles on and enter this code and collect the red plate now go to small table to the left of the sofa and look at the side of it it gives the clue 2,5,8,11,13 now click the panel on floor and click the corrisponding buttons .something will open now go to small door near the speaker on the floor collect the yellow plate go back to the sliding door on the wall and click the one on the left and place all the plates in now click the on button to reveal the word MOVIE…now go to the dvd player and enter MOVIE ..oen and collect the key use the key to open the brown door on the to shelf collect the coin and read the clue on the middle shelf .go back to the other room and oen the metal panel behind the sofa and collect the e key go back to the small room and open the small box with the key and turn on all the go back to the other room go to the dvd open and press the power button then press the screen down button now go look at the screen its gives the code 6723 go back to the small room and enter this code into the draw and collect the dvd open it and read the clue go back to the dvd player and put the dvd in now click on the top and press the play button look at the screen do the math to get the code 8999 now go and open the safe in the small room and collect the pen double click it so it extentends now go to the projector and use the extended pen to collect the small key now use the coin on both floor speakers to open them then use the small key to open both the small boxes in the speakers collect the keys and then combine them now go back to the picture and return the deeds now use your combined key on the silver door and your free ….hope this helps

    1. thia

      Very helpful. Thank you

    2. Dana

      it doesnt work the code 5212, plz help?

  63. Dree

    I read the code on the dvd and the magazine and the screen but 8999 isnt working for me. Please help!

    1. John

      You have to read the code in the DVD case. Hope it helps. And thank you @Laura, that helped a lot 🙂

    2. Niecey

      In order to use 8999 on the safe you have to look at the hint on the bookshelf by the safe. Click the middle shelf until stuff moves and a paper will be at the back. View it and the safe will open with the code..

  64. Oni Martyr

    Does anyone know where to get the coin? Plz and thnx ~

    1. J.k

      Top shelf in the little room between books. More to the right

  65. J.k

    I can’t combine the “A” key and “S” key! Am I missing something? !

    1. imran

      take the deeds deed and take out the note fully from the it then u can able to combine the key.

  66. L

    This one was way too hard. Too much math
    How in the heck do you come up with 8999? The cove has an arrow down but there isn’t one one the screen. I like a challange but this was way out there.

  67. Rubi

    i turned on all the switch, go back to the dvd, press power and down button then look at the screen but nothing appears, i try to put the 6723 password that i read here but it still doesnt work…anybody can help?pls? 🙁

  68. mary

    anyone knows what i should do with the four plates? The “ON” button doesent work. What should i do?

  69. RollingK

    Wait. What is the code for the blue panel?

  70. atoshi

    Found yellow n red plates, read d magazine n d book under d cussion but cnt open d box below d picture with 5212, can anyone help me please’?

  71. CLAY

    It keeps telling me that I’ve done something wrong when I put in the red dot combo wtf I need help

  72. Jas

    Hi all,

    I’ve been facing problems with the 8999 code too and then I tried to retrace all the steps to play the DVD

    Turns out that I missed the step of zooming into the dvd case to read ^ > < dvd code cuz…well, I can read it clearly without zooming in LOL.

    So I zoomed in to read the codes and I was able to use the 8999 code lol.

  73. Dana

    it doesnt work the code 5212, plz help

    1. kring

      mine too!

  74. shamala

    how do i get the panel on the floor to open!?!?!?!

  75. karen

    help i have opened all safes etc bar the dvd one where do i find the key to enter the room fell i have checked everywhere

  76. Dol

    how to ON the dvd deck?

  77. Dol

    where is the coin?

  78. Annie

    Can anyone explain the equation on the screen? I know the answer from the comments but I want to understand why ><

  79. mtu

    for enable the code 8999, you must click 4 things :1- magazine under the table for meaning of star n horizon, 2- paper on the middle of bookshelf which is written 1000_100_10_1 on, 3- the other side of DVD before take it into player for meaning of symbols ^ , and the last 4 -the screen for code

  80. Lynn

    Where do I find the gold key at?

  81. Lynn

    Where do i find the coin at*

  82. Lynn

    I finally found the coin and I just found the dvd deck but I can’t get it to go into the dvd player

  83. Lynn

    Never mind

  84. blah

    Where do I combined the honeycombs? I’ve tried everywhere! Please help!

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