Room of Starlets: Walkthrough

Room of Starlets
By: Goro Sato


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Anka

    I need help on what to do with the numbers listed on the table next to the door, and whats the deal with the figure on the other side of the door that has 1-5 buttons?

    1. Caroline

      15=o 14=n 5=e one
      6=f 9=i 22=v 5=e five

      1. Anka

        Did u manage to escape?

      2. Paige

        What’s the code on the table

  2. Anka

    I got that far, thank you, but im stuck again!

    1. Anka

      I did that and also the south west/ south/east/ north pattern… Whats next?

  3. SuzieGirl64

    The window – be patient and tap the star

    The lamp – keep tapping or swiping and it will fall, then tap the star a few times

    The star puzzle – cant remember what the pattern was you have to make but I think all the middle parts were yellow and the outside bits black. Something like that.

    The numbers on the table represent letters of the alphabet – solve this to get the number code

    Stars under pillow tell you the direction and how many times you have to swipe the star on top of the NWSE post. Don’t think the order in which you do it matters but remember that up is East.

    Out you go!

    Hope that helps!

    1. Meri

      Thanks for all the hints 🙂 . I did all of that and the door is stil locked… The black star on the moon is complete. Now what?

  4. Paloma

    Is it north 1 swipe, west 2 swipes, south 2 swipes and east 3 swipes? Or am i doing something wrong?

  5. AilinaW

    I’m stuck on direction post, too. Can’t crack the pattern of entry. Also, not sure what’s “north” when looking at each white circle. Swipe whole series on each post, or only one direction for each? I’m stumped.

  6. Tiffanie

    After what SuzieGirl says, you then just have to turn the light switch next to the door off, go back to the star that you just got all the segments of and it will be glowing; tap that and the door will open. Ahhh sweet success!!

  7. Demon

    Column code:
    20 23 15 = t w o
    6 15 21 18 = f o u r
    15 14 5 = o n e
    6 9 22 5 = f i v e
    6 15 21 18 = f o u r

    The direction post puzzle: You need to swipe to move the stars and remember RIGHT is SOUTH and DOWN is WEST. The answer under the pillow on the bed, NOTE: look where the N is facing

    The Lamp: Keep tapping on the lamp on the column until the red star appears, then press the red star to turn it brown

  8. Demon


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