Escape Game: “The Targeted Traveler”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Targeted Traveler”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. kimmyboop

    Thank you Mr. unwrapper! 🙂

  2. TazCat

    It’s been a few weeks since I did Targeted Traveler but I can probably still get ya un-stuck if need be. If ya do need some help just tell me what you have so far and I’ll run through the next step for ya.

    1. kimmyboop

      Oh, thank you, I’m pulling my hair out! Ha! I have connected the chain to the armoir?, and attached it to the cow, got the statue out. I now have a rope, the hook, and there’s a hook hanging from the ceiling, but i dont know how to get the rope attached to the ceiling hook, which is an assumption, but all I can come to with. I can’t figure out how to get the key out of the hole, cuz the pansy won’t stick their hand in with spiders! I have 2 of the 3 statues, a bucket of water, matches, a rope, a hook, and that’s about it. Thanks for your help!!

      1. Keri

        How do I fill my bucket with water ?

    2. Keri

      Hi still stuck !! Just two things : how to fill my bucket ?, How to get the chain attached to the cow ? Attached to armoire but …….some reason it won’t attach to the cow ???? Arghhhh

  3. TazCat

    Actually you got farther than I originally did before desperately hunting down help. LOL

    Select the hook in your inventory then tap the rope so it’s highlighted.
    Tap on the hook and it should attach the rope to the he hook.
    Now face the side of the room that the ceiling hook is on and tap up high near that.
    It should zoom in so you’re looking straight up at the hook hanging from the ceiling.
    Tap on the hook & rope combo in your inventory and then tap on the ceiling hook.
    It should attach your rope to the ceiling hook.
    So now the rope is dangling there and you need a weight to pull it down.
    Attach your bucket of water to the rope and voila the whole kit and kaboodle descends to reveal a box.
    Tap around the inside of the box and you will find a bundle of incense.
    Now it’s time to go scare off those silly spiders that our fainthearted arachnophobic friend is so terrified of! ;-P
    Zoom in on the spider hole and light a match if it isn’t already lit up.
    Place the incense in the hole.
    Tap the matches again and light the incense.
    Guess our eight legged friends don’t much care for Indian incense!
    Now you should be able to get that key and open the drawer in the small table b side the kitchen sink.

    I’m guessing that you’ve prolly already figured out where the statues go so I’ll leave that part to you unless you have problems getting it to work. I give you a small helping hint now though… make sure you have examined the little posters of each god fully (in other words tapped on them enough times to get the full dialog about each one) I know I got frustrated with the statue bit not working because it turned out I hadn’t tapped enough times on the Ganesh poster (the elephant god). It took me a while to finally go back through those posters and catch my oversight!

    Let me know if you have any questions or problems… and give a shout if ya make it out! 🙂

    1. kimmyboop

      That’s exactly what i needed, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out the tapping sequence to attach the hook to the rope. I finished it, but wouldn’t have without ur help. Now I can sleep tonight!! Haha!

      1. TazCat

        Yeah, now ya can sleep so long as the IDAC withdrawal doesn’t keep you up in place of the IDAC frustration! LOL I’m always checking the market constantly to see if they’ve released anything new!

        Every time I turn away in disappointment I find myself brainstorming on what sort of IDAC-like escape games I would like to develop myself… takes the edge off a little bit and gives me ever so grandiose ideas for putting my unemployed graphic artist (and 3D CAD designer) ass back to work! LOL Then I remember…”Oh yeah… But I never took my parents up on them teaching me to program!”
        Which is usually followed by the thought, “Pshaw! How hard could it be? Just teach yourself!” Yeah well… we’ll see about that!

  4. L

    The lever wont pull down on side cabinet. Can’t find hook to attach. Can’t find any clues. My pee brain can’t figure this out. And the matches wont light. Been around the room about 50times. Arg.

  5. Miumiu

    How can I get the water for the bucket? Pls help,

  6. Keri

    I also am having problems attaching the chain to the cow? Get it attached to drawer but that’s it ? Also can’t figure out how to fill my bucket from obvious taps etc? Help 🙂 !!!

  7. kristy

    Stuck with lever knife hammer empty bucket and matches. Can’t get any further.. help please

  8. Kristy

    I put the lever into the dresser and it says it won’t turn and “I can almost get it to turn” but it won’t let me take it back out. I assume I need the full bucket of water to pull the lever down but I can’t fill the bucket. How do you fill the bucket without there being a lever? Help anyone? Tazcat?

  9. sim

    Attach the metal chain to the cabinet to the right of the hole where the cow is and then cut the wire the cow is attached to then connect the chain tho thetcow and get the handle for the water well

    1. kristy

      I can’t figure out how to attach the chain to any cabinet

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