EnigmOn 2: Walkthrough

EnigmOn 2
By: EBR Inaya

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Here you’ll find a complete walkthrough for the game EnigmOn 2, with hints, help and solutions. If the hints aren’t enough, ask in the comments section for more help.

Looking for the original EnigmOn walkthrough?


Level 1: Use three fingers to lift the gate up.

Level 2: Blow into your microphone to see a clue on the mirror. Then tap on the “Level 2” at the top and change the “2” to “3” (because the arrow is pointing up and telling you to add 1).


Level 3: Turn your phone in all different directions until all but four letters drop. Arrange those four letters to make a word.

Level 4: Jigsaw from the Saw movies appears on the TV and tells you the last person left a clue for you on the wall. Wipe away the blood near the bottom of the screen to see the answer (Jigsaw backwards).


Level 5: Open the Music Player on your phone and play a tune. The little guy will start dancing. Tap on him to complete the level.

Level 6: Use the four diagrams to show you which way to tilt your phone. You need to get four green bars to fill up your battery.


Level 7: The door unlocking spell in Harry Patter is called “Alohomora.” Write that in the space provided and then use your phone like a wand to trace this image in the air:


Level 8: Your phone is being hacked! Go into Settings and turn on Airplane Mode:


Level 9: Use your volume buttons ( + and -) to solve the equation at the bottom. It should go 3 – 1 + 9 – 6 – 4 = 0.

Level 10: If you paid attention to the bonuses until now, they’re each elements from the Periodic Table. The next one is “Ne.”

Level 11: The legendary object that the Knights Templar sought after is the Holy Grail!


Level 12: This is the same as level 32 in the original EnigmOn game (and Level 6 in EnigmOn 2 Lite). You have 2 minutes to disarm the bomb. If it explodes, you have to wait another minute to try again (or close the app and re-open it).
If you just want the answer, cut the wires in this order: green, orange, light blue, brown, purple, yellow, dark blue, red.


Level 13: Here you need to connect the charger to all the red dots, without any power leaking out of it. The solution is below. Just make sure your phone is plugged into an outlet and then press “Next Level”.



Level 14: The doors of Moria are from The Lord of the Rings. They’re made from a material that only reflects starlight and moonlight. The inscription is a riddle. The answer is a password that causes the Doors to open. Gandalf eventually solves the riddle, remembering the Sindarin word for friend, “mellon”.

Level 15: Read the hint. It’s giving you a place to start. The gray piece is on the board already, and you know that the two arrows leading to it need to be black and white, which make up gray when mixed together. Continue the pattern until it looks like the photo below.


Level 16: (This is also level 5 of the Lite version of the game.) Turn your phone upside-down so the block in your way slides out of the way. While your phone is upside-down, input 2U4R & press OK. Let the red ball move and then turn your phone right-side up. Input 2R and press OK so the ball moves to the center of the circles. But it’s trapped there! Turn it upside-down again and then right-side up one more time. Now there’s an opening. Input 3R3U2R and press OK and watch the ball head to the exit!






Level 17: There’s a genetic defect. You need to correct it! The right side can’t be changed. Basically, any time you see a red T, match a yellow A to tic and vice versa. Blue C and Green G always go together. In the end, it should look like this:


Level 18: Left is CLI and right is CMXL.


Level 19: Not compatible with iOS 7?

Level 20: This is a Stargate and you need to map out your journey to get to your destination. Start with Earth (the game tells you that). Then follow the order shown below. Basically, rotate the wheel to match the earth symbol to “1” and press the “1” to light it up yellow. Do this for each number, following the order shown below. When all 6 are lit up, press “Engage” and then go through the Stargate.



Level 21: This is a tricky one. Took a little practice to get, but turn your phone face-down (above your head is best, so you can watch), and tilt the phone until the moon moves over the sun, creating a Solar Eclipse.



Level 22: Both the clue and the answer are hidden on the x-ray. The clue is the little sun symbol (brightness). Change the brightness on your phone (Settings -> Wallpapers & Brightness) to the highest level. Then look for the answer:




Level 23: Flick your phone as though you’re throwing the fishing hook into the water. Then reel in the “fish.” Do this twice to get the hint “Level 9.” So go back to level 9 and find the answer.



In Level 9, pull down the shade. Then slide the “audio” icon to the left to see another clue — “Level 17.” So go to Level 17 now.


In Level 17, tap on this green square to see the clue “Level 4.” So go to Level 4 now.


Turn on the TV on Level 4 and it tells you to look at Level 1 in EnigmOn Lite?!


Download and open EnigmOn Lite. Start the game. Look at the bonus at the bottom of Level 1. That’s the answer for EnigmOn 2 Level 23!



Level 24: Tap each 8 ball and then shake your phone to see some letters appear. Each ball shows two different sets of letters. (This is a fun way to look crazy if you play out in public!) Here’s what all of them say:

eD toNy
aTh oTh
sT vY
wR sL
eN gLuT
Lu grE
? ??

If you put parts of them together, you get the Seven Deadly Sins:
Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, Wrath, Lust, and the last one’s missing: Pride! That’s the answer.


Level 25: This one’s a bit tricky, and your answer may be different. The green radar depicts the hour hand (pay attention to the green dot when it appears) and the red represents the minute hand (pay attention to the red dot). Just don’t forget about the compass in the upper right-hand corner. It tells you which direction is north. So for green, you need to turn your phone upside-down and then find the hour (use military time). For the red one, you need to turn your phone on its side so the compass is pointing up north. Mine came out to 16:07 for the answer, but yours may be different.



Level 26: You need to tap the buttons so that in the end, only the ones with X’s on them are pressed.


Level 27: Arrange all the zodiacs by their elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Then press the center to complete the level.


Level 28: The clue is in the YouTube teaser video for EnigmOn 2. Watch it here and pay close attention. You’ll notice certain letters flashing. Write them down.


“Date” is the answer.

Level 29: You need to set the radio frequency to 107 (notice 107 upside-down in the upper right-hand corner). Then press the red button and speak into the microphone. I couldn’t clear the level until I said “hello” into the mic, so try that.


Level 30: First, unscrew all four screws by rotating them with your finger. Then slide the panel open. You need to cut each wire in order to bypass the security. Follow the sequence below, then close the panel and hold your thumb down to be granted access to the next level.




Level 31: If you can’t figure it out, here’s the answer:


Level 32: You can use your iPhone’s clock to see the time in all 6 locations. The game will use the hour at the time you play, so yours may be different from mine. But it’s not enough to change the times. You have to use the correct arrow to do so.
Reader Mary helped clear it up:

Coriolis Effect
Northern Hemisphere cities use right arrow, Southern Hemisphere use left arrow taking in to account whether the time will be ahead or behind Paris.

First, set all clocks to the same time as Paris to make it easier. Then follow these rules:

What ever time is on the Paris clock,
Tokyo is 7 hours ahead using the right arrow (Northern Hemisphere).
Sydney is 8 hours ahead using the left arrow (Southern Hemisphere).
New York is 6 hours behind using the right arrow (Northern Hemisphere).
Maseru is the same as Paris using the left arrow (Southern Hemisphere).
Lima is 7 hours behind, using the left arrow (Southern Hemisphere).

In the end, mine looked like this:


Level 33: Thanks to Mary again for this solution: Put the third from left pattern in the large pentagon using the left and right buttons .
Press the large pentagon and a pillar will rise from the bottom. When it reaches the large pentagon press the left button twice to make the fourth pattern before it goes back down again.
The spaces in both 3 and 4 add up to 13 (XIII).


You’re not done! There’s still Level Zero hidden somewhere!


Level Zero (0):

Go to the main menu and select “Plus.” Then snuff out the candle and open the book. Tap on the 0 to unlock Level Zero.



Now to solve Level Zero:


Look at all the numbers. Each set sort of adds up to 23.


Congratulations! You completed EnigmOn 2! If you liked this game, try these other escape games and puzzle games.

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  1. reham

    29: 107

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, I did that but for some reason it’s not doing anything.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Do I have to talk into it? I feel silly trying different phrases bc I’m out in public.

  2. reham

    no just tuch the red botem

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Weird, not working for me. I just hear static when I press it. Nothing happens.

  3. Mary

    Coriolis Effect
    Northern Hemisphere cities use right arrow, Southern Hemisphere use left arrow taking in to account whether the time will be ahead or behind Paris.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      So you’re saying it’s not just the time that matters, but how we change it?

  4. Mary

    That’s right. What ever time is on the Paris clock mine was 8pm
    Tokyo 7 hours ahead to 3am using right arrow – northern hemisphere.
    Sydney. 8 hours ahead to 4am using left arrow -Southern Hemisphere
    New York 6 hours behind to 2pm right arrow in the north
    Mas. Same as Paris using Lt. In south
    Lima 7 hours behind to1 pm using Lt in south.

  5. Mary

    I set each city to Paris time before I changed the time

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It worked, thanks! I’ll add it to the walkthrough. 🙂

  6. Mary

    Solution to level 33
    Put the third from left pattern in the large hexagon using the left and right buttons .
    Press the large hexagon and a pillar will rise from the bottom. When it reaches the large hexagon press the left button twice to make the fourth pattern before it goes back down again.
    The spaces in both 3 and4 add up to 13.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hmm weird. I followed what you said. First time, didn’t work. Tried again, worked with one touch of the left button. But then couldn’t repeat it.

      And yep, now for Level 0!

  7. Mary

    Sorry they are pentagons.

  8. Mary

    Then the real puzzle begins!

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