Escape Game: “The Wall of the Hideout”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Wall of the Hideout”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Empty

    Anyone started? How do u get the like the glass box out of the cell? What’s I think the 5 digit password and what order do u press the yellow buttons???? This is a difficult one. Thxs….

  2. Andy

    Hey Empty, I find it really difficult too. So far I have got a wooden pole, a white ball, a toy robot with right arm missing and a pot. As for the toy robot, I got it by pressing the keys for the solar system in order of their proximity to the sun.

  3. Jakub

    U can get heard shaped key from wall with wooden pole. Not shure what it opens.

    1. Jakub

      PW for fridge is 69312. Now I’m stuck with 4 marbles and battery charger.

  4. Kristy

    This one is hard already and I just got it! There’s so much to take in. Any tips would be appreciated. So far I just have the stick, white ball and pot.

  5. Mobes

    The heart key is for freezer, use pot to pick up ice block. Connect cord to pot and place on glass cabinet and the plug it in at wall

  6. Andy

    Thanks to Jakub and Mobes my progress is the same as that of Jakub. Jakub please enlight as to why the key for the fridge is 69312.

  7. Jumbo

    Pour the water left in the pot in the bowl of blue marbles. Stuck on the book shelf clues in the next room.

    1. Empty

      HELP.. I’ve got 4 marbles 2 blue, 2 white. I put in scale.But, is there 5? If so, where is it.. The scale won’t open for me to get some kinda card to open door….I’ve been messing with this for days.. Thxs…

      1. Jumbo

        Empty, there is a 5th marble. There is a red one. Its either in between the frig and the red cabinet or in one of the flip tops drawers in the cabinet.

        1. Empty

          Jumbo U ROCK,
          I found it. Now, if u could tell me to do with this dial. I’ve turned it 7 times clockwise and like 3 counter wise,but,it doesn’t do anything..thanks. This game is a little harder then the norm….

          1. Jumbo

            Empty, I think that you may be further than me now. I can’t figure out the 4 color puzzle or the box in the bookshelf room. Where is the dial that you are talking about?

            1. Empty

              Jumbo, there’s a table with 2 framed cards. Tap on the so called IDAC lamp on same table shows chart and to bottom left of it u see a little bock space and code is 6358 and a small opening appears and dial is in it and it gets attached to same table. can’t get the color codes to work for wall. I assumed colors were blue,red,yellow and orange. It’s not working though. I’m gonna go play around with piano keys.

              1. Jumbo

                Empty, I fell stupid. Forgot about that code. Tap on the roman numeral I side seven times then the roman numeral II side 3 times.

          2. kristy

            Where’s the red marble? I don’t see it in the drawers

            1. Empty


              To find red marble-tap code in this order- solid square, circle, double circles,square, triangle. U can barely see red marble.But it’s there. I’m still having problems with that stinking dial. U are right, way to many things and too much bouncing around in this one. I just finished Vanishing Client..

              1. Jumbo

                Empty, Tap on the right side of the dial 7 times then the left side 3 times.

                1. Empty

                  Jumbo, thanks. After tapping thousands of times the dial finally worked. But, I’m stuck again. I also can not plug in charger and cross won’t go into it. Where is key to open hatch under table where the 2 cards were???? Also, what’s with opening the cage. Ive tapped and tapped with code found on paper in 2nd room and nothing. Help plzzzz…….

                  1. Jumbo

                    Empty, i think you are in the same place I am. Stuck. I think the box in the second room has to be opened before we can go forward. I think the left bookcase middle shelf is the clue for it but I cant get it. I have tried the colors from the mirrors with the star in the other room but no luck. Maybe I am overthinking it.

        2. Empty

          I got the piano keys: tap #s 1,2,6,5,1,3 in this order.
          The 4 color circles are- lite blue,white,purplish blue,dark green. If u look at clock with #s 4,2,3,10 u get those colors. Now, back to dial. LOL…let me know if u get more clues. Thanks.

          1. Rein

            I tried the piano code but it has 7 not 6 keys…and there is 1 twice

  8. Jumbo

    Pour the water left in the pot into the bowl of blue marbles. Stuck on the book shelf clues in the next room.

  9. kristy

    Can’t figure out the code in the mirrors. After the pot boiled water it showed BYRO which I would assume meant blue yellow red orange? And with the lights on it shows Roman numerals 1 2 3 4.. anyone?

  10. Jumbo

    Never had so many items and not know what to: card key, screwdriver, cross, robot, controller button, and a battery charger. Anyone figure out the box by the bookshelves?

    1. Stokes

      How do you get into room2

  11. Kristy

    Hmmmm… I keep tapping that order to find the red marble and then clicking repeatedly on the last one to try to find it and I can’t get anywhere with it. So frustrating!

  12. Kristy

    Hmmmm… I keep tapping that order to find the red marble and then clicking repeatedly on the last one to try to find it and I can’t get anywhere with it. So frustrating!

    And I have the cross and the charger that has the cross shape but the charger won’t plug into the outlet and the cross won’t go into the charger.

  13. Jumbo

    Kristy, you have to tap on the hints for each shape before it will work. Did you get the triangle in the frig? Left side of green cabinet is square.

    1. Kristy

      I got the one in the fridge but every time I click on it to “acknowledge” it according to the game, it closes. I got the one on the side of the cabinet, and the one on the back of the picture frame. Maybe I’m just missing the last clue for the regular circle.

      1. Jumbo

        Kristy, The regular circle is up in the top left corner of the screen when you are facing the frig and painted door.

        1. Kristy

          Blah! Still not working! Sorry for being so annoying over one of the easier puzzles in this one. I’ve clicked a million times on the last drawer and just nothing. Were you able to click on the clue in the fridge without the door closing?

          1. Jumbo

            I dont think its in the last drawer. Its in one of the little ones to the left. The frig closes on me too.

            1. Kristy

              Oh duh, thank you so much. Got it, finally. Thanks for the patience!

  14. Kristy

    Hmm… now I’m stuck on what you guys are stuck on. I have key card, screwdriver, cross, robot with one arm, controller.

    Can’t figure out code pointing up on bookshelf with star on bottom but assume it goes with the back of the keycard <—- 3215 BOOK Star

    And I've tried clicking the clue from the book for the gate by clicking the 4th bar, 2nd, 8th, then 6th but it just says "something is written here"

    1. Empty

      Hi Kristy,

      If u have been in 2nd room, there’s a box on left. Put in 9286E. Use key to open hatch under tble with dial. Attach arm to robot, tap it and use screwdriver to remove back and this is where u use cross. Then put robot in charger. Once charged put on pink tape and use controller it goes in and brings out box. Go inside cage tap red or yllw button. U should be able to escape then. LOL….

      1. Kristy

        Thank you so much!!! Just curious.. how the heck did you get that code? Hahah I wonder what those clues were about!

        1. Empty

          I phoned a friend. A kid that plays games who lives by me came over and figured it out. Something to do with colors of books or something. I was just glad to finish this one. Hopefully, IDAC will get back to games they use to do… Jumbo, was a big help too. Hope u escape.. Bye.

  15. Empty

    Jumbo, thxs for all the help. I’ve escaped finally.

    1. Kristy

      Any hints on what we’re stuck on? =)

    2. Jumbo

      Congrats! What was the bookshelf box code?

      1. Empty

        9286E. Code for box on tble in 2nd room…..LOL.. Once again thanks a lot…..

  16. Kristy

    Also why chance have either of you finished the Dormant Ruins? I’ve been stuck on that rope puzzle for like a month now?

    1. Empty


      If u have Gotmail, u can go through their forums for dormant ruins. I vaguely remember that one. But, I can try going through and see if there’s help. What rope puzzle? Did that involve ones from the ceiling or something?

      1. Kristy

        I have a droid so the Gotmail forum doesn’t seem to work for me, I can never figure it out. Yeah, the ropes were hanging from the ceiling and you have to pull them into a certain order. The patterns and clues I’ve read make no sense!

    2. Empty

      Kristy, hope this helps.(dormaint ruins).
      To right of coffin are 7 ropes hanging. They correspond with drawings under the coffin,so, sun rope is 2nd from right,moon is 3rd from right and dog is 3rd from left. Pull each rope in that order and curtain falls.zoom to it move it aside to get key and pick up curtain.
      Go right,zoom In on panel of hieroglyphics with keyhole below. Use notebook on it,read that behind place of salvation where you’ll be judged. Use key to open part of wall on right,get blk ball,use axe to break to get clay. Back to skeleton with gun,dig up box buried in ground next to supporting arm. Try and fail to use knife to open it at the cross shaped grooves in CRT of it..then go to skeleton reopen suitcase next to it,use knife to slice open lid. See that they are mirror image of 4 compass directions. Input knife in frt tap: on to left,on and below get mold. Hope this helps. I had problems for weeks trying to get knife to work..LOL.

      1. Mach

        Hi Emty
        I need help for”vanished client” please. I got 3 stars but miss the E-star, I got sheers, Allen wrench but I don’t know what they are for. Can’t open the weird shaped key nor the glass door. Nothing works …

        1. Empty

          Hi Mach,
          I just got home so hope this helps u.
          Stars are: in globe,tiger,bttm of chest of drawers and top of cupboard(use slice bar to knock it off the top) back up and look under couch or cffee tble. LOL.

        2. Empty

          Mach, vanished client. I’m not sure a page has been set for this yet. But, here’s a little more. Star 1=N, 3=W, 4=E, 7=S. Open to get balcony key. Use wrench on trash bin bolts to get rope. Combine rope and bar,go to end of balcony behind table tap u see bag,use bar and rope to bring up. Left of fireplace is cupboard,detach rope and bar use to get scissors from cupboard. Use scissors to cut bookmark u get out of book in the bag and this I think opens the weird lock…LOL…

          1. tanja

            i m not able to get the fourth key even i know where it is. i cannot open the drawer. i have also 3 stars scissors und the ellen wrench.

      2. kristy

        Have you played illusion of bottles? I’ve been stuck on how to open the red bottle on the floor and the safe?

  17. Meredith

    Where is the second blue marble? Found the first in the bowl …

    1. Kristy

      The second blue marble is found to the left of the fridge I believe.

  18. Christine

    I still can’t find the second blue marble?!?! I don’t even remember where I got the first one. This one is way too frustrating. It’s not even fun. But I’m determined to get through it.

    1. kristy

      The first one is in the bowl and the second one is to the left of the fridge

      1. Christine

        Thank you. I’ve tried left of fridge everywhere and can’t find it. Unless I did find one there and can’t get one out of the bowl??? I can’t remember where I got the first one. Ugh. I’m not fond of this one. Thanks anyway.

        1. kristy

          Did you fill the bowl with water? That’s how you get it out

          1. Christine

            Aha! Nope, that must be it. I will give it a try. Thanks a bunch!

  19. Kirt

    I need help I can find that one marble I got the 2 blues and 2 whites but not the last one help please?

    1. Kat

      The red marble is between the fridge and phone booth

  20. Kat

    I’m stuck with roman numerals, I tried tapping them like it was said above and nothing happened. Any hints? And where is the heart shaped key and how do I get it?

  21. Kat

    Never mind. I escaped.

  22. Izzy

    I have the red marble, stick, pot with ice, robot no arm and controller. What next??? Help!!

  23. frustrated

    Where is this darn charger!?

  24. frustrated

    Can’t find charger. Pls help?!

  25. sam

    Diamond key opens hatch under table with cards. Reveals robot arm. Attach to robot ans tap robot to turn it around. Open back with screwdriver and insert cross.

  26. sam

    Plug robot into charger.

  27. sam

    After robot charges, his eyes will turn green, reclaim it and put it on the pink X on the floor in front of the bars. Tap on the controller and then robot. It goes and grabs glass case. Tap on robot again it comes back.

  28. sam

    Key from robot opens barred door in back of niche. Push the button…

  29. sam

    Use key on door in back of niche…

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