Please, Don’t Touch Anything (PDTA): iOS Bonus Content Walkthrough Guide and Endings

Please, Don’t Touch Anything
By: Bulkypix


I’ve been taking my time with Bulkypix’s iOS port of Please, Don’t Touch Anything because I want to savor it and try to figure it all out on my own. It turns out, though, that the iOS version has three new endings that weren’t on the PC version. The PC version had 22 endings, while the iOS has 25. I’m going to list the new ones here as I find them, so don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled!

***UPDATE: You can now see all the new endings below.***

First of all, I found a UV light, which apparently wasn’t in the PC version. It reveals a whole bunch of clues and drawings. Some parts have proven useful so far, but I’m still deciphering the rest. You can see what it looks like and how to access the UV light in this video below:

The first clue from the UV light that made sense to me is that if you use the screwdriver to reveal the four colored buttons, the UV light will show a number 4 on the red button. If you press the red button four times, an object appears that I haven’t figured out how to use yet.


To get one of the iOS endings (ending 24), get the UV light the way I show in the video above. Then, use the UV light on the four green buttons to show “MORSE”. Then, use the UV light on the note that says “DON’T DO IT”. The letters DOT will light up. So look up Morse code for DOT and you get -••—-, or dash dot dot dash dash dash dash. Use the Bender buttons that say 0 and 1 to type out 1001111 in binary and you’ll get the ocean/beach ending with a little sailboat.



You can also see the video here:

Someone asked for a photo of the arrows ending, which also seems to be a new one (ending 22?). You get it by tapping on the big red button once, then on the small grey arrow that appears next to it, and then keep following the arrows. You’ll eventually open a 3×5 grid of green buttons. You need to turn them all yellow (lit up). If you do so in 6 moves, you get the Strange Numbers achievement. Thanks to Jacobo911 for the tip how to get the achievement.


Here’s a video for it:

Update: Thanks to Alex, I got ending 23 and recorded it. I’m not sure why, but if you enter “2001” (Space Odyssey, maybe?) into the ten-digit keypad, three wheels pop up. The UV light shows a solar system with a question mark on Pluto. So spell out Pluto with the three wheels and press the grey button to get a key. Then open the panel with the four colored buttons and press Red four times to get the keyhole. Put the key in the keyhole to get ending 23 with the rocket. If you got 24 endings at this point, you’ll be able to access the last one with the coffee.



You can also see a video of this:

There are also some numbers you can see under the UV light. If you translate them to letters using 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, etc, you get a message that isn’t very helpful.


(not sure why an M is missing in “completely”)

The 23.1.19 is between wings, so I don’t know if it had some purpose. The panel that opens up to take the diamond also looks like feathered wings. So perhaps they’re related?


Another clue is Ostap Bender, who’s a character in a book called “The Twelve Chairs.” There also happens to be 12 chairs around the Bender buttons.


If you need any help with other levels that I’ve completed, feel free to ask. This is what I have so far:


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I found another ending. If you hit the button once then look closely at the button, an arrow had appeared, Tap next to the button and a red arrow pops out. Tap in the direction the arrow is pointing. This will lead you on for several red arrows until you open a smaller version of the lightboard. Find a way to turn all the lights on and the world will slit in half


Hey, did you look the left of the “Ending Photo Wall”
with UV Light? You can see, a ghost is trying to touch the button on the photo. Please look and reply fast.


I can send you a photo if you want.

Cedric Brown

Hi! I am having trouble finding the fourth red arrow. Could you please send me a video of this over email. Thanks!


I have all the endings done except for the last 3, which have yet to be discovered


When using the uv light I saw the word “Ostap” above Bender on the binary panel. “Ostap Bender” is a Russian character from Russian novels. I looked at the Wikipedia article on him but could not see anything that would help with a code. Maybe you could look and see if you find anything.


I added all the numbers last night under the UV light, it comes out to 401. So Ive been trying to stop the timer at 401 but it seems nearly impossible as I can only get 400 and 402. Anyone want to try?


Yeah, I can’t do it either. I like your thinking but surely we have to do something with that key slot or whatever.


I got to discover what do the bunch of numbers mean, it corresponds to the alphabet. Try it by yourslf for the sake of spoilers. (English is not my language :p sry for bad english)


Has anyone noticed the poster which only shows up under the uv light? It looks like a ghost looking over a bed maybe? Shine the light under the earthworm poster and you’ll see what I mean. Any ideas on what it could mean?


The ghost poster is from the “Wait” ending in which you dont touch the button at all


Again, under uv light, there is a set of arrows going round the board in a loop, it crosses the pac man section, ideas?


How do i get the bender poster ending? What is the 4 digit code using the num pad?


I have found that if you activate the little timer on the right and stop it on 666 you get a board with different symbols on it but I can’t get any endings out of it .has anyone else found this board ?


If you use the UV light on the bottom of the silver plate, you get a drawing of the Solar System. However, Pluto has a question mark pointing at it. Why?…


I just randomly found when you type 2001 into the ten digit pad a wheel. Thing pops up


Thank you for the reference on the strange numbers achievement. But my username is “jacobo911” not jocobo. My name is always misspelled so don’t sorry.


When you flip the handle to the left you get the 10 digit panel and if you use the screwdriver on the cords you get a spot to input a 9 digit code. We have the clues “ostap bender” which gives us the “12 chairs” or 12. The solar system clue has Pluto with a question mark which could mean 9. We have the clue “deciphering it was copletely meaningless” which is missing an “m” which in number form is 13. We still have the dice clues, the pacman clue, and other clues using the uv light. If what I’m… Read more »


Maybe, you know what it? There “Rocket”, i think it for 23 ending.)


Can you give us a clue on how to get that ending?


Where did you find the image? Looking that up may help.

Cedric Brown

Please tell us or at least hint to how you got rhat ending!?


Here are the numbers I can think of.
The last two are as follows:
21 is the total adding up the sides of the dice
410 is the score you would get from the items shown under the uv light in pacman
Fiddle with some of these in the 10 digit slot


The ending23 is not associated with Ostap Bender and the bunch of numbers

Cedric Brown

After you get all 24 endings the twenty fifth ending is the coffee so those who are stuck with the last two, all you have to find is one more and the last will come to you.


Thanks, now we know we’re only looking for one ending.


Now does anybody have all the gamecenter achievements? I am missing 2 “hidden” achievements.


What do i do with the panel inside the instructions board?


I found all the achievements.
Disobedience: Press the red button
Button Maniac: Press 1000 buttons
Interior Decorator: Unlock all endings
Ergophobia: Wait 3 for minutes after unlocking the “Wait” ending
Red Baron: Don’t miss a shot in the “Bomber” mini-game
We Are Watching: Unlock the “Hammer” ending
Groundhog Day: Restart 100 times
Restart From Scratch: Erase your Save with all the endings unlocked
Strange Numbers…: Solve the 5×3 secret puzzle in 6 moves


The last ending is achieved by typing 2001 in the ten digit keypad. Afterwards, spell pluto in the dials and press the button underneith. Theres a key. Open the keyslot by pressing the red button on the color keys 4 times. Put the key into the hole and youre good. Its not rocket science 😉


Does anybody found the Anonymous ending? Because I did 🙂


Did someone found the ‘Anonymous’ ending? Because i did 😀

Gary Goh

If you shine the UV light onto the top right panels, you notice some numbers 0-23, 1-4 and 2-1, it’s hint to entering 2001 on the keypad as part of the rocket ending.


I completed all the endings 1-25 but still have 1 achievement to get… 14/15 … Secret?


Have you finished “Bomb City” on your first try? That might be the acheivement youre missing

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