Adventure Escape: Asylum (Murder Mystery Room, Doors, and Floors Point and Click Story!): Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape: Asylum (Murder Mystery Room, Doors, and Floors Point and Click Story!)
By: Haiku Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with help, hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game Adventure Escape: Asylum by Haiku Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Chapter 1, Awakening:

1. Follow the tutorial. Pick up the scalpel and use it to cut yourself free. Then open the cabinet and get the gloves and lock pick. Look at the note on the wall to get a clue, 2854.


You can also watch my video walkthrough for chapters 1 through 4 here:

2. Enter “2854” into the keypad on the door to unlock it and go through. Pick up the broom here.


3. Use the broom to mop up the blood. Then, use the gloves to pick up the exposed wire.


4. Use the lock pick set to open the door and continue to the next chapter.


Click on the little numbers below to continue to Chapter 2 or click here.

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64 thoughts on “Adventure Escape: Asylum (Murder Mystery Room, Doors, and Floors Point and Click Story!): Walkthrough Guide

  1. Bobby

    Has anybody figured out that passcode yet? I’ve tried every logical combination while following the rules, and I’ve met no success. I really hate how these games are so unintuitive, how are we expected to figure out things when we get no clues, and when we do, they come in the form of riddles? Why can’t I just spend time solving a puzzle and be rewarded with the passcode, or better yet, actually have to look around for it?

    1. Angie

      In the operating room find the scissors on tray. Cut open bear in next room to get key. Go back to operating room and use key on locked cabinet. To reveal a paper that says x, teeth, several signs, and 3. Alpha and omega =0. The code for cabinet is 31373.

      1. Lyndsey Zito

        Hey I know this is months later but…. I get the rest of the code… but why does x mean 3?

  2. Bobby

    On chapter 8, don’t know if anybody has gotten that far yet but I’m stuck on a puzzle involving coloured wires, but they don’t match in color so I don’t know what the goal is, and there’s no clues for the solution.

    1. CQ

      You need to match the colors that, if combined, make the color on the left. So for example the pink wire on the left needs a red wire and white wire from the right side. The orange one needs a red and a yellow, etc…

  3. Steve

    There is a section where in order for you to move the crate, you must first connect wires to the right corresponding colored wires that make up the colors of the first. I’ve tried several combinations with no luck. Have you or anyone reached and passed this point in the game?

    1. CQ

      The green one: blue and yellow
      The light green one: blue, yellow and white
      The purple one: blue and red
      Light blue one: blue and white
      Orange: red and yellow
      Pink: red and white

    1. Steve

      You have to grab the blow torch out of the locker, match the symbols to get the code for the brief case in the other room. The crow bar is in the case and you use that to get the screw driver from under the grate.

  4. Savanna

    I have been playing this game for a week! How do you organize the seasons?! I spent all my stars on hints that got me no where!!

  5. Sam

    Hey when I was putting together the article I realised a piece is missing…..I am not able to go back and I searched all over the screen but the missing isn’t there. It’s a rectangular piece roughly in the middle right. Is that part of the game?

    1. JobyUrchin

      This happens quite often, and it can be infuriating! No, it’s not supposed to be part of the game. What happens is that sometimes a piece gets stuck right at the edge of the screen, usually at the bottom, where you can’t see it! I’ve actually had pieces “teleport” to this position!

      What you must do is swipe at the bottom of the screen, where you normally wouldn’t go, because the inventory is here. You should be able to get your piece back, if you keep to the assumption that it’s somewhere at the bottom of the screen. ?

  6. Nahuel

    I have 2 secret achievements left to complete the game. Anyone knows what are those? I have already won the 10 chapters.

    1. JobyUrchin

      Sorry not to be of any help, but I just thought I’d reply to tell you I’m in exactly the same boat: 2 secret achievements to go. I know they don’t always pop when they should, but I’ve been through all the chapters many times now, and they haven’t popped, so I’m assuming from that, and from your post, that they might be “true” secret achievements, and require something extra of us (which is unknown for these Adventure Escape games, whose achievements usually only require that we get through the tasks/levels). So I’m stumped… can find no answer on the internet.

      Please someone help! I wonder if the author of the guide has any ideas??

  7. Pratu

    How to play more after chapter 10. I have finished all chapters and now it doesn’t show more chapters. Can anyone help me in this??? Or its a end of the whole game.

  8. k.varsha

    i have completed the game it was a really nice loved it!!!! very nice story must play for me its a 5 star or it is also less so 50000…. stars !!!!

  9. diana

    Well, this doesnt bode well…I got up from the bed and made my way to the puddle and electrical wire. Im pretty sure Im supposed to mop the puddle up and then move the wire using the gloves.
    But every time i touch the broom disappears. Is it just me?

  10. Bethia

    I’m stuck on level 3. How do you figure out the combination for the safe. I already have the music sheet. XXX:-)


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