Escape Game: “Key Point”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Key Point”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Tina

    Can someone help with the nails and the time is money code please?

    1. MrsIncredible

      In the electrical box, look at the inside panel of the door. That should help you with the time is money code.

  2. Meowzer

    Damn. I can’t figure out the code with the colours. Help me~~

  3. Cupcake

    Nails equation please?

  4. Revital

    I tried solving the barcode code ( on the left side of the cabinet) with the clue inside the pink house but it dosent work! I deduced that a thin line equals one and a thick line equals 3 there for the password should be 2568 but it dosent work, help please…

  5. Revital

    Never mind, i had to exit the game and reuse it and it worked, game has lots of bugs

  6. muffin

    Nails equation is 1378. (2632+124)/2.

  7. muffin

    Nails equation is 1378. (2632+124)/2. It doesn’t really make sense but it worked!

  8. Muffin

    Can’t figure how to get the calculator to work for the password.. Can anyone help?

    1. Revital

      Put the calculator on the window shelf and use the magnifying glass on it.

  9. Alsal

    I am completely stuck with the color code. I get GBRY but when I translate it according to the scrap paper it doesn’t work. Neither with the numbers nor with the numbers of angles…. Can anybody help?

  10. Revital

    Did you look at the window for another hint for the color puzzle? I’m not sure I remember it correctly but it’s either 6745 or 6475. Don’t know the explanation for it I got it from Gotmail’s forum.

  11. Alsal

    Revital thanks, the colors on the window give GBRY which is 5476 if you reverse it it is 6745 which is right. I had to restart the game many times to make every code work though…. Lots of bugs!

  12. Tif

    Still can’t get the time for money code. Pls help. Thx

  13. sticky

    For the money code, once you open up the door next to the main door, you see the hint. Look at the time device next to the blinds for the translation of Hour, Min, Second and Week.

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