Cabin Escape: Alice’s Story — Hammer on the Box solution

Cabin Escape: Alice’s Story By: Glitch Games See our Cabin Escape review here. If you’re stuck on the “USE HAMMER ON THE BOX” puzzle in Cabin Escape, this will help you. Click here for the full walkthrough. Remember what it says on the box above the fireplace? “USE A HAMMER ON THE BOX.” There’s a box on the computer screen

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Spellbind: Walkthrough Guide Part 2

Spellbind By: Dimitrios Vasiliou (Spider Key Games) Walkthrough: Part 2: Looking for Part 1 of the walkthrough? Prisoner: 1. Use true sight to see some drawings on the wall. These will be added to your journal. 2. Use the wine bottle clues you got in the beginning of the game to decipher the symbols and figure out how many times

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Tesla’s Electric Myst: Walkthrough Chapter 3

Tesla’s Electric Mist By: iCOOLgeeks Walkthrough: Looking for the Chapter 1 Walkthrough? Looking for the Chapter 2 Walkthrough?   Chapter 3 (August 15, 1899): 1. Open the door. You can also open the door downstairs, but there’s not much to do right now other than finding the hidden achievements in these two rooms: 2. Go to the saloon and get

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Mystery on Telescope Hill: Walkthrough Guide Part 2

Mystery on Telescope Hill By: Aircamp Games Walkthrough Part 2: Click here for Part 1 of the walkthrough. Scroll down for my video of this part. 25. Go back to the kid’s room and place the top on the Mayan Temple. Open it up and take the jumper cables. 26. Go back to the tree house and use the jumper

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Barcode Kingdom: UPC Codes You Can Scan

Barcode Kingdom By: Magic Cube I’ll be posting photos here of barcodes I find that seem worthy of sharing. Please let me know if any of them don’t work right for you. NOTE: The latest update changed the results of a lot of codes, so I’m not sure how many of these still work. Please report back any findings. Gladiator:

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Mystery on Telescope Hill: Walkthrough Guide

Mystery on Telescope Hill By: Aircamp Games Walkthrough Part 1: Scroll down for my video walkthrough. Click here for Part 2 of the walkthrough. 1. Open the mailbox and get the key. Close the mailbox. Read the newspaper on the front step. Then use the key to open the front door and go in. 2. Open the bench and take

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CLARC: Walkthrough Guide

CLARC By: Matthias Titze (Golden Tricycle) Walkthrough: You can’t minimize this game while playing (it doesn’t pause), so bear with me while I write this walkthrough. I will have to do it through screenshots. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted. Level 1: The first little section just involves walking around to

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Giveaway: Win one of 10 free Mount Olympus promo codes!

**Update: This was a spontaneous giveaway that only lasted a few hours (the deadline was 6Pm as mentioned below). The remaining codes were given out on Twitter. Thanks for playing! If you didn’t get a code, please consider purchasing the game here.*** If you’re a fan of point-and-click adventure games, you won’t want to miss “Mount Olympus” by iCOOLgeeks, the

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