The Robbery: Walkthrough

The Robbery
By: andrei geo

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Level 1 (First Strike): Here you just rotate the wheel to open the safe, then grab as much cash as you can’t

Level 2 (Classic Safe): Notice the clue in the lower right-hand corner. Change the first dial to 3 and the second to 1, then rotate the wheel and open the safe. When stealing, don’t touch the lasers!


Level 3 (Post Office): Just rotate your phone to make the ball move through the maze and get to the end. When you steal the money, avoid the moving lasers!

Level 4 (The Painting): Turn on the light. Shake your phone to make the painting drop. Press the red button to turn it green. Then rotate the wheel counter-clockwise to open the safe. The laser here spins around.

Level 5 (Kids Room): Pick up the crowbar. There’s a box that if you press the music note, it plays a tune. You need to recreate that tune using the colored buttons on it.

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  1. Gordon

    Can someone please tell me how to pass the music box on level 5. What order do I put the three notes?

    1. Kk

      I have the same problem

    2. Unicornsparkle100

      I am stuck on that one as well with the music box

  2. Sonya

    First, second, third, first, third, first, forth.

  3. Shybi

    Can anybody tell me how to do the balloon level???

  4. TB

    This is a very incomplete walk through

  5. Unicornsparkle100

    How do you do the music box one what colour / key order is it

  6. Unicornsparkle100

    How do you do the egption one

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