Samorost 1: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Samorost 1 Remastered
By: Amanita Design

Samorost 1 is the first game in the Samorost series from Amanita Design. It was the last one to come to iOS and Android, but it’s finally here! It’s short and completely free, but if you get stuck, this walkthrough guide should help you. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. Tap on the top of the planet and the gnome will look through a telescope to see that a drifting log is headed for collision! He’ll fly off in his spaceship and land on that driftwood.

2. Tap on the hookah man and get him to smoke it until he’s all out and drops it.

3. There’s a loose cable on the ski lift. Tap it to fix it.

4. Use the hookah as a key in the control box and press the red button at the same time. If you fixed the cable, the gnome will get a ride up on the ski lift.

6. He’ll stop at the top of the mountain near the arrow sign. Tap it a few times until it’s pointing left. Tap on the gnome and he’ll tell you someone’s in the way. Tap on that person so they move and then quickly tap on the gnome to send him down the mountain before the person returns to his spot.

7. Now you’re in a new area. Tap on the fishing rod to get some guy to come out and reel up the fish. He’ll go inside his house to eat it.

8. Tap on the lizards climbing up to his house to make them fall. After a few, he’ll throw the fish bones outside.

9. A vulture will fly by and start eating the fish bones. Tap on them to get them to fly off and carry the gnome to a new area.

10. Turn the wheel on the big log four times so it moves as far to the left as it can go. Then tap on the hole to the left of it and a branch will reach out into the mouth of the log on the right, making flowers bloom.

11. Tap on the hole near the gnome. Some bees will fly out and a man with a lightbulb for a head will appear. Tap on him to make him climb out and screw the lightbulb in.

12. Tap the button on the tree to turn on the light and pull up a small vessel. Tap the vessel to get the gnome to climb in and drop down to the next area.

13. Tap on the hole in the center tree to see a squirrel with her thumbs in her ears. To stop the noise, tap on each worm as it pokes its head out, so the woodpecker will eat it. There are four of them.

14. Tap on the squirrel once it’s quiet and she’ll turn on the music. Tap on the record player twice to make her change the music to something more upbeat that will wake the owl.

15. Tap on the owl until he moves to the gnome’s vessel and shakes it out of the tree.

16. In the next scene, tap the vessel a couple of times to get the gnome to come out.

17. There’s a piece of metal on the tree to the left of the anteater. Tap it so it’s pointing left. Now any ants coming down the tree will be eaten by the anteater. Tap on the stairs while the anteater is eating so he’s too distracted to eat the gnome.

18. Continue up and notice the clue on the door, four red dots. Tap on the control panel and copy the pattern from the door. Then go through the door.

19. Tap on the red light to turn on the lights. Notice the clue that says Q=50.

20. Use the + and – buttons to change the Q gauge to 50. Then press the middle button with a ladder symbol on it.

21. Have the gnome climb the ladder and pull the lever to change the driftwood’s course and avoid a collision. Then watch the ending!

And that’s everything!

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